Thursday, December 14, 2017

New Acquisitions And Refashioning

Things have obviously been going down in my life, I recently walked my line, which was my first original print and a new butterfly jacket design, at Rufflecon for the fashion show for 2017, bought some long looked for pieces, and have been heading to the point that I calloused my hands in only two weeks, back in October. I’ve been working hard with not only those but witch bonnet commissions and prepping for another big project that I don’t actually know how I’m functioning, if I’m being honest.

Most things I’ve posted on my personal Facebook and Instagram if anyone actually follows there, so it’s been clear that I’ve been neglecting my writing lately. However, I’m endeavoring to make a moment to do so as I want to keep pursuing this. I do enjoy writing, endeavoring to do it better, and hopefully create decent content for any frilly looking to simply enjoy snippets.

And that’s really what today is, a snippet.

Recently, I’ve acquired a few things, as I mentioned before, mostly dresses, of course, and I actually did some cyber Monday shopping. One of the things I’d like to take a moment to write about today has been a passion of mine since I was a child (a very weird child), which are these amazing Victorian mourning lockets!

Circa 1880-1910
These two tiny pieces are very sweet and pretty, though a little dinged up over time - the hair for the oval is missing and the heart's acetate paper is broken - but I definitely thought they were a steal for the price they were listed at. I knew that they would need a little love and finesse, when it came to restoring and refashioning these two, but I was ready for it. I started off with cleaning them up a bit, I still need to pick up the paper and plan to redo the lock of hair into it's curl before sealing it back in safely, but this is how they look at the moment.

I took a bit of inspiration from different Victorian mourning jewelry I've seen in the past, I don't know why I decided to have then as long as they both are but that's how it felt best. Usually lockets would be placed on a simple ribbon or black cord, though it's not the only way to wear them, and that would be that.

Just to show length
I went even longer then I'm used to for my own personally necklaces and tried to use vintage and antique beads I've had hanging around for special personally projects. The jet bead with the scroll work is a Victorian era piece and the larger jet beads are all vintage pieces I just got as a gift from my mother. I think I did okay and that it evokes a Victorian feel to each necklace, it's just a small adaptation, nothing more.

Though the silver and copper locket is a bit tarnished and is missing very important pieces I find that I like it more then I had initially. The forget-me-not flowers embedded in the long palms - they definitely look like leaves or feathers here - plated in sterling silver carved into a copper background is simply lovely. I just really like it more in person then I had when seeing it in the listing, it worked out in my favor that it was paired with the heart for the sale.

This was the piece that caught my eye so quickly, it's even more beautiful in person! Again, it is engraved with forget-me-not flowers, which are very prominent in mourning jewelry and is always the give-away if you aren't sure if it's just a memorial piece or a token of love, and more palms pair with them, encircling the hearts edge. This locket also opens from the opposite side as that's very common in Victorian jewelry. Because there were so many flowers in the detailing I wanted to reflect that in my beads, using rose beads and a lily bead to suspend the heart from without overpowering it with either a solid jet or gold bead.

I can't wait to wear them once I've redone the acetate on the heart, these pieces already have their own places to carefully store them amongst the other mourning pieces I have. I think that mourning jewelry is something to take care with, they can't be worn without one actually wondering who it was intended for or who's hair is encapsulated within it, but I have and will wear them in the future. 

Do you have any mourning jewelry you enjoy? Are you curious as to whether or not you possess a piece? 

I think I've rambled enough this morning and need to get back to my sewing table, I'll have new updates soon that I hope you'll enjoy! I've had a lot brewing since Rufflecon, besides the pot of tea, of course. 

So start your own cup as it's a good day to cuddle up with a cup of lovely tea. Cheers! 

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