Friday, January 19, 2018

365LLC Days 17-19: Of Travel Dreams, Pretty Pressed Flowers, & Bad Handwriting

January 17, 2018

Some days I have the urge to go running through the far ends of the world and seeing as much as I can, my travel goals were brought on by the stories my father would tell me about the places he would see as a ship captain, other days I want to travel my small corner of the world. It's not easy to choose just one place to visit. These are most likely the tops of my list that involve the fashion.

<3 World Lolita X Japan Lolita event

Promotional pic from event page

I would love to get to go to this event! I remember when Babi~san and Kaie~san told us about it during a panel at Rufflecon and them saying they wished everyone would go. It would be amazing to go. And then also being able to go back to Japan and visiting more locations I've hadn't gotten to see when I went the first time, and revisiting the ones I enjoyed greatly, would be great.

<3 Street Fashion Europe

I always see such lovely pics of this event and just wish I were there. I've also never been anywhere in Europe and 

<3 Paradiso

This is another event I'd love to travel out to due to it's ruffle~y goodness. I like how they've formatted the event so far, it's a newer con for J-fashion and it seems like they're really taking the time to fine tune things. It takes about the same amount of time for me to drive there as it does to get to RI so it doesn't seem too terrible a venture.

<3 Newport

ILD 2015, Chateau Sur Mer

I'd love to be able to get back to Newport, RI on one of my trips back home, I feel as though I never got to spend enough time there despite it being so close to home. The houses are all lovely and I'd love to go on a house hop and take afternoon tea down at the Viking Hotel, it would be a lovely little trek for a day in frills.

These are, of course, only a few of the little adventures in frills I'd like to take and fit into my travel wishlist that I'd like to get to soon.

January 18, 2018

This is one of my favorite things to do, actually, as I'll collect flowers on my walks or errands and stick them into my little notebook, I tend to carry one everywhere, for safe keeping. After getting home, sometimes I'll forget for a day or two which is fine, I'll find the flower in my notes and then hide them away in one of my most recently read books in my bookcase. This allows for the flower to get enough pressure for a long time, having just finished the book recently means I'll probably read it again in about a year, by the time I'll go to reread things I'll have found a perfectly pressed flower.

Here are some of my pressings:

 Here's an actual flower press box, you can easily make one if you have a drill, every piece can be picked up at your local hardware store. The paper lining should be acid free but it doesn't necessarily have to be the same paper you want to keep your pressings on.

Eventually I'll put some of mine in a journal and label them, for now I just like finding them occasionally in my books.

January 19, 2018

Today was especially fun since I decided to run off and get some ink for my calligraphy pen so I figured I'd give it a go after a very long time of not using it. It has been quite some time, I hadn't done anything with my pen since maybe high school, my old ink had dried up quiet a long time ago, getting back into the habit was a bit of an issue. So excuse the terrible handwriting.

I did stop early in the printing because this is the third attempt and I decided to stop so that I could experiment with the pressure of the pen and how much ink to use and so I can take a pic before further destroying the page. Despite all that, this is pretty close to how my normal handwriting with maybe minor difference.

It's time to close this off, I have so much more planned and need to keep going for the day, so I may just brew myself another pot to top myself off and keep me going.

Cheers! XOXO

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