Monday, January 22, 2018

365 LLC Day 20-22: Of Ballet, Dream Prints, And Good Books

January 20, 2018

The DMV area is brimming with events for the performing arts and has a pretty well known ballet group. This post is actually just in time to catch a seat for one of the first performances of the year at the Washington Ballet, John Cranko’s Romeo & Juliet, starting February 14th to the 18th. The cast looks phenomenal and I’ve been seeing snippets of the performance recently in my feed. The last half of the season will be other styles of performances, eventually ending the season with Peter and the Wolf.

January 21, 2018

My newest and current dream print was an answer to my prayers! I’ve been yearning for another tea cup print similar to Aatp’s Tea Time Nostalgia that fits my more classic aesthetic and doesn’t hit that sweet side like many of the tea time prints circulating recently. 

I also very much wanted to hit myself when I started drawing out the details, it’s so rich in the design, but I got out enough to recognize it. It’s Sakura Tea Time from Baby The Stars Shine Bright, I really wouldn’t mind any colorway.

January 22, 2018

Trying to pick a new book that fits into this category is a bit difficult; I love horror, mystery, and fantasy novels, I love stories written with our fashion interests in mind, especially when it selves into the genres I enjoy. Trying to dig in and find something that fits these categories for this post, without going for So Pretty/ Very Rotten or Dream Dress - I haven’t started either and plan to do a review on both soon- I decided to go with C.J. Malarsky’s Ashwood.

It fits the bill, with a little bit of spooky and fantastical mystery for the stories frilled out protagonist, Willow, goes off urban exploring with her cousin and friends through this old abandoned asylum, never knowing that the darkness that lingers within will follow her home. It’s well written, a good for a quick read that’s perfect if you like taking a soak with a book, I did enjoy the characters and the storyline, it reminded me of when I used to go urband exploring at some of my local haunts with friends. It is a young adult novel, geared towards high school ages, but deals with themes of loneliness and fear which is universal. 

I actually got the book in my goody bag for Rufflecon 2016 and only got around to reading it last winter. Since then I have suggested it to a few friends, one of whom has decided to pick it up, and would recommend to those looking for something quick and fanciful.

This last post made me want to curl up with another book and I've just found one that may fulfill tomorrow's prompt. I think I'll pour myself one more cup while I pour through the story.

Cheers! XOXO

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