Friday, March 8, 2019

What Types Of Topics Would You Like Covered In A Lolita Panel

In the world of conventions there are tons and tons of panels that are most definitely interesting to see and learn from or get more up and personal interactions with guests. But the world of cons tend to hold less content geared towards avid Lolita fashion wearers and lifestylers and more for beginners or whatever the main focus of the con is. So this week we are taking a look at what we would like to see more of for Lolita fashion with the Lolita Blog Carnival.

There seems to be a certain disconnect with con organizers and attendees throughout the con circuit, at not really anyone's fault. We are asked for feedback and we give it but there are sometimes many answers, causing the most repetitive to be sought after. This often leaves us with many Lolita 101 type panels which isn't really a draw for many in the community. Even the panel I recently did was very basic for the lifestyle Lolita aspect. I would love to expand on it and share more but that also depends on whether it would be accepted. 

So ignoring everything else and pretending we don't have to jump through hoops, let's get to it. 

<3 Themed Coords <3 

There is a fine line that develops in themed coordinates that I feel is very fun line to toe. There are excellent themed meetups occurring that we all enjoy building a look around as it serves as a great well of inspiration. However, not everyone knows how where to draw the line, some being new to the fashion and not understanding the concept of themed coords; it can be a double edged sword.

With a panel like this it would be nice to show how to navigate these themes, why it's a thing in a fashion, and what origins it has held. It would be a cute little panel but I do think it's something that could be enjoyed if given the chance.

<3 Embellishment <3

I know this isn't really what I'm talking about but let's pretend.

I would LOVE a panel on embellishing garments and other accessory pieces. In many of our pieces we have such lovely pieces but we tend to keep them as they came, untouched and original. This is, of course, wonderful and lovely as these pieces are already original but there are so many possibilities! 

It's true many people are afraid to do anything like this, as it can effect resale value, but there are some who have no desire to. I do not plan to let go of quite a few pieces and I have seen that there have been some lovely additions. I remember a friend wearing an Btssb Garden Alice print skirt she had gotten off of mbok a few years ago which had come with the minor addition of tiny bows and pearls sewn sporadically throughout the piece. It was so cute and I keep wanting to do things like this with other pieces but I just haven't.

And the panel should cover sharing pieces that are embroidered, beaded, and bowed, even adding lace trims. It's really just about being sure to cover embellishing of all types and how to utilize them within the fashion. Having a panel dedicated to this, and run by Lolitas who have done this with excellent examples, would be splendid! It would definitely be geared towards those who have been involved longer and are more sure of their wardrobe but can be nice to view as a newbie too.

<3 Self Defense In Lolita <3

Screenshot from Lolita Fashion Service

I know this started out as a minor joke that became a thing in the panel I did but I am definitely an advocate of self defense. As many of us have been approached and touched, groped, and put into unsafe positions, had our skirts lifted, bustles grabbed at, and the like, I think it's important. This has happened to pretty much every person I have met in the fashion, regardless of gender identity, and it's not okay.

This fashion is also encumbersome and sometimes it can be difficult to move with all of the ruffles, jewelry, corsets (if you wear them). This fact makes some even more uncomfortable when stuck in these situations and I think a panel that is geared for this fashion would be great. Grapples, strikes, how to use parasols as a defense weapon (I guarantee this is very useful), would be very nice to learn for those who wish to have the power to protect themselves.

<3 Lifestyle Lolita <3

Taken from Teacake Time Machine blog (check her out!)

One of the things about Lolita fashion is that there are so many different little things about it, most I find fascinating. Even though I consider myself a lifestyler there isn't much done or written about it and I'd like to see more of that. Different interpretations, lifestyle arrangements, panels on sharing origins, and things like that would be excellent panel opportunities. 

A basic cover of that would be nice, I did mention it in a previous post about things I'd like to see for Lolita fashion at cons, here, but it can definitely be more than just a simple 101. Workshops even for lolifying your living spaces would be a neat little treat to see and do. People could come to the workshop with an item that they'd like to craft towards their style of life and, with funds collected for the workshop, use the trims, bows, and other supplies to figure out how to gear it to them. It may not be so simple but it'd be fun.

And with that I will conclude this weeks edition of Lolita Blog Carnival and hope you've enjoyed it. Check out that link if you are looking to join in on the fun, don't forget to read the description on how. If you wish to read about what other participants have written you can check them out in the links below!


  1. A self-defence workshop/panel would be very interesting and useful indeed. I hadn't even considered the fact how a lolita coordinate restricts some of your movements, but it is important to remember that you may not always be able to do certain things.

    1. It's a very strange thing to think of as lolita fashion has a lot of pieces that slip or restrict the body because it's not made in materials or cuts meant for wide range movements. Unless you do a lot of things that are more physical you really don't think about it.

  2. I agree with you, especially with the last two ones! I also feel like when people ask me about self-defense when wearing alternative fashion, I never seem to know what to answer! ^^'' A panel would be so useful for that!

    1. It's a very frightening and stressful thought but I really do think it's important to at least know how to react in defense. I have been lucky that I've been trained to be reactionary because I have needed it, especially in frills. Too many people think they can just grab us because we are feminine looking or look like little dolls.
      As for lifestyle lolita there are just so many possibilities that are a lot of fun to think about and share. ^_^