Monday, May 14, 2018

365 LLC Days 132 - 134: GLB Make~Up Tutorials, Wardrobe Pulls, & Fruit Inspired Coords

May 12, 2018

This is not very unlik my usual style but I figured to be a little more precise with my blouse, just focusing it not only closer to me eyes but not have it completely covering my cheeks. I also feel as though I don’t wear enough of it so I’m going to try to make it a shade darker then usual.

March 13, 2018

When it comes to my wardrobe it’s hard to pull something that doesn’t make me feel fabulous, this is why I haven’t really given anything up to sell very often. When I look at the clothes on their own I just feel happy and it’s seldom that when I put them on that I don’t feel good about it. With skirt though, I just sometimes feel a bit off. I don’t buy them for a reason unless I really like them and this was one that I truly enjoy the print but I just don’t enjoy the skirt as much as I’d like. I’m going to try and fix that by recoordinating it a few different ways to try and make it work for me. If after a bit it just isn’t working I’ll let it go but not without a bit more work.

May 14, 2018

I picked rhubarb because why not? I tried to go with like colors and patterns and thought Queen’s Coach really fit, especially with it’s vertical stripes. And as rhubarb has a sort of leafy green top I tried to go with a ruffle~y wide hat for the top and wide sleeves for the blouse. Maybe I’m reaching but I didn’t want to do just another strawberry or cherry.

I guess this is all for the evening though, I had a lot going on today and so I’m off to bed now, cheers! XOXO

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