Friday, February 16, 2018

LBC: Preferences Of Solids Or Prints: What Draws Your Favor And Why

When it comes down to the difference between prints or solids, for me anyway, I would say each but for different reasons. This is only an opinion and it differs person to person for various reasons, and I certainly have my though they may strange. Here are the reasons why I've sided with neither in particular and, yet, why I choose both.

Prints....In Brand

This is something I tend to gravitate towards for brands, I just can't escape wanting prints and it's always the more classic prints with flowers and cameos and tea cups, I just can't get enough. If I'm buying a Japanese brand dress there is a 98% chance that it is a print and I'm probably going gaga over it. If it's a Japanese brand and a solid I just often feel like it needs to either be over the moon gorgeous with an interesting or elegant cut, with amazing lace, if I'm going to want to throw a good chunk of money at it.

If it's on sale for a decent price or on the second hand market for a good price I wouldn't mind going for it either, I'm not shaking my head at solids from brands but prints have always really caught my attention. I also feel like the quality of Japanese brands are very good but it's just for the price the little details in the prints are really what makes my heart sway. Especially now, after having made my first print and working on several other print projects, I find myself only further appreciating the work that goes into them.

Solids...In Indie Brands

Taken from the IxDoxDeclare facebook page.

There is just something about a lot of indie brands that really make me so happy! In particular IxDoxDeclare, and similar brands that go for that historical style, I find that seeing them either on the screen or in person makes my heart clench and I find it very easy to get lost in the swaths of fabric. The details are there and the quality is great and I would gladly throw money at it if I had a ton of money to throw at several things at once because I am indecisive and have difficulties choosing one. 

Taken from the Mossbadger facebook page.

This is of course not saying I would not purchase prints from indie brands, there are plenty of original prints that definitely make me squeak, it's just that the style of the solid prints are so lovely that it catches my eyes quicker. Sometimes solids do have beaded details that really throw me through a loop and shock me in very good ways and so I can't ignore those details either, I still would consider it a solid piece though because it is a detail and not the fabric. 

This is simply the reasons I gravitate towards solids or prints, it takes a lot for a brand to do it but indie brands just catch me as if I've fallen from the proverbial princess tower. Even going back to when I first got into the fashion in 2007 with my first purchase it's always been about the print and when I discovered more indie brands I would easily want the solid. I suppose that may be a bit strange to some because I have seen that there is a bit of a divide between people as either a mostly prints or mostly solids individual but I really do have my reasons for liking both.

What are your feelings on the subject? Do you prefer solids to prints, or vis versa? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I haven't thought about it in terms of brands vs other, but I think there's value in what you said. While I still go for prints with Taobao, Korean or Western indie brands, with all of those I tend to scrutinise the print a bit more in terms of the style of drawings to make sure it's a style I like (e.g. Taobao often uses anime-style drawings for people, which I'm personally not a fan of, but I haven't seen brands use it, so I don't need to worry about that). And while Taobao brands tend to do solids a bit too OTT for my taste and Korean brands still have a pretty big price tag, even if their designs are lovely, with other Western indie brands I find myself just as likely to get a print as a solid. Although I guess as prints are popular, not many indie designers opt for solids these days.