Sunday, January 7, 2018

New Year And New Crazy Attempts & The 365 Lifestyle Lolita Challenge #1-7

Every year I have a desire to blog more, get my thoughts down and take the time to enjoy the little nuances of the things I experience. This year isn't going to be different with wanting to accomplish that, I've simply have made small adjustments in order to accomplish this goal. I've been waking up earlier, working on posts earlier, and jotting down things that I'd like to write about; hopefully, I will settle myself into things and find a good pace or sense of organization. 

These posts will go back to making daily #365lifestylelolitachallenge posts from the blog Lace a la Mode. Last year, I clearly failed the challenge as I fell out of blogging, I had busied myself with my indie brand and kind of let my blogging go to the wayside. I did not, however, abandon my lifestyle goals and views. I do live the aesthetic and endeavor to live by my princess~y whims as best I can, 

My wardrobe is still very much an unruly kingdom of frills and color, jumping into all of the styles of the fashion. I am taking part of the traditional January wardrobe posts and feel like taking that extra time to build separate coordinates for each main piece will give me a sense of direction and new inspiration for different looks. It will be tedious but I feel as though it will really help.

I did manage to meet a lot of my goals from the last time I posted on this topic, finding many dream dresses, new shoes, and better petticoats and more blouses. I still need to work on the sock and patterned tights situation because I want more options. This year's goals will be similar with a few changes, the ones below are ones I have already decided on.

<3 More bell sleeves and long sleeves in various colors.

<3 More jewelry.

<3 Remove pinks that can't be worked well into that classic~sweet aesthetic. Certain pieces are just not working for me as much as I first believed.

<3 Hunt those dream dress pieces left to find.

I have not exhausted the list of museums in my area as of yet, though I have been to many as it's a favorite hobby of mine. The newest conquest for this museum hopper will be:

Poe Baltimore ~ In Maryland
Poe Museum ~ In Virginia
William Paca House And Garden ~ This place is close
enough to one of my favorite tea rooms so it will be a great trip to plan.

I've actually written down a whole list for just Maryland that I never knew of before for house museums. Trips will certainly be intriguing this year.

This year I will go with my friend Rynn, she has some pretty fabulous pieces she's looking for so it will be easy to memorize them. one item is definitely Aatp's Black Cat, Witch, and the Apple Tree OP in I think blue and this one dress I can not, for the life of me, figure out what the heck the name is. All I know, from memory, is that it's a white dress with red fabric flowers that are hand~stitched on. I've been pouring through Rufflecon 2016 and 2017 photos just to find a pic with no luck.

 It's fairly common for me to do an up~do reminiscent of various historical hairstyles. I tend to favor easy ones and have found a new one that I think I could manage with my hair and suits my style.

 I put my hair up the other day when I saw the one labeled E so I'll shortly do a video or simply post pics in a follow up post.

I was just finishing up rereading The Woman in Black and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, I tend to pour through books very quickly so this is the perfect time to look up my next one. I just got A Still Life With Murder by P.B. Ryan. It's a Gilded Age mystery, which are my favorite type of stories, and it looks extremely promising.

 I'll make a secondary post to review it because I do think it's going to be smashing. It seems to take the main character, a governess to a wealthy family in Boston, to try and unravel the mystery behind the murder thought to be perpetrated by her employer's son, who was thought dead. So it seems as though there will be a few good twists and turns in this story filled with societal intrigue and elegant descriptions of 1860's Boston, Mass.

 I really enjoy this one as last time I had it turned to Le Temps Des Cathedrales from the French musical Notre Dame De Paris - I HIGHLY recommend this show if you haven't had a listen- which woke me with wonderfully dulcet notes and vocals.

This time I've switched it up to Where Do We Go from Lindsey Stirling.

Tripe Fortune - Flower Fairies
This dress has extremely sentimental value for me, it's not just a beautiful piece for me, it makes my heart sore whenever I even simply look at it. It's something I will forever cherish.

This post has now turned into a mini novel so I shall stop here. I will start posting them daily, I wasn't able to prior and have only just started to get myself together. I hope you do look forward to more blog posts for both typical blog posts, LBC posts, and the 365 Lifestyle Lolita Challenge.

So grab yourself a clean cup for yourself as it's time to grab a pot and brew a new leaf to warm me as well.

Cheers XO

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