Monday, August 27, 2018

365 LLC Days 237 - 239: Of Storybook Days, Photos Of Something Beautiful, & Early Brand Blogs

I didn't know whether to do first or third person for this so it took me a few tries to write this out...

"For the last time Chopin, for the love of Mozart's ghost, what are you smoking?!" The lump of frills groaned leaning closer and grabbing the sheet music off of the music stand. Grabbing the mint green colored pencil off with it, and tucking an untamed curl back while she hunched forward to inspect the dotted quaver surrounded by quarter rest that was planted in the middle of the measure. She loved Chopin, she truly did, however, Madeline did not always look over the music she would sometimes decide to change things up to.

Last week she had only just finished flouncing through a Liszt piece and decided to flip to a random page and give a new piece a go. If she weren't so stubborn when setting to work on a new piece she might take a moment to calmly read things over as opposed to sight~read everything she threw in front of her face. 

Carefully, she circled the 3 notes carefully and took a breath and counted it out in her head. Her hair had already escaped her impromptu bindings and hung about her face, forgotten, as she took in the new information. Tapping out the rhythm a second time she hummed out the notes, breathing during the rests before trouncing on, ignoring the dynamic change for now as she knew she didn't want to disturb the neighbor. After a few more repetitions Madeline took one last deep breath and sat up straight, sliding her headbow off her head and using the ends to tuck her errant curls back in one smooth motion.

"Take the time to think it through or you may as well eat the sheet music, Madeline."

And with that she smoothed out her dress, the lovely purple floral one from Innocent World that she was more fond of then she thought she would be when she bought it, and let her fingers glide over the keys before letting them dance across them. 

August 26, 2018

Any time there is a prompt asking to take a picture of one thing I get too fickle in deciding what it will be, exactly. Since I am at home today with a multitude of things to do I didn't go out to see too much and decided to take photos of things I had present. As I am very lucky to have a bunch of lovely and beautiful things I compiled a few things together to compose this photo. 

August 27, 2018

I really have a few brands that I truly call my favorites, if you know me you know they are Triple Fortune, Btssb/AP, and Innocent World. These brands are really what my wardrobe is comprised of, with a smattering of Metamorphose here and there. So I tried to go back through previous blog posts of each brand to read through a few posts. 

What I found kind of neat was the beginning of Baby the Stars Shine Bright's main blog was that they started using Ameba's platform shortly before my first trip to Japan. I actually got the black fan in their novelty fair that they mention in this blog post. Funny enough, I should have picked the pink considering I eventually got the Rococo Sugary Bouquet op in the pink colorway, but hindsight is 20/20 and all that jazz. I do bring it out when the days are particularly melt~worthy and it always reminds me of that amazing trip. (hopefully I'll get to go back again soon!)


It felt extremely odd to try writing about my day in such a style. I do enjoy writing but if I'm going to write about something to the extent of their being a main character I would rather it be not me and far more interesting. In regards to photographing something I find beautiful I will almost always pick several things and that will never change and always make me happy to do. I really want to take a massive tea cup collection photo at some point soon, having everything all laid out all pretty.

 Well, I'm going to go back to enjoying some old blog posts with my tea before I have to add the veg to the stew, for dinner. I rather enjoyed that prompt more than I thought I would. Cheers! XOXO!

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