Tuesday, January 8, 2019

LBC: Differences Of Lolita 5 Years Ago VS Now

Lolita fashion has transformed itself over and over again bringing something new and interesting to the community who wears it. Styles come and go, others stick and seem as though they will never change, it's all a matter of likes and what people keep wearing or discarding from their closets. This is not isolated to minor fads or the fashion as garments either, the social aspect of the community also morphs in a similar style and much of the change relies on the people in it; members share not only news, but preferences, risk taking, but well done coordinate shots, and tutorials that peak each others' interests. This happens similarly to how regular fashions do but with Lolita it's got it's own beat, and so we shall write about the differences of the fashion from 5 years ago vs now.

Taken from Livejournal

When I think back to the year 2014 I think of Sweet being at it's highest, OTT Sweet topping the cake with pastel colored bows and stars. It seemed as though Sweet was going to reign supreme forever, it was what I remember being popular when I first joined EGL on Livejournal. Layers of bright pinks and hair accessories on the head to make a d├ęcora blush was quite in at the time. 

Taken from Freely Speaks

There was also a strong preference for Gothic Lolita as well, almost as common as Sweet, that would sometimes cause comical meme'd clashes between the two substyles. There wasn't really an OTT sense to Gothic Lolita at this point but it has stayed a constant in popularity.

Taken from Livejournal

This hasn't changed and the substyles penchant for gaining lolitas who desire a more mature style hasn't changed much either. It seems that I have witnessed many retire their sweet and pastels for a darker hue, it doesn't happen to die~hard sweet fans but those who do would usually go goth. Though this hasn't really changed I tend to see the trend be more of Classic Lolita transitioning to Gothic.

One of the things that did occur 5 years ago that really affected the community at large, and still does today, is that there was a strange dynamic switch from OTT Sweet to Classic. From my perspective, having been floating about on EGL on LJ and the beginning transfer to FB, the change was drastic. This switch seemed to be rung in around the time of the very first Rufflecon, which had seemed an oasis at the time. 

You can pry princess sleeved blouses out of my cold, dead hands.

I had been more into Classic and Classic~Sweet substyle so seeing so many people online and in person really jump from brighter colors, bows and star clips, into richer floral prints and princess sleeves was exciting to me. Princess sleeves had fallen out of style for a while and I remember being ecstatic about them coming back stronger and with more options for my little heart's desire.    

Taken from the Gothic & Lolita Festival page

I think, when it's all boiled down, AP was at the top of their game 5 years ago and Sweet was the most eye~catching with prints, colors, and style to many; and though the brand is still strong it's print style has changed as has it's fanbase. Classic Lolita was what came to the front next over the last few years, it's still very popular of the 3 substyles but the dynamic is changing again. There is better access to Chinese Lolita brands as the selling platform Taobao has gotten easier to use and people have experienced more brands from different Chinese brands. 

And lastly, the community has nearly completely moved from Livejournal to Facebook since 2014 changing the way we interact with one another. Mods have had to alter the way they assist the community, whether by encouraging it with topics or ensuring things don't go awry. Blogs and Lolita fashion bloggers are becoming a distant memory and there are more active vloggers at the moment. As a whole we interact very differently than we once did 5 years ago and it will be interesting to see how we change and grow.

If you are looking for what others wrote on the topic, be sure to check them out in the links below, this weeks was intriguing and definitely made me feel nostalgic for a time gone by. 


  1. I really miss how lolita was 5 years ago, most because I love sweet.

    1. It was definitely an interesting moment in our timeline. I wasn't exactly a sweet Lolita but seeing so many at a time was captivating.