Thursday, August 9, 2018

365 LLC Days 219 - 221: Of New Composers, Dresses That I Used To Own, & Favorite Fairytales

August 7, 2018

As someone who extensively studied music for a large part of my life this prompt was exceedingly difficult. There are many things to consider when looking at composers such as category, should one go with contemporary or head back to medieval? And even within category should one stick with western or eastern style music? There is even a matter of tonal or atonal style music to sift through as well. There is far too much to consider when looking for a composer but it’s all extremely fascinating a task. So though it say to look up "a" new composer I've been happily bouncing back and forth all day listening to different composers I've never heard of from around the globe.

Just to share one without driving those on the globe crazy I leave this post with Luigi Boccherini who likes to be more elegant with his style, keeping it courtly.

August 8, 2018

I don't often sell my garments, as I have mentioned a few times throughout this blog, I am rather fond of each piece I've bought for all their little details and their obvious cuteness or elegance. However, after moving here it became more and more apparent that space is limited and so I looked to my wardrobe and thought a bit on what really worked for me and made me happy. Pink and fruitier pieces just so happen to be the ones that were cut out mostly. They are very cute but very not me.

August 9, 2018

The Buried Moon by Edmund Dulac

It seemed like a good day to read a bit a bit before jumping into bed after putting away my pot of tea, with all this running around before the fashion show I thought it'd be good to take a moment now. Today's prompt was to reread your favorite fairytale but I have not a single favorite, I really do enjoy too many of them to have one. So I scrolled through to look up one I haven't read in a while. I came across The Buried Moon by Joseph Jacobs and felt a whole rush of nostalgia so I figured it was a good choice to share. 

The story does talk about the Moon as if she were some sort of fae that walked the bogs and shine from beneath her black hood to make it safe to journey. She fell into a pool and snagged herself on branches and became stuck with no one to help her. There had been a villager passing by and somehow noticed her and DIDN'T think to help this woman stuck in the branches even though the moon struggled to shine so the boggies - a type of monster from the bogs apparently - wouldn't harm this fool. She managed to struggle free only for a brief moment from beneath her hood and the villager was able to get home safe but then the hood fell back over the Moon's hair and the monsters roamed free in the darkness again. And so that she could not escape, despite her struggles, a will~o'~the~wyke buried her beneath a stone.

Once home all the other villagers were confused why the moon had disappeared over the last few nights until that fool had shared what he had seen. Thankfully, a wise woman came to their rescue and said that they could double back and find the moon but that they would find her where they would find a coffin, candle, and cross. Once they opened the coffin it released the moon and she chased away the monsters. 

I think it's a very interesting story and quite enjoy it.


And with that frillies and frillettes, I take my leave and jump in bed. I've somehow have already put my teapot away on it's shelf as well as my teacup. We all know how that doesn't generally happen within a reasonable timeframe. Truly, I want to stay up longer and finish the last headdress for the fashion show on Saturday but I should really call it a night so I can get started early tomorrow and iron all the things.

Well...goodnight! XOXO!

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