Friday, June 14, 2019

LBC:Create A Coord To Best Fit The Season

The weather is certainly changing again and it's time to adjust our wardrobes and daily wear to best fit the season. And as it is such a huge factor in how we arrange ourselves for whatever the season brings we've decided, with the Lolita Blog Carnival, to create a coord that best worked for us. As the seasons are a bit different for everyone - some of us are experiencing something other than Summer - we went with seasons as a blanket term to be more inclusive.

Over in my neck of the woods I am definitely getting into the summer months. It's hot, thankfully it hasn't been muggy (yet), and I am desperately in need of lighter layers. I've prepared a coord that is light and airy and offers shade as well.

Jsk/Pin: The Bloody Tea Party
Hat/Necklace: Vintage
Socks/Shoes/Blouse: Offbrand
Floral Headdress: Sweet Mildred

I wanted flowers everywhere and the print of this fabric has lovely vibrant ones that I paired with a Sweet Mildred headdress, that I've attached to the hat. The dress is such a rich dark green that reminds me of the summer months where everything is vibrant and alive. For the shirt I actually paired it with this strange little blouse that I bought in an emergency while I was snowed in in NYC during Tokyo Rebel's closing party. I've worn it in a few coords (like my recent Paradiso Day 1 coord that I'll share in a post later) and I've found myself rather pleased with it. 

Everything about this coord is about short sleeves, lightweight ankle socks, and a hat to help keep the sun of. The other factor, as mentioned before, was flowers that I also utilized in the jewelry too. The necklace has a little leafy pattern and I added a music scroll floral piece. All in all I'd say this represents and fits the season really well.

If you are interested in what the other's who participated in this put together you can check them out here:

Sunday, June 9, 2019

LBC: What Makes You Excited About Lolita Fashion

For every lolita wearer there is something that gives them life! in a sense. This fashion is something that those of us who participate in it do truly enjoy, otherwise we would not wear it (though I know there are people who enjoy it without being able to for various reasons). We decided to take a look as a group to ask ourselves what made us excited about the fashion, personally for the Lolita Blog Carnival.

In actuality this fashion is a very personal experience for each of us and so the things that make us excited and enjoy wearing the fashion will be vastly different. These garments have amazing details, designs that call to us, and cuts that we like that can be a pretty wonderful package. When we see our favorite pieces put together by designers or on fellow frillies Instagram pages it can also add to the hype around it.

There are, naturally, other things that can spark that little light of joy that isn't the clothes at all but related through them. We've been able to gather and make personal friends from this, host lovely events to some we travel a ways for, and even the ability to meet the designers behind the pieces we hold dear. There are so many slivers to this fashion that can, and does, make one excited about it. For me there are several things that have definitely made me all the more excited about the fashion.

<3 Opening My Closet <3

To some this may seem like a strange thing to say but I get this little rush of joy seeing my closet space lined up with the amazing pieces I've collected over the years. Each piece holds a dear place in my heart and sometimes it takes me a moment to realize such things exist. Opening my closet is definitely something that makes me excited to start my day.

<3 Summer Releases <3

At around this time of year there is one thing that gets me excited in particular; Aatp and Btssb Halloween themed releases! I do enjoy what comes out of AP as well but time and time again I learn that the cuts are just not for me but I do enjoy seeing them. 

Pieces like Merry Making in the Ghost Town, Rosy's Night Masquerade, and Sweet Mate Kumya~chan's Trick Or Treat (Probably my sweetest piece I own in the wine colorway) all make my day with their Halloween themes. Aside from Halloween and Autumn, it's the most wonderful time of the year to me!

<3 Large Events <3

This fashion has really made something special out of large events that have people coming together from near and far. It amazes me how people will travel out of our shared love and also be able to meet friend's we've gained who happen to be from other countries.

I recently got to do this on my trip to Paradiso and see a few friends that I don't get to see often from all over the world. As this is currently the US's only jfashion event it means a lot to have our own space separate from other things like cosplay and comics and so many flocked to enjoy the weekend and enjoy our favorite clothes. 

Some events even get to have the pleasure of hosting guest designers and our favorite brands. This is something special that I know I'm not the only one to get excited about as it's neat to be able to meet the wonderful people who work hard to make our favorite pieces. 

<3 The Content Made By Community Members <3

This may sound a bit like people who make their own indie brands but I'm talking about content like Last Week Lolita News and vlogs, lolita fashion blogs, webzines, and comics and books. This is the content that we can all take home and enjoy on our own, at our own pace.Publications like So Pretty/Very Rotten really hit home for me as someone who has been in the fashion for a long time. 

One project I'm excited to see produced is a lolita fashion magazine, Frills without Borders. It is content made for and by lolita wearers and the submissions can be anything from DIY tutorials, coord shots, meet up photos that can include candids, flatlays and whatever you can think of that you did while wearing the fashion. I've got a few things slated to submit and hope they get accepted.

<3 Being Able To Laz About However I Want In Frills <3

Everyone enjoys their days off or time down in their own way, I get excited to go about my free days in frills. I take the time to plate things all pretty and have tea, sew, my piano and just do it all dressed to the nines and go about my business. 

So these things definitely excite me when it comes to lolita fashion it's not all about the wardrobe pieces but they are a bit of a gateway to many wonderful things. I hope there is something that brings you the joy and excitement that this fashion brings me. And if you'd like to see what does for other people you can check out their posts about it in the links below!