Thursday, November 1, 2018

365 LLC Days 303 - 305: Of Lolita Horror Stories, Pruning Wishlists, & Sharing Pics Of Dresses

October 30, 2018

11:55...almost midnight...just enough time for one more story...

The Heartsgrave House, as it was so lovingly dubbed by the inhabitants had been purchased by a group of like~minded individuals looking for a place to enjoy their own space. To anyone looking at it, if one could spy it through the woods and private road, it seemed like a quiet but stately old Victorian house, what was once referred to as a “painted lady.” None would look at it and know of the mysterious frilled out individuals living their, keeping to themselves. 

Sometimes, every once in a blue moon, a new resident would appear in the midst. Though the halls were near full there happened to be a vacancy within one of the rooms which was unheard of. Not that the community that lived there were especially close but not many who arrived would leave.

Curls bounced about the head, under her Innocent World half bonnet, of the girl in the Kuro coord as she helped the newcomer bring her rollable trunk up to her room; each ringlet seemed to be more spring then curl. Through the corridor and up a second staircase they climbed, the girl with the ringlets happily chirping away and calling out greetings and names as they passed other residence. “So how did you hear about Heartsgrave House?” Someone in iron gate asked as they paused to unlock the door to the vacant room. 

“Oh...I heard about it from a friend of a friend. Got the invite to do that test for compatibility and I guess it worked out because I got the address and the key in the mail.” 

After a few different tries the key clicked in the lock and the door creaked open. The girl with the keys then shuffled the same one off the rather ridiculously crowded loop and handed it to the new girl. 

“And here you are, this key is yours as is the room!”

Curly threw out her arms while spinning and crash landed on the bed near the door. A soft puff escaped the plush eggshell colored pillows. Shuffling the smaller trunk in so that she could get a better peak, the new girl flipped on the switch and took in her new surroundings.

There was everything a classic Lolita could possible want for furnishing in a bed, vanity, and a large door that must have been the closet. The room was a bit darker than she would have liked, shades of green accented with yellow guilted motifs scrolled throughout the room, but it was still quite lovely. 

“Dinner is at 6:30 sharp and don’t be late, we’d like to formally introduce you, Ariadne. Of course, Viola, here will probably drag you down if you’re missed.”

“This is probably true.” Curly, now Viola, giggled as she brought her face up for air. Ariadne looked once more around the room and then back at the two standing before her, taking her capelet off the case in the door and bringing it to the closet. “I believe I’ll be fine, no need to drag me, I’ll try not to get lost.”

The door seemed to be stuck though, a few jostles and jiggling the knob seemed to do nothing. Ariadne stepped back and hung the garment on the vanity chair, nothing the pink flowers weaving through the green fabric. “Is there a key to this I should have?”

Pushing off from the bed, Viola exclaimed as she began to sift again through the keys, shaking her head. 

“Actually, I believe those are downstairs, just a moment.” She squeaked as she flounced past Viola and bobbed down the stairs. The girl from across the hall turned with a smirk, her v~shaped bangs only just being able to hide her eyebrow wiggle as she left Ariadne to herself.

After allowing a brief pause, she sighed and then the lights went out with a click. Her heart leapt in her chest for just a moment, she figured it must have been a blown bulb or something reasonable to that effect as it was after all an old house. She began to cross the short distance to the door when she heard the closet door bang behind her...

**************************and that’s all your getting for tonight**************************

October 31, 2018


I'm not going to lie, this was tough as I have quite a few pieces that I really do want in my wardrobe. I know some people are very strict with their own but I find it difficult and even have one for small garments and accessories and one for dresses I may not be searching for as hard. The last one is definitely my top tier Wishlist dresses that I am actively searching for but I did go through a few and even managed to knock one of as I got it recently.


November 1, 2018

 This is tough as I can't get into the corners as well and I'm sorry...

Edit: I realized when working on my other post that the pic never loaded so here it is and I alos have to apologize that it is a mess. Thankfully I am home today, sick, and it's actually about time to do the massive closet cleaning.


Oh my goodness October is over and now I don't know what to do with myself. I've been trying to keep up with the Halloween spirit and did a coord a day on my facebook and Instagram, participated in Frilloween2018, shared a spooky podcast every night on fb, and went through all of those witch bonnet orders that needed to be done before Halloween (I am still open to my regular commission season but those were just to get rushed out.) and I feel pretty undead. It's very surreal to do all that but also feels good to write that Lolita horror story at the end of the month and cap off the holiday with tea time at an actual tea room and go do some spooky things on Halloween. (I went to the stairs from the movie the Exorcist and took a few pics too).

Well, I must be off, cheers! XOXO

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