Friday, March 9, 2018

365LLC Days 66 - 68: Of Different Themes, Favorite Photos, & Lolita Fashion Games

March 7, 2028

One of the things I thoroughly enjoy is themes. Themed prints, coords, meets, spin it with a theme and I’ll have a field day. When thinking about themes I would like to incorporate into the fashion I think of prints I would love to see more of, and since making my first print I am well on my way to making more with several in photoshop right at this moment.

Some from my list of things I want more of are:

Edgar Allan Poe stories
Mad Tea Parties or Mad Hatter prints
Peter Pan 
Victorian Seances
Doll houses
Haunted houses
Tea cups

I have so many more!

March 8, 2018

Picking out a picture of myself is always extremely difficult, I'm sure everyone has great difficulty for one reason or another, I just feel like I'm the queen of derp usually. But I always feel like pictures like this come out really yeah...kabedon pictures...feeling like the cover of a romance novel...those are probably my favorites...This is from the last year of Rufflecon and I have several from each year since it started...

March 9, 2018

Treking through a bunch of party games to learn a new one I found several and tried to see what one could be morphed to better involve Lolita. The game I went with, Partners In Pencil, is simple enough to work for a multitude of things and yet be geared to any particular point of interest. 

The rules are simple, sit teams of two back to back and give one partner a bag of items that they have to describe to the other who only has a paper and pencil to draw out. Simple and easy, all that is needed is a bag of things, it wouldn't matter if anyone is good at art so anyone can play.

There are two ways I think it can be morphed into a more Lolita fashion centered game by including accessories in the bag that are headbows, conotiers, rings, and even tea cups, where another way would be to give a stack of papers printed with different prints to describe. Of course you could also fold these papers into the bag and mix it up with the physical items and would be just as fun. 

I think this would be a good thing to play at a meet even with a lot of participants, more then one group can go at once which may result in even funnier results trying to hear what your partner is saying through the ruckus.

Would you play?

I still have quite a lot to do today and will be running around, the Lolita lifestyle group that I'm a part of, The Secret Garden, is having a virtual tea party later today that I have decided to make some scones to go with my cheese and grapes, I feel like it's a good time to make my own.

So I'm off! Cheers! XOXO

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