Saturday, December 8, 2018

LBC: Create A Lolita Prompt Challenge

Over the course of my blog I have done quite a few different Lolita prompt challenges, from simple coord challenges to ones like the 365 Lifestyle Lolita Challenge. I find them fun and helpful when it comes to producing content that, I hope, can relate to other's involved in the fashion. This week on the Lolita Blog Carnival we've taken to making up our own challenges to give the blogging/vlogging/instagramming community something more to try out and have fun with.

I've been brainstorming through the week to try and figure out different or important things to add and what type of challenge I would like to make. I've definitely run the gauntlet with the ones I have tried so far. Each tend to have a lot of common prompts between them but are still fun to redo, I would like to try bringing something else to the table with mine.

<3 The Lolita Lifestyle 52 <3

<3 Share Your First Meetup Photo <3

<3 Share A Photo Of Your First Coordinate <3

<3 What Was Your Style Like When You First Joined VS Now <3

<3 Write A Short Lolita Fashion Fairytale <3

<3 Create A Coord Based On Your Favorite Historical Figure <3

<3 Take A Day Off To Enjoy A Small Packed Lunch In A New Setting <3

<3 Find An Old Hairstyle And Try It <3

<3 What Is Your Next Coveted Dress <3

<3 Craft A New Item To Go With A Piece You Don't Have A Lot Of Accessories For <3

<3 Create A Game With Lolita Fashion As The Inspiration <3

<3 Share Your 5 Most Used Garments <3

<3 Share 5 Of Your Most Glamourous Pieces <3

<3 What Is Your Favorite Print Theme <3

<3 What Is Your Favorite Cut/Main Garment <3

<3 If You Could Stop Yourself From Buying One Thing That You Regret What Would It Be <3

<3 List Your Top 5 Favorite Pieces <3

<3 Set Aside A Moment To Enjoy Beautiful Things

<3 Create A Coordinate On Your Favorite Story <3

<3 Create A Coordinate Based On The 4 Seasons <3

<3 Go On An Outing To A Museum You've Wished To Go To <3

<3 Bake A Dessert For The Week And Package It Prettily <3

<3 Favorite Coordinate That You Have Seen <3

<3 What Drew You Into The Fashion And Made You Commit To Getting Your First Garment <3

<3 What Was Your First Dream Dress <3

<3 Share A Song That You Feel Reflects Your Personal Style <3

<3 Share A Mood Board Of Your Favorite Looks <3

<3 Share The Dress That Got Away <3

<3 Make A New Decoration Piece To Put Up <3

<3 Where Your Most Prized Piece <3

<3 Plan An Outfit For A Stroll In The Park <3

<3 Share A Story That Makes You Think Of Lolita Fashion <3

<3 Share A Pic Of A Coordinate Of When You Felt The Most Beautiful <3

<3 What Things Resonate With Your Maiden Heart <3

<3 Take Photos Of A Piece You Wear Often <3

<3 Why Do You Think Certain Sub~Styles Are Dead <3

<3 Share A Garment Horror Story <3

<3 Write A Horror Story For Lolita Fashion <3

<3 Make A Halloween Inspired Accessory Or Decoration <3

<3 Create A Coordinate Based On A Ghost Story <3

<3 Write Out A Poem And Tuck It Away In A Book <3

<3 Share Memories Of  Your First Major Event <3

<3 Share Memories Of Friends You Have Met In The Fashion <3

<3 Make A Small Afternoon Tea To Enjoy <3

<3 Restart A Project You Put Down <3

<3 Where Would You Like Your Style/Wardrobe To Go In The Next Year <3

<3 Share What Types Of Events That You Would Like To Attend <3

<3 Make A Little Wishlist For The Holidays <3

<3 Craft Small Gifts For Frilly Friends <3

<3 Create A Cozy Coordinate And Do Relaxing Activities <3

<3 Make Meetup Plans For The New Year <3

<3 Reflect On The Things You Have Experienced Within The Lolita Community This Past Year <3

<3 Share Your New Year's Goals And How You Plan To Achieve Them <3

I think mine turned out to be a bit more introverted and lifestyle oriented, with a few coordinate challenges and things that could encourage more. It wasn't quite what I had imagined when I first started making things up but I think it turned out okay. I do think I started out with ones that were common to Lolita challenges for the beginning of the year but then drastically altered directions. I think that this could be done over the course of the year and have one prompt done each week. Please let me know what you think or if you are planning to do the challenge, I would love to see what you make of it! You can #TheLolitaLifestyle52 so I can check it out.

I hope that everyone finds mine interesting and would like to try it out, I had fun trying to think of things for it. I do plan to do this one on my own after I've finished with my current challenge (I'm almost finished with it and I am so incredibly baffled that I did a years worth of prompts) and would like to try out others that are made for this topic by the other writers.

Speaking of, if you would like to check out what the other members of the LBC came up with for this weeks challenge, check them out below! 


  1. I like that your prompt challenge involves actually doing some things, and not just blogging about stuff. This just may go on my blogging list...after I get through the challenge I've already started lol!

    1. Thank you, I really wanted to vary the prompts and not only have coord challenges for the more active ones. I hope you do try it out, please let me know if you do!

  2. Wow you came up with a lot of topics! I'm not one for doing lengthy challenges, but mind if I use some of them to blog on later?

    1. Whether you do a few or all, please let me know, I'd love to read what you try out, it doesn't necessarily have to be done in order or over the course of 52 weeks. When making this I decided to let my imagination go and see how many it came up with, within a week.

  3. I love, love, love your challenge! As a lifestyle Lolita it really inspire me to do more and to go out (and blog about it!). I will certainly save it for the next year and I'll probably give it a go! ^w^

    1. Yaaaaaayyyy!!! I hope to read your experiences with it when you do try it out, I also hope you enjoy it. I had felt, as a lifestyle Lolita, that there just isn't enough challenges out there that centered itself around it more. Though I do think this can still be enjoyed by those who enjoy the fashion as a hobby too. I'm happy to hear this inspires you!