Friday, January 5, 2018

LBC: What Do You Believe Is Essential To Running A Well Balanced Comm

When we think of our local and online comms we see a network of different people that all enjoy one niche fashion. It's pretty amazing when you learn about all the comms and little groups are dedicated to different parts of the fashion. There are sewing groups, discussion groups, and of course there are update groups for different brands. They all are really neat and interesting when it comes down to it. One thing we are thinking about for this weeks Lolita Blog Carnival topic is what we believe is essential to running a well balanced comm.

This meet was hosted by two of it's comm's local mods, helped by an online mod, and attended by another 2. 

Active Moderators Within The Community

It's pretty important for a community to have a hands on moderator or mod team to help keep up the group. It can't just be someone to step in to police the group when things turn sour, it requires someone or a group of people who are able to be actively involved, taking turns to host events when there is a lag in activity or spark a new conversation or discussion about the fashion.

Multiple Mods

These aren't absolutely necessary but it is nice to see that people you may be familiar with, even if it's mostly through the internet, actually exist and participate in the scene. It also helps knowing there are people who know the fashion, care about it, and know the people that congregate in frills. Whether large or small things seem to run smoother when there is more then one mod to turn to.
 It also helps when one mod can't be present at one meet another may be. This is not saying that single mods are not great, there have been many comms that do run wonderfully with just one, it just gives both members and mods more options and the ability to spread things out.

The Internet Is For Frills

One of the best things about this particular fashion is the fact that we have access, usually via the internet, to coordinate many different styles of meets, from small intimate ones to large events, between groups of people. With this particular tool the fashion community is able to keep up with not just latest fashion news and coord shots. It creates a network for people to gather and cross post between different comm pages, depending on event size and proximity, when someone is hosting a meet of any type. It also makes it a simple contact point for communications for when people don't know each other well or don't have everyone's phone number.

This would be awesome if planning meets was a tea party of it's own for mods (to me anyway)

Mods Coordinating Between Meets

Something I've been seeing in my local comm, that I find I quite like, is that one of the mods collects info from people who are planning to host a meet. They don't need to much, just a date (or timeframe if that is all that is available at the time), time, and location, and they put it in a spreadsheet with the hosts name. The rest of the month is free but it does ensure that there isn't much overlap, as ours seems to be a fairly active comm. And with them asking every few months if anyone is planning anything it makes things run much smoother.

Photo credit Kristen Koppy

Promoting A Safe Space

No matter who you are in the community the most important aspect is to create a safe and kind space. This is not only the mods job but everyone who is a member of the comm which I think many groups do so with ease.

Really, what I believe helps run a well balanced community, both online and off, is a communicative comm, both members and moderators, everyone plays a part to make a space enjoyable and safe. And if you want to learn what other people thought was essential for this weeks topic feel free to check them out in the links below!

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