Friday, January 12, 2018

LBC: Your Plans On Executing Your Top 3 New Years Resolutions For The Fashion

The new year always starts off with so much hope and dreams of accomplishing small or big goals that people set their minds to. It does take a lot of determination to keep up with certain goals and plans, nothing ever really comes easy even if we wish it did, but often times things get left and forgotten; sometimes discarded when things get too tough to do or keep up. Sometimes a plan of attack is what keeps people on target.

This week for the Lolita Blog Carnival we've decided to pick 3 of our main goals and plan out exactly that.

I do have quite a few, some are small, like finally getting that black witchy style high colored blouse, but I want to really plan out the larger ones that will take a good chunk out of my life and are super important to me. These are the top of my list that I shared before in this post here that was also a previous topic for the LBC. 

Lolita Inspired Book
Plan Of Attack:

This is something I'm strangely anxious about for reasons I have yet to explain to myself. I know I'm not a writer, not in any sense of the term, but I truly want to write out this story that I know will intrigued people involved in the fashion and wish for frilly, princessy, dreams, I'm just weary of how to do it well. I do want the reader to be enthralled with the characters and bewitched, and also go "hey I want that and that frilly dress." I've had these ideas and characters rolling around in my head for a year, at the very least. (maybe if I made a pen name I'll feel more comfortable) 

<3 Fill out the characters a bit more in the sheets I've written on them.

<3 Write a little bit every day, even if it's only a scene or a few paragraphs.

<3 Send transcripts to friends to beta read things. 

<3 Outline back important facts and storylines to ensure I don't go too far off tangent.

Wardrobe Overhaul & Post
Plan Of Attack:

Maybe the easiest of the 3 resolutions, which I've already started to put together post pics.

<3 Make a full coord with each main piece on my dress form in a stylized manner to be photographed.

<3 Make each piece as different with pieces I may not usually coordinate it with, trying out different blouses and accessories, and in some cases shoes, to create more looks to wear.

<3 Do 6-8 cords a day to spread out the workload.

<3 Weed out pieces that I feel are not working with these tactics and if uncertain wear the coord and see if it still feels weird.

Reserves and New Prints
Plan of Attack:

TBTP Original Print The Homunculi

This is maybe the most important thing to me out of all of my resolutions. This is the one that I feel will be the most difficult. I have made my indie brands first ever print and it is a very surreal experience for me to see. I am also in the middle of doing my second print, drawing out each little detail in photoshop and attempting to better my drawing skills while using the ones I learnt from the first time. I now need to focus on getting it the print on my shop page and opening it.

<3 Take photos for the series, preferably with models in a setting that fits in with the style.

<3 Plan B: dress it on the mannequin with full coord shots to exhibit coordinate possibilities.

<3 Have the digital print ready for the site in all 3 colorways.

<3 Ensure that I watermark everything with my handy~dandy new watermark logo.

<3 Update all product onto the storenvy with both reservation and witch bonnet commission info.

<3 Continue work in the morning on next print design in photoshop.

Hopefully, the work required of the last one will not take the 8 months that the first one did, everything I learned from the first print about photoshop will hopefully make things go a lot quicker.

What are your plans for executing your New Years goal?

If you're looking to read up on what other frillies have planned to execute their 3 New Years Resolution be sure to give them a read in the links below.

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