Friday, November 16, 2018

LBC: Create A Cozy & Comfortable Coord

If there is anything we have learned on the east coast over the last week is that it is time to pull out more cozy and comfy coordinates. Though there are a lot lolitas who have their coordinates and wardrobes geared towards comfort some of us haven't. This week on the Lolita Blog Carnival we take to our wardrobes to do exactly that and create something we would find cozy and comfortable. 

I've actually don't have much in the ways of sweaters or cardigans that would match much of my outfits. I do have 2 brand ones that I do wear when it's chilly but usually I pull out jackets and even boleros so I feel I don't have much that feel appropriate for this post. I think that it's just more my aesthetic to have things more tailored looking in some ways so it was hard to pull out pieces that fit this theme. What I did veer towards was this grey oversized sweater that I have and haven't really paired with my Lolita. I have a brown one that I recently did another cozy coord with but I decided to try working with this one and see if I could get any mileage out of it.

Though I could have gone with a few darker pieces I thought this might actually be a good mix. I quickly made a simple bow for this as I am always forgetting to make more white accessories and headgear, I didn't think anything too extravagant would help the cozy look. I do admit to cheating and reusing some of the style ideas from the last time I made an outfit like this, with the oversized necktie, simple headbow, and long sleeves peaking out, I think it just works well for the idea. I think once I put this all on it may feel like it works a bit better so I'll share that too, eventually. 

<3 Coord Rundown <3
<3 Jsk: Alice and the Pirates
<3 Socks: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
<3 Blouse/Sweater: Offbrand
<3 Shoes: Secret Shop
<3 Rosette/Headbow: The Bloody Tea Party
<3 Cameo: Antique

I think this week will have me making out a few more of these for the day as it's finally getting colder. If you would like to see what other people wrote and worked out for this weeks topic be sure to check them out in the links below.


  1. This is a really adorable outfit, and it really does look cosy and comfy :)

    1. Thank you! *^_^*
      With how comfy it was it definitely made me want to make a few more like it.