Sunday, March 18, 2018

LBC: What Has Become A Staple Piece In Your Wardrobe And Why

Everyone tends to have a certain go to garment the tend to lean towards when picking out their coordinate. If not a major garment it could be one particular head piece or accessory that makes its way into the look even if it's a small piece of jewelry or a over the top floral headdress. Some things simply becomes a sort of default piece for any particular individual for one reason or another. I tried to take a hard look at previous photos and pay attention to what I put on my person throughout the week to see what I may have been subconsciously doing.

While taking a look I did notice that one of my staple pieces for major events tended to be one of my bonnets, usually paired with a small chained pearl headdress. My Triple Fortune bonnets seem to really weave their way into a coord without much thought. I do find that I favor them as they are so pretty and I feel very put together when I top off an outfit when I secure one onto my head. I love that they make me feel more princess~like and elegant during meets where I feel one of my antique or vintage hats wont cut it.

That being said, another staple piece would most definitely be my vintage and antique hats I have in my wardrobe. I think since early on when I was first developing my style within the fashion I would turn to a hat that I could decorate with ribbons and flowers instead of a headbow or cannotier. I do have bows that come from certain series and sets but I don't often wear them unless I'm adding them to the hats to create a different look for the outfit. Hats in all shapes, sizes, and styles adorn my hat boxes, quite a few more recently are handmade, without a doubt they are indeed a staple piece for me.

The last thing I have to make note of would be my cameos. With jewelry pieces I almost always go vintage or antique as well and find they meld better with my more classic and gothic styles. I don't often wear newer pieces unless I make them myself and lately I've been filling my jewelry box with necklaces, head chains, and bracelets and rosette chains to better match my wardrobe pieces; however, one can almost always spot a cameo in one of my cords. Whether attached to a new beaded piece I've fashioned or fastened directly onto a garments bodice or a jabot, a cameo is very hard to miss in one of my cords and is indeed a staple piece for me.

These pieces are all things I find lovely and I just simply adore the look they achieve. There really is no other reason than that for why they've become such a large part of my wardrobe. Through the years I've searched and collected them and have found they simply mesh well with my style.

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