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LBC: What Forms Of Media Do You Wish There Were Out There For Lolita Fashion

When entering the world of frills one learns very quickly that there is a plethora of information to sift through and enjoy. Some of it is archival, others in mook form, and a rather large amount of it is online scattered through different webpages and groups. However, sometimes there is a wish for more. What we are going to discuss today with the Lolita Blog Carnival is what we would wish was out there in regards to different forms of media for the fashion.

<3 More Blog & Vlogs <3

F! Yeah I stole this...from F! Yeah Lolita's blog...

I think one of the things that we are missing out on lately are blogs and vlogs dedicated to the fashion. We used to have quite a few, F! Yeah Lolita, Lace A La Mode, Moar Lace Please, The Princess Portal, and Parfait Doll to name a few of the bloggers that I would frequent. They used to be very detailed in their blogs about different facets that they found important to them or that people in the fashion should know about.

As for vlogs, I honestly don't know many besides ones like Princess Peachy, Lovely Lor and Scarving Scarves off the top of my head but I do remember there being a few that were very good. One of the funnier ones that a rather large portion of us all remember and miss is Deerstalker, with MilkyFawn. The first two I've mentioned have been going strong for a few years coming up with new content fairly regularly.

If there were a way to inspire more veteran lolitas and newer lolitas to write or vlog about their experiences and thoughts on the fashion in a more in~depth form I think it would make a large impact for us. Seeing what people think even if it's just to compare old to new, new releases, the impact of brands from China and things like that are very different to learn about when you can google and see what people you've never met write about it.

<3 Magazines/Mooks <3

This has been a sad and happy advent over the past year, we've lost both the printed formats of KERA and our beloved Gothic Lolita Bible. The blows of loosing both in the same year was monumental even if we retained them in two very different forms, KERA online and GLB as a totally different creature.

It's not so much about have a hard copy to pull out of the stacks and being able to physically flip through but there is something special about it. I do feel like in a printed format there was just a different view of seeing things, as well. There is also something in how it makes a piece look, I'm uncertain if it's the higher resolution or the models positioning or a combination of both, it just made the pieces look different.

<3 Online Magazines <3

Now, just because I'm sad that KERA moved to online format doesn't mean I don't like it. Magazines go digital all the time now and it is a good resource and easy enough to click through the links to find exactly what you are looking for from whatever date. The other thing is that online magazines are highly accessible and can be translated easily into whatever language you read. Having more content from  sources, like KERA is extremely helpful as KERA would come right from brand sources and give us the low-down. 

Having more online magazines that interact with brands on different subjects, as some zines approach brands styles differently, would bring up to date information to the masses and please a great deal of people. And as posting things via the internet is near instantaneous its also excellent for brands as it is quicker to promote their product. It does sort of negate the need for print but I just can't help enjoying it as I'm sure many others do too. However, the efficiency of the internet is clear and makes it easiest to get good content to Lolitas everywhere. 

<3 An Accurately Updated Lolita Handbook <3

The last thing I will touch on will be having the impossible done. Many have attempted it over the last few years but none have seem to do it well and without serious backlash from the community. I think it would be something that needs to be carefully curated as it is something many new Lolita would look to. The original still holds sway as fairly good for basic coording skills but it's sorely outdated.

And I know the reason it is so harshly scrutinized every time someone comes around to compile a new one, you do not want to give a newbie the wrong information and say it's handbook fact. Though this is just a fashion at it's base misinformation plays havoc and can be difficult to correct if people have already had their minds set and run away with the fanciful ideas. I know it sounds ridiculous to say that but this is a bit more then someone's experience as well as what a brand puts forth, it's trying to wrap up the fashion in a bow and ruffles and state this is what makes Lolita, and why.

<3 Lolita Specific Social Spaces <3

It's true we all use facebook and groups like Amino fairly easily and without too much issue running into normies who just want to harass but having a special social media place would be great. When Lacebook was around for a bit that was wonderful both in it's beta form and then it's second; unfortunately, it ran into a few issues and we lost it. I missed having so many groups to join and create and it was all for lolitas and curated by active Lolita. I never had a concern about posting and getting hassled or enduring a bot to erase, it was all just for us and you had to have an in by someone else who was already in the group. It was a bit of a haven in my opinion and I would love to see it come back. 

And so with that frillies and frillettes, I believe I've written enough and hope that you've enjoyed reading what I've put out there. I actually didn't think I was going to write on this topic but the more I turned it over in my mind the clearer some things got. As a fellow frilly, I want more posts and thoughtful pieces and videos content, there is so many layers to this fashion already it's a shame to not have more. I hope people think I contribute useful or at the very least intriguing pieces that make them want to read more or gets them excited to see something come out.

If you would like to read more on this subject you can see what others have put down in response to the prompt, below! If you would like to join in feel free to look us up on FB and fill out the prompt that asks for your blog info. You just need to have a blog that's 3 months old with 9 posts and be mainly a Lolita fashion blogger. 

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