Tuesday, May 29, 2018

365 LLC Days 147 - 149: Of Ambient With Meals, Notebooks, & Learning To Blend Tea

May 27, 2018

Sometimes, when not listening to the morbid and sordid stories I enjoy so much I like to enjoy a bit of music during the quiet moments of lunch or,  what happens more often then lunch for me, tea. Even when friends come by for whatever reason and we chat up a storm and I make tea for us I like putting on something on to softly play in the background. What I've never really thought to do is add things beyond that or my vintage and antique plates. 

The item I decided on was actually one of my nana's music boxes, she gave it to me shortly before I left Rhode Island and it's one of my most cherished things. For a short bit I did play it and let it play out, I don't remember if it's that old but it is, fairly. The gears were tough to wind up so I was trying to be gentle with my winding of it but it still plays perfectly.

May 28, 2018

Admittedly I didn't  think I was going to go out today I never quite know plans when I have commissions to fill. I did fill out another page with notes of things I wanted to remember to ask people or things I needed to pick up, nothing is every super intense in here but that's really what this journal has been turning into, a bunch of random blurbs through my life. 

May 29, 2018

Learn how to blend tea you say! Tea is a very regular part of my life and I’ve extensively, it's long and amazing history, it's development and introduction to the rest of the world, it's importance to the body and, at one point in history, it's importance to one's image; I don't simply enjoy a nice cup, I'm steeped in it's very existence! 

Creating a blend is something that can be either a simple process or it can be extremely complex, it's all very much like a dance in my opinion and beautiful in every way. The first thing to know is what your base will be, will it be green, black, or white? What's the difference Oolong and Darjeeling? What's the meaning of all these different teas on a menu? What on earth are you talking about, Mads?! Believe me when I say I am enamored with each and every single thing about it.

When thinking about blending tea one must ask exactly what they are looking for in a cup. If it's a smokey and slight vegetable flavoring you're looking for green tea is best for a base, it's one of the most common base. However, if you like light and delicate notes white tea leaves are your friend and are paired very well with florals of all sorts, one of my favorites when I can nab it to be honest. And there is a nice black leaf that is a bit tannic and holds a note of spice to it, pairs well with things like cinnamon and the sort and is great for flushing a system quickly. 

I digress, I realize we are focusing on me learning how to blend tea and I'm getting carried away but I'm just going to jump off that train instead of delete it. I like the process that a few tea companies post with a pyramid way of thinking it out. You pick your base leaf and that will be the ingredient that takes up the most in your blend and then follow it to the top adding less and less of the next ingredient. If I were to choose I would like a white leaf (this would be expensive) and instead of going with my traditional rose I'd like to have lavender as my next ingredient, it's soft and gentle on the stomach. Next in would be a bit of chamomile to add as a bit of natural relaxant which isn't odd to pair with lavender. And last...I'd like to add chocolate shavings...I've looked it up and it's not as weird as I think. I'd also make them dark chocolate so when I do add milk to my tea it doesn't lower my cocoa count to much. All of this sounds reasonable and I'm not adding something too far out of the ordinary to my tea blend. (I'm excited to pick up some lavender!)

The most important thing when experimenting is to try it out, find that balance, if it's not just right it's back to the drawing board and learning, with patience, to perfect.


Well....we learned that I am indeed as mad as a hatter when it comes to tea and tea time....if you haven't figured it out already. I suppose I should have warned everyone of that I'm most definitely mad here...

Cheers anyway XOXO

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