Friday, August 24, 2018

LBC: Create A Coord For $100.00

Topics like Create A Coord for $100.00 for the Lolita Blog Carnival are very interesting to me but I never seem to get a chance to actually do them. I always put them off and get distracted and then question if I should use links of things I don't own or my own things, there ae just so many options to play with. One of the things I enjoy about this is the fact that it highlights that you can snag quite a few excellent deals if one simply knows where to look or gets very lucky. 

This jsk is from Innocent World, not only did I score it for $30, I am happy to say that it fits my style. I sort of have a love hate relationship with fruit prints and I have just recently gotten rid of all of my other ones, this includes both the AP Sweet Strawberry Ribbon jsk in black and the pink/red op. I just can't seem to find a way to feel comfortable unless it is extremely subtle or Rococo in your face sort of deal.

This IW blouse is one of my favorites that I bought from another friend for $30.00 which I thought wasn't that bad of a snag either. The shoes are Secret Shop and were another $30.00 and match well. The ribbon is from my ribbon stash, the rings were about $2.50 a piece from F21, from way back in the day. The hat was a thrift store find for $3.00 and I added the rest to it. The other thing I nearly forgot was the cute little ruffled ankle socks I picked up from target on sale that came out to $1.50, I should have taken a pic with the top half of the sock showing but oh well.  I made the little rosette earrings that I clipped to the side and well as the rabbit cameo necklace so I'm not going to count it otherwise it's going to tip me over.

The whole lot so far comes out to be $99.50 and honestly, I am quite happy with the outcome and it is just under the mark. Not only that but I have a new coord combo I haven't tried out just yet as the jsk is still very new to my wardrobe and I hadn't thought to pair the hat together with it.

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  1. Oooh, this IW JSK is super pretty! I've seen it several times now and it always tempts me, up until I realise that it might be a touch too oldschool for my own wardrobe. That cut would be super flattering though!

  2. I have an affinity for classic styles and IW pieces, both older and new, and for $30.00 I just couldn't say no. This cut is actually very flattering worn and the fruit motif wasn't too much for me so I'm glad I went for it.