Wednesday, January 31, 2018

365LLC Day 29 - 31: Of 5 Year Old Postage, Closet Cleaning, & Wardrobe Posts

January 29, 2018

Got some pretty cute stationary for Christmas this year so I thought it fun to put it to use for this prompt. I also pulled out my ink and quill to get some work in but what I've written to myself here I'll get back to in 5 years.

January 30, 2018

This is a long thing coming and I've been slowly working through the process while working on my own wardrobe post. Usually I try to tidy it up at least once a week as I wear my things so often. Sometimes by the second week in my top rack is covered with dangerously stacked tower of hats and bonnets as I tend to put them up there instead of their hat boxes. Here is the before:

And the after:

The W is from the Charming Wonderland tea party.

While working through and trying to organize I couldn't decide on how I wanted it to turn out. My mind kept wandering back to old videos where frillies would showcase their wardrobes I just can't seem to remember who's vids there were and they are probably lost somewhere in livejournal land. 

January 31, 2018

Every year I happily hop over to egl, brew myself a pot of tea, and check out all the lovely wardrobe posts made on both my friends pages and even the ones that flock back to LJ just for the tradition of sharing them in masse there. This year is no different and I shall share a brief snippet of my favorite ones, with links to their posts below.

Taken from Hennrie's wardrobe post

Hennrie's Wardrobe

The way they have a simple but clean photo set up and the fact that everything is neatly arranged and ironed really caught my eye. I also really liked how cohesive their wardrobe is, all the colors are dark and their style seems to stay within classic and gothic aesthetics.

Taken from San's wardrobe post

San's Wardrobe

I am in love with this person's wardrobe post, there was just so much work put into it, they made cords for all 4 Hogwarts houses. Be warned, it is a large post with many cuts.

Taken from Chichiri's wardrobe post

Chichiri's Wardrobe

I just really enjoyed some of the things this person had in their post.

Doing this prompt really just made me want to run to lacemarket and shop for pieces I've been really looking for. It did also give me a little pick me up from the bad news from today. It's sad to learn that not only is Usagiyouhinten is closing but so is Tokyo Rebel's physical store as well as the Btssb's physical and online stores for NY. This really hit me hard as I've made special trips up to the store, usually on or around my birthday or at the very least shopped from them online a few times a year. It's just a heavy blow to me right now.

So off to the cupboard for me, I need to refresh my pot of tea that I've been guzzling down for the day, maybe I'll go with something more floral.

Cheers! XOXO

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