Sunday, May 20, 2018

365 LLC Days 138 - 140: Of Unloved Dresses, Spots In Town, & Unique Accessories

May 18, 2018

It's tough to think of pieces that are unloved in my wardrobe, each tend to be worn often and I try to tend and mend to them when I see something wrong with loose buttons or re~tacking bows. I suppose as of this time this is one of my least loved pieces after going through everything, this could change with the weather though.

May 19, 2018

One of my favorite things is to go off and out hiking or just leisurely waltzing through the trails, I hadn't realized there was a regional park nearby with some pretty interesting things to do and see. The one I'm looking at is fairly close and has a garden, a dam, and even a miniature train track and carousel. They also have an indoor ice rink that I sometimes go to but I never saw the regional park sign so I've never seen anything more then that. I can't believe I've missed all of this and that they even have a stable with horses to do a trail ride. I definitely need to make some sort of meet every now and then to do the different things available here.

May 20, 2018

Recently I've been speaking with a  few friends about my style, someone had said something about my style that had me kind of confused and questioning what they meant, and someone else told me that I really had a different eye for accessories. I know this is true but I never thought much about it being strange to this fashion, not very, just a more classic orientation then anything else. 

I guess this was a great time for sharing a photo of some of my more unique accessories, I couldn't choose just one and so I picked some of my top ones. Eyeglass chains, rosette chains and pins, one of my cameos - this one being the most oddly shaped, hair and mourning jewelry and other rose pins, and one of my newest hat pins, some of these are actual antiques and are fairly old while others are things I created or made for my brand.


These last few posts have been making me think a few things over and really reconsider pieces in my wardrobe, what I may have to let go of, things I may not love as much as I initially thought. I've already been having these feelings about a very select few but I've been hesitant because I still have nostalgic feelings from when I first bought them, in some ways they still make me happy but I just don't know if they make me feel good when I wear them. In regards to my own weird style it just throws me off that some people are thrown by it.

But I guess this is all for now, cheers! XOXO

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