Friday, January 19, 2018

LBC: What Are The Key Differences From When You First Started Lolita And Now

It has most definitely been a wild ride since first falling down that rabbit hole that is the Lolita fashion. It was not something that was ready to view, in 2007 the internet also didn't have as much Lolita related content as easily accessible as it is now either, and I had only really spotted it a few years before, by chance, when I somehow discovered the magnificent of Mana in a group shot of Malice Mizer. But just like Momoko, I was shot dead and reawaken to the magic of ruffles and lace.

Of course, it took me several years, loads of doubt of it's existence, and 2 extremely kind sellers on ebay selling their Btssb and IW to finally even get that chance to wear it, but it was so worth it and I still feel that splendor when I open up my closet in the morning. The difference between now and then? Though not much has been removed from my wardrobe, changing it up, it has definitely expanded and my style has anchored itself more.

These are some of the things that really stand out to me about my style now versus then:

Blacks & Pinks VS Creams & Florals

When I first started the fashion, it still shocks me with how long it's been, I used to try and get my hands on whatever I could at low prices. I didn't have a lot of money while I was still in college and so I always looked for excellent deals no matter what the style was. This led to a ton of pink or black or black AND pink pieces. 

Now I can say that floral patterns have seemed to have taken over, and I am glad for it. Though pinks may still sneak in with the patterns it is well balanced with roses and lilacs, without as many harsh contrasts as before. And I still do wear my older pieces on a daily basis but I rather enjoy looking like grandma's couch when I go out, whether with friends or on my own, to museums and antiquing.

Sweet~ish(?) VS More Classic

As I mentioned before most of my pieces had been blacks or pinks, or a combination of the 2, and they all tend to have a more sweet appeal to them. I have some of my original dream dresses, like Btssb's Music Salon in black, which is a sweet print, indeed, having all of it's daisies floating around the harps and violins in the print, and I also have Alice Trick~Or~Treat, as well. I tend to wear these prints on more of a daily basis, while out running errands or out for a walk, I still enjoy them and feel comfortable in them, though at first it was really most of what I had. 

Within the last 4 or 5 years my style has really changed up to be more elegant and over the top with not only classic prints but styles too. I really loved my princess sleeve blouse I got while in Japan that I used to wear exclusively with Night Fairy Fantasia - I had bought them together, amongst other things, so it felt special that way - though it hadn't been very popular; I also remember a friend questioning whether it was really Lolita at that point. I'm glad I did go with what I loved and that the community followed and began to release more bell sleeves and ruffled tiers that made my heart sing! And all of the bonnets and huge flowery headdresses just make me so happy. It's hard for me not to go all out sometimes when I'm off at the museums or at a meet up.

Focus Switched

I used to only focus on getting a hold of those main brand pieces, I nearly never looked out for decent blouses, accessories, or socks and shoes, it was a difficult habit to correct. It's still a process but I've finally accumulated quite a bit of the garments I knew I lacked. I could still use quite a few styles in blouses and more patterned socks and tights but my wardrobe has definitely improved in that regard. Another change I've undergone, over the last few years, is switching more things to classic and jewel tones for my wardrobe, getting rid of sweets that are too sweet for my tastes. 

Thankfully, this past megameet had a specific focus of working on their consignment process and I traded a few pieces, that just weren't ever my style no matter what I tried, for blouses and two new main pieces, I also sold things which aloud me to buy a much needed black bell sleeved blouse.

Regular Daily Lolita VS Lifestyler

At the beginning, any time I pulled out a garment for the fashion I didn't mind tucking it away again after a meet or casually hanging with friends. It did pull me but I wasn't nearly as immersed in it, though it did tug at me, it was fine. I could turn around and wear civvies and go back to my combat boots.

Now is a different story when it comes to what I seek to put on my person in the mornings. I strangely don't find any comfort in actual pants of any sorts and feel extremely self conscious. I also find that I really enjoy living the aesthetic, not just wearing the clothes. My hobbies and interests prior to the fashion did line up but I've seemed to have delved deeper, learning more to build on it and enjoying how end results either fit in with my wardrobe or
living space.

I find that I would like to immerse myself even further into this frilly abyss, without a care as to what anyone else thinks and enjoy the decadent things I love.

If you do want to read about other's journey on the path of frilliness, check them out in the links below and see what they've discovered about themselves. This post really made me look at myself, my style, and where I've been and put a few things into perspective.

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