Tuesday, January 16, 2018

365LLC Days 14-16: Of Adjectives, Pleasant Dreams, And Delicious Meals

Some of these challenges, I've noticed are things that we've all done at some point in our daily lives, creating word association games, wardrobe goals, and coordination prompts. There have been a few I haven't done in a while, like reading Novala and learning how to make lace, reminding me of things I've wanted to get back to or learn. I hope this prompts me to focus and appreciate more of the details within the fashion and lifestyle a bit more.

January 14, 2018

I think the last time I tried to describe my style I really was hilariously vague, though truly accurate. I don't think it's changed much.

<3 Exuberant

<3 Flowery

<3 Unique

<3 Elegant

<3 Intriguing 

January 15, 2018

I actually just got this lovely rose perfume as a gift for my birthday from Sweet Okashi, back in August, and knew that this would be the perfect fragrance to spray on my bed.

January 16, 2018

Planning a special meal can be a real delight if you know what you are doing, how to cook, and have free reign of the kitchen, though in other cases it can be a nice learning experience. I'm still timid about cooking, though I've gotten more chances to do more then just the prep work for recently, I do enjoy trying things.

The first time I did this challenge I prepared an afternoon tea service, with specific plating choices and food, I'm finding I want to plan one for tomorrow. Since it will just be for me I'll go smaller then the last one I put together.

<3 First up will be a simple chocolate chip scone, straight from the oven tomorrow!

<3 I actually have all the ingredients for the Ritz Hotel egg salad tea sandwiches, which are classic. 

<3 I just made some banana bread this past weekend, the recipe I tried out was very good and got approval from all who tried it, a first for me. I know it's not traditional but it will be a nice addition.

<3 Truthfully, I don't believe I'll be able to eat much more, no matter how small I make the portions, so for the dessert I'm going to go easy and just came back from market with a beautiful honeycrisp apple. 

<3 For the actual tea to drink I think it will be a good time to crack out the blueberry tea Sweet gave me for my birthday. I think it will pair lovely with the apple and chocolate.

<3 I'll also bust out the linen Paulina gave me for Christmas last year, which I really liked and only use every so often. My gold gilt tall teapot, with the cherry blossom detail, and pair it with a similar tea cup, both pre-1910 and from Japan. I plan on using some of the pieces I don't often use to plate each, in complementing visuals (if I'm going to go this big I may as well, after all) and will even put out a nice tablecloth for the whole thing.

Well, it's time for dinner for me now...I seem to have worked up an appetite so I'll make my way over to the kitchen and start a pot to go with to warm me up on this evening.

Cheers! XO

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