Monday, August 6, 2018

365 LLC Days 216 - 218: Of Lolita Blogs, Post Comments, & Card Games

August 4, 2018

This particular post is sort of difficult and disheartening as of late for several reasons. I used to follow a whole slew of Lolita blogs and it has been noticeable, as of late, that many bloggers have lettered out around 2 years ago. I really miss blogs like F! Yeah Lolita, Lace a la Mode, and Elegant PoupĂ©e which I still sometimes browse through them when I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. F! Yeah Lolita still posts from time to time but never as often as they used to though I do recommend it still for those looking for solid writing on the fashion. The only other one I can think of, that is fairly active and still blogs about the fashion, is Crimson Reflections. They do a bit of this and that on their blog about the fashion, from reviews, to how they experience and see the community, and other thought pieces, I highly recommend them.

August 5, 2018

I just left a comment on another Lolita blogger’s post that I’ve nearly forgotten about. I haven’t updated my reading list and I really should so I’m not going by who posts weekly for the Lolita Blog Carnival’s as that changes frequently. This reminds me to share Dollhouse Diaries, they have a lot of interesting posts they write.

August 6, 2018

Time to pull out the playing cards! These are actually my great grandpa Bernstein's so they are pretty old and simply pretty. For today's challenge I wanted to learn two games, one to play on my own and the other to play with 2 or more.

The first game I found, that I had never heard of before, was Monte Carlo. You build a 5~by~5 grid, have a draw pile on your left and a discard pile on the right. The objective is to add pairs to the discard pile and get rid of as many cards as you can, they need to only be doubles and don't need to go in any particular order or color. The only thing they must be is vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. When you discard as many as you can from your grid you need to shift them in the order they lay to the empty spots and replenish what's missing.

The second is a game that originated in the gaming houses of France and traveled over to England in the 1820s, called Ecarte. Using a deck of 32, where all cards below 7 are not used, each player is dealt 5 cards (first 2 and then the last 3) the last of which is turned up by the players. If the dealer puts down a King they are awarded 1 point. 

Everyone then looks at their hand and decides whether they wish to play their cards or exchange from the remaining pile. If the player is fine they say "I stand" or "I play" but if they wish to exchange they say "I propose" to ask the dealer. 

The dealer simply asks how many but they can also refuse, forcing the cards to be played; however, if the dealer accepts those requesting can exchange up to 5 cards. The dealer can also exchange their own cards, as they are also playing, or "stand pat" and call it.

These are just the basics on how to start, it seems that there is a scoring system that must be counted for the King cards before tricks are played. The game is won after someone wins 3-4 tricks played by following the suit and trying to score higher with each following card, and someone scores 5 points. 

There are better video tutorials around and I feel as though I didn't describe the second game well enough but it's easy to follow when watching it played. I think it could be a very fun game to start at casual meets.


There were some good things learned over the last few days, that I need to reorganize my reading list on my blog (probably redo my links too), keep an eye out for other bloggers of the fashion that are new but out there, and carefully watch how to play a game of Ecarte. Monte Carlo seems like it will be a good game to play out when I need to focus on nothing as it could be relaxing. 

The other thing I've learned is that I may have cursed myself to doing the third prompt much later than I intend. I had started it around 6 and because I was trying to make sure I explained ecarte properly I took to long, had to start dinner, and then come back to it now....I need to fix this....and I've definitely need to start doing it so I don't decide to go in on my 3 pot of tea and take to long to clear everything away for the night....

Well, anywho, goodnight! and Cheers! XOXO!

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