Friday, August 24, 2018

365 LLC Days 234 - 236: Of New Board Games, Classical Music, & Pictures From Your Favorite Meet

August 22, 2018

If there is something I don't do a lot of it's playing board games. It's honestly something I wish I could do a bit more of but when you are often on your own, and the other party wouldn't really be down to play, it is a bit difficult to get something going. However, this doesn't mean I don't know how to play a few different board games. 

Today, I decided to take a look at ones I've never even heard of before, I tried to broaden my search by searching for popular games from different parts of the world and found quite a few fun looking ones. This one is called Fief, and as the name implies, you must try to build up a fiefdom where everyone assumes roles of the noble class in 15th century France. This is a game from France and requires 3 - 6 players but each player controls up to four family members. Your goal is to rise to power by gaining Royal and ecclesiastic titles through whatever means you can.

It honestly looks like a lot of fun and I wouldn't mind dusting off my French skills and trying this out with friends.

August 23, 2018 

Lately, I am in a Chopin sort of mood so I have made myself a playlist of all different Mazurka and Nocture in a playlist I made for today. I threw in other composers for good measure and found I was very heavy on Rachmaninoff, oddly enough . I find it really does set the mood and gives me a sense of calm while I get ready for the day. I even sprayed a little bit of rose perfume around the room (just a touch) while I was getting ready. I do enjoy the different musical genres of music, from before Baroque to contemporary, and it is something I've done quite often when I find I need to slow down and try to focus on certain tasks of the day.

I actually threw on make up since I was going listening to music. I felt it was a good chance to experiment and try out some of the new product I got. Despite that, I did not put up my hair as I had no plans to leave my apartment. 

August 24, 2018

This was ridiculously difficult to choose ONE meet to claim as my favorite as I have been to so many lovely ones throughout the years. I think I will keep to this year though and choose the Hillwood Mansion & Arboretum picnic meet. It was such a lovely day and funny enough my mind keeps traveling back to the delicious food everyone made. 

The day was filled with good food, lovely people, and a really nice tour of the mansion that we tried to all do together; however, we some how ended up loosing each other at some point even though it was a self~guided tour. Honestly, I would love to do this again and walk through the halls and take  more posed photos of everyone because it was a really excellent space but on the summer hours it's jumping. There were people from everywhere milling about on their own tours.

I did manage to get a few really nice coord shots, thanks to my friend InterstellarMoment, I think she has a really good eye.

Special runner~up for the year goes to the National Cathedral Tour & Tea! I couldn't really decide which meet I liked the most but it was truly so much fun and everyone looked so cute. And well...of course there was the delicious tea!


That about sums up my favorite meets so far of 2018, there is still a bit of time left in the year to go to more intriguing places with good friends so I can't wait to see what we do next. One thing I do think I’ll continue to do is listen to classical music while getting ready. I usually listen to horror narrations but found this to be soothing (Jee I wonder why Maddy). 

And now I must depart from this post and start dinner, so much to do still today but at least I have a little bit of tea left over and can finish off the day nicely.

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