Friday, April 6, 2018

LBC: 5 Items A Lolita Should Always Carry In Case Of Emergencies

If there is one thing we all learn in this fashion is that there are events that occur that we tend to wish to be prepared for. The needs of every individual may be different but I think that there are a few things that cross the board that make life easier. This week for the Lolita Blog Carnival we are picking the top 5 that we each believe a Lolita should carry in case of an emergency, this is from my own perspective.

Make ~Up

One of the things that I tend to like having on me, I'm sure this is the same for the most part for many others, is a bit of make up to touch up. Not only do I carry lipstick though, that's only one of the set things I carry; lipstick, a small tube of concealer, and a powder are carried in my little cat coin pouch that fits everything nicely. This way, in case of emergencies, I can whip out the concealer and touch up in case my mascara gets under my eyes (this happens with EVERY single mascara I have ever tried, it doesn't matter what the brand says it never seems to stay all on my eyelashes!)


I think the parasol is great, come rain or shine, as it is great for almost any weather and if there is honestly ever a need for it one can use it to keep a barrier in crowded area. Not to open and shoo people away, of course, but to sort of draw the line in a fashion. This can also help when people are maybe a little to handsy when they see fancy clothes that they think they have a right to touch. This is definitely not saying whack Barbara for touching your Burando but holding your parasol to the front of you, casually, people are less likely to go around it. 

Handkerchief or Tissue

Another thing I try to never leave the house without is a handkerchief, or tissues if you prefer, for any sort of small issue. I find handkerchiefs to be easier to keep on my person then a pack of tissues, great to coordinate to different outfits, and can simply be pretty with all of the different designs they can have. In a pinch they are very useful and I think they are great to always carry one for really anyone.


Perhaps I'm not the only one who thinks this is important but lotion is definitely a must have for any weather. I generally keep a lightly scented rose lotion in my bag that's not an alcohol based lotion. So something good for the skin and pleasant to the nose.

Sewing Kit

This is one of those things that have honestly saved me in the event of a button popping off from dresses and being able to repair damaged lace on someone's jsk in a case of bad luck. Last weekend I had one of my waist ties fall off without me even realizing it and having my sewing kit on hand really made life easier (luckily I found the button which had just fallen off right next to me on the floor of the con). Accidents can happen and having a sewing kit handy just really helps.

One of the things I also try to carry in my personalized sewing kit is a tide pen or tide wipes as well. My sewing kit is a little tin so sometimes it’s easy to tuck a packet of those in. It’s just good to have one just in case.


Tea Cup!

This one is totally silly but I do carry a tea cup on me, at first for picnic events and then eventually to events at other people's homes - never had to worry about figuring out which one is mine, it just made sense when partying with other Lolita - when something like a tea party or small get together occurred, and then it just began to snowball even further. It just seemed better then having to worry if I'm grabbing the wrong cup. Eventually I wish to have a tea cup for every different color in my wardrobe, favoring antiques to match my usual classic style.

So I hope you've enjoyed these little top 5s I would love to know what you think is also great to have in case of emergencies. If you would like to read more you can check out what other's have written up as what they think are the top 5 items to always carry down in the links below. And if you would like to join the LBC to write about the weekly topics feel free to find out what you need to do to join, here.


  1. Oh my goodness, I love that you carry a teacup with you! That's an epic idea!