Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Madeline & The Case Of The Katsucrunch

So, you are probably all wondering what I've been up to over the past couple of months. Things may have seemed awfully silent on this end of the world from your favorite Hat with the plan, unless you check out my Instagram pages regularly. It's all been percolating in the pot and I've been running rampant in preparation for Katsucon 2019!

My line from this year consisted of Butterflies, and Witches, and Witchy Oujis, OH MY!
Photo credit Jessica Whitehall

I was one of 7 other indie brands, including Ikemen Mode, to grace the stage and show off our lines we prepped for this year. The previous year I had shown my Homunculi print worn by 4 adorable little witchy beings and this was a mix and match of butterflies and witches, all to enchant. It was a drastically different show for me, as I had a very dark palate last year and then everything was butterfly fabric this year. I had very little time between sales and show so I really tried to pace myself.

Pics from my first year at Katsu (2018) 
Photo credit Lavender Bats on IG
It was a departure, certainly, but both years are so special to me and I had a blast putting together every piece. It has also prompted me to really push for the next show to come with another original print I've been working on and my butterfly winged garments. I did do a reveal of a new design of the detachable wings this year that I'm so very happy with. I love my butterfly winged garment designs, I have jackets, one pieces, jsks, and boleros (both with and without sleeves), and have been making them more and more versatile since the first OP back at the end of 2014 and this one takes the cake.

My intent is to make things that are both fantastical and wearable and this new design hides the top of the wings but allows them to be removed from the garment, without disruption to the actual dress. During the show the last model showed of the dress from both the front and back to then be hidden from view by those with Witch's Bonnet and be dressed by the two crimson butterflies. Once they were quickly added, with the other models departing, the last butterfly revealed that the dress now had wings. If you caught my Instagram post about it you saw it with only the first part of wings and mentions of a secret, that was it.

The fashion show was not the only thing I had going on either, I had two other projects going on, with a panel on Lifestyle Lolita and helping with the Katsucon Luncheon, Nocturnal Royal. The hosts worked their butts off and I tried to do my best, finding donators and advertising their wonderful shops on the event page. The event was lovely on the top floor of Grace's restaurant, just outside the con space, and the food was actually pretty decent (though the California rolls were just kind of like....oddly there?)!

This person right here! Just always amazes me with every LOOK!

There were so many wonderfully dressed guests for the luncheon, one of whom totally conjured up Faery Queen Titania vibes. I mean, this person always serves looks but they had me floored with this one. I wish we had more space and time to take photos of guests and their wonderful coords but I did manage to get candids of each table.

Like this one with the wonderful Harriet!

The space was very beautiful with bird cages in the wallpaper and the decorations hanging from the ceiling. Our area actually had a wedding puzzle bed in the corner where we placed our prizes for the raffle, it was all really beautiful.

I almost didn't get any pictures but I managed to snag this from the concert

Then at another point, a little later in the day, we got to attend the Akira/Lantanna concert and rock out. I was still in my coord for most of the show but because Akira's music is just not one you sit still for my bonnet was bouncing off my head, my phone almost flew out of my hands, and I accidentally bumped into my friend Sherri, who I had no clue was standing next to me until I turned to apologize; it was a very crazy and fun experience.

I think the world wasn't ready for us...

The last thing I do want to mention is that Harriet and I did get to host a panel on Lifestyle Lolita. We covered what it was, how we work it around our lives, when it's not compatible, and how to start it. We may or may not have accidentally turned things into a self~defense Lolita talk, but that will start another panel for another time. (Don't let anyone touch you or someone else without consent)

Katsu coord of Friday

I think everyone had fun at the panel, we did, talking about what we find important and how two differently styled individuals live. I would like to redo it again for next year, perhaps Otakon, and add to it with more info we shared during questions asked. I know I mentioned in another post that we did bring teacups and tea to this for ourselves, next time we plan for our own baked goods too, but there may be randomly tossed packaged goodies too. Who knows what the future will bring for that though.

I know I went backwards in days, starting with the fashion show, but it followed the timeline just in reverse. It's just how it all popped out of my head and was put to post. I hope you enjoyed this and if you are thinking of attending a con where The Bloody Tea Party is showing it would be nice to meet you and chat. We'll see what this hatter has in store for the next few months (another announcement is on the way) but until then I'm going to take a VERY short tea break with a much needed baked good.

Cheers! XOXO


  1. Oooh, a Lifestyle Lolita panel sounds amazing, I would love to attend one!

    1. It was a lot of fun to do! Is there any thing specific about the lifestyle that you think you would find particularly interesting to hear about?