Thursday, June 28, 2018

365 LLC Days 177 - 179: Of Flower Pressings, Wearing Something Unloved, & Closet Space Photographs

June 26, 2018

It's actually pretty hard to find flowers that you are aloud to pick that also flatten well, this little clipping I thought would do nicely. The colors are very vibrant and I was worried when I picked them that the color would fade to quickly if I couldn't press them properly soon enough. Usually, when I pick flowers they are small enough to fold into my small notebook but this was a big batch. I'll check in a few days and they should be perfect though, with the proper pressure.

June 27, 2018

Dear me, it's not you, it's definitely me. 

I do love this piece but maybe I just need to try a few different blouses and not as many boleros, I'm also not such a fan of halterneck jsks if I'm being honest. Here it is anyway...

June 28, 2018

You know how I've been saying I try to clean up my wardrobe space in it's entirety once a month and small bits of tidying every week? Well, I had actually done that mega cleaning just the other day. I feel a bit relief as the previous week was proving to be precarious with how it was looking. I don't like mucking through my wardrobe when I'm dressing for the day and I know it is a bit cramped so that is why I do a cleaning so often, so here it is in it's cleaned up state.


So that's it for the last few days, if there is something I've learned from this one is it's good to keep things tidy in regards to the wardrobe and that maybe some things are just not to be for pieces that just don't suit me.

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