Saturday, March 2, 2019

LBC: What Is One Facet Of the Fashion That You Enjoy & One You Don't

Lolita fashion is such a dynamic and fascinating creation that there are always trends, habits, sub~styles, and separate communities for different aspects of it. It's strangely a very efficient lace monster that the fashion wearers have created, hiccups that occur from time to time are of course expected, from groups that cater to lifestylers to sewing groups for the fashion. All of these things have created little facets that make up this fashion making it appealing and lovable. There are so many things to look at and enjoy and experience, some things may be your cup of tea and some may not. So that is the focus of this week's Lolita Blog Carnival topic, one facet we enjoy and one which we do not.

The Bloody Tea Party Tea Time necklace 

 There are really so many things I enjoy about this fashion but I think one of the main pillars of this fashion and its community is that it's so creative and evolving. Though this can be applied to many things and individuals this particular fashion has many different layers to it that, sometimes, covers other things. We have sewing and crafting that revolve around this fashion, art, media, small gatherings and large events, discussion groups, mountains of brands of the fashion, places to share daily looks, and so much more. They all revolve around the aesthetic of the fashion and yet still encourage growth and change.

Pic taken from Pinterest

Many brands, both indie and original Japanese a~like, have grown this fairytale world around the idea of elegance, cuteness, and ruffles and I think that's one of my favorite facets about this fashion. It's just something that I hadn't seen in the beginnings of my journey but it was learned eventually. People grew with the fashion and picked things they liked and it keeps it moving and in some ways glowing. It's not something that is so mundane in the first place, it was something delicate and soft looking but nothing normal. 

It's a great place for my brand of weird and madness to come through.

It is the perfect place to take fantastical ideas and manifest it into actuality. Whether it's through the theme or a coord or an event or having a print of something that doesn't fit into the regular world it has a place in Lolita. It's definitely allowed me to flourish in a lot of instances, there are so many things that I want to see in this fashion that I've learned how to make and share myself.

There is a flip side to this very thing, it is a fashion, with rules that are strict when you first learn of it and then moldable later, that could potentially delve too far into that world. Certain fun aspects have been deemed costumes in the fashion when taken too far. It's true that Lolita fashion is far removed from everyday outfits for many, unless you wear it daily, and the creative aspect can sever an outfit from the aesthetic. This can happen with a person new to the fashion and someone who has a strong foothold in the rules.

Photo taken from Pinterest again

I do have other things that I don't enjoy about the fashion but they are small, I still can't get into the bunny ear coords. They look pretty adorable on others but I'm just not for it...I'm sorry world! Maybe just not my cup of tea...So that's why I went with the other side of the creativity, sometimes it just doesn't quite fit in with the fashion and does go overboard or isn't as well accepted. 

There are tons of other facets that many others enjoy and don't which you can check out, down below in the links. Of course if you'd like to join in on the fun you can also join the carnival and write with us on each topic. Just be sure to read the description and you can either message the mod or fill out the questionnaire that pops up when you hit that join button.

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