Friday, November 2, 2018

LBC: What Do You Believe Are 5 Misconceptions About Lolita Fashion

As with any obscure or generally unrelated fashion there is always certain ideas that seem to prevail about what is associated with it. Lolita fashion tends to get it's own laundry list of it, not only from the general population but from even within about what one must do. Some of these misconceptions are very laughable while others are very frustrating and cringe worthy. This week's Lolita Blog Carnival will be what are 5 misconceptions we believe are prevalent about the fashion. 

<3 That It Is Only For The Young <3

Almost anyone in this fashion can tell you that they have heard, from a variety of people, that this fashion is only for people under a certain age. I even saw a poll go up on Amino that knocks the proverbial dead horse in the head, just a few weeks ago. It's an asinine thought to have and one that has somehow prevailed for years within the community. This is an expensive hobby, regardless as to whether you shop second hand or sales, and not only that but it takes time to acquire enough for a coord or two. Even when I was a beginner in the fashion I was dumbfounded by how many people thought you needed to leave something you loved by a certain age, it's ludicrous to think this.

<3 That Lolitas Must Change Their Personalities To Match Their Clothes <3

I'm pretty sure I didn't attend anyone's funeral, does this mean I'm dressed for your funeral?

I'm not certain how this ever came to be either, newbs and inexperienced frillies sometimes think that people who wear the fashion must behave within a certain restrictive mannor; some even call it a fa├žade. This is obviously not true for a myriad of reasons as people should not be forced to behave in any manner that is not their own.

Even without being too involved in the fashion, my mother has been known to say 'for someone who dresses so lovely you certainly have a mouth on you.' I have even been told that I should behave more "lady~like" to which I always say 'I am a lady and I am doing what I like, therefore, I am behaving "lady~like."' to which I have gotten some stern looks from anyone slinging that.

<3 Lolita Fashion Came From Japan & Should Only Be Worn By Asian People <3

 This is exactly as I have heard and read this from time to time and all I can do is facepalm with each review. This fashion was designed and created for everyone to enjoy, no matter what your skin color or creed or gender, it was not something based in Japanese culture. The clothing developed into styles that were inspired by Victorian era and European clothing and dolls (which were based on clothing of real people, it's redundant), eventually moving into eastern styles, bringing us Wa and later Qi~Lolita. If it were not Japanese brands would not try to sell and bring their brands to different parts of the world through cons and physical stores.

<3 Lolitas Love The Attention & Being Stared At <3

That dude's face is my face...

I don't mean to speak for a bunch of people I have never met, or the ones I do, so I will say that maybe someone does but usually that is not the case. Many frilly individuals, like myself, just enjoy wearing clothes that strike their fancy and they enjoy, just like anyone wearing baggy jeans or that crop top. Sometimes people will say 'boy you like the attention!' to which I will try not to roll my eyeballs out of my head (sometimes even asking if I'm trying to seek the attention of my walls when I don't even leave the apartment while dressed in frills). I understand that it's different and bizarre but I know I am not alone in thinking the elegant cuts or interesting prints are the bee's knees.

<3 The Rules Are Restrictive & Makes It Difficult To Be Creative <3

This is one of the big ones that can cause a great deal of grief for many, both new and veteran. Yes, this fashion has a lot of rules but they are basic and very simple that CREATE the silhouette that makes the fashion. It has evolved a little over the years but in a way that, I feel, solidifies what the image is and makes it different from other fashions. They aren't meant to hinder anyone but are more building blocks that shouldn't be ignored or tossed.

So I didn't touch on all, there is the ever head~desk inducing one about the completely unrelated book or about people who wear the fashion don't have confidence in themselves; there really is a lot of misconceptions about the fashion. These are just a handful of the ones I've encountered fairly often if I don't see a friend encounter it and share what's happened.

If you wish to read more about what others have written on the subject feel free to check out what they wrote in the links below.


  1. I haven't even thought of most of these, but I agree 100% with every single one of them. Although right now I consider myself quite lucky that I personally have never been told to my face that I must love the attention because I dress in ololita - that would've confused me a lot, like "huh, what you on about", if someone said that to me.

    1. It is so jarring! I've had it happen several times over the last year more than usual, some in my own apartment building where most people are people who will see me in OTT when I'm leaving for an event and then more toned down every day where while I'm just getting my mail. I do not have the time or care to change out of whatever else I could be wearing to frill it up just to leave my apartment.