Sunday, September 29, 2019

LBC: What Are Some Things You Feel Shouldn't Be Asked Anymore

Every now and then, particularly over the summer, our dear fashion community tends to have a influx of questions that have been asked...since even before I got into the fashion. This has led to many shaking their heads, confused as to why some have not done a simple google or page search, and sometimes memes and lolita secrets posts of frustration (are there still secrets?). So, for some of us in the Lolita Blog Carnival we are sharing a list of things that do get asked that we really think should be left to the google bar, not the community en masse.

"This search bar can be your friend" ~ Momoko, Kamikaze Girls (true story)

I want to add that these are only opinions of what should not be asked anymore, they feel like they are a given, especially if you've done research. If you are trying to wear the fashion as an able~bodied individual there are very little limitations on how you can wear the fashion. This fashion has staple things that make up what lolita is: a petticoat, head piece, dress/skirt, a blouse, socks of some type, and a boat load of accessories, which differentiate it from other fashion styles.

<3 Is it wrong to have tattoos/piercings in lolita? <3

There are tons of people who are very visibly showing off their tattoos and piercings. These other forms of self expression are parts of us, even if you can remove a piercing for a few hours. They do not diminish the look unless you, if you are one with said things, aren't feeling it that day. This fashion is not a strict job that you may get your piercing stuck on equipment (the only valid reason to remove jewelry).

<3 Do I have to wear a petticoat? <3

It's a part of what makes the fashion's very specific silhouette and has been asked almost every summer, so it's not difficult to search and find TONS of posts for. 

<3 Do I have to wear a lolita blouse/bolero/cutsew? <3

Weather is the only other exception.

If someone, who had already grasped the basics of the fashion, were to ask for a specific coord and were trying something like ero it would be the only valid time to ask. There are some exceptions but it's a general 'it's part of the fashion' that somehow still gets asked.

<3 Is it wrong to sew pieces for my wardrobe? <3

Join us!

This question could be searched through google and then ping several different fb groups dedicated to sewing the fashion. This is one, Pintucks & Lace.

<3 Can you wear ::insert item or device required for living a functioning life:: in lolita? <3

I feel like most people who ask this question are either being bullied into thinking they can't participate or are people trying to stir up a ruckus. 

<3 Has anyone heard of ::insert cover store for Milanoo here::? Are they safe to shop? <3

This one always seems hardest to navigate because sometimes people find it from the internet and don't think to look on any saved lists, or the name may have changed. Milanoo fronts have been infuriating the community for ages, in different forms, and wont let up any time soon. I do think these sort of questions shouldn't be asked anymore but I can understand the occasional slip.

<3 Are replicas okay? <3
Taken from Hae Nuli's fb page.


But to put words behind my resounding 'no'...This fashion is seen as a means of self~expression and creativity, there are those pushing the envelope every day to make this fashion more lovely and intriguing. There are prints that people work painstakingly long hours on, there are those who try to come out with new designs that meet the style with a little dash of their own personality, stealing their ideas is art theft. This community tends to close ranks on those who try to steal other people's ideas, which I think is good. 

True, there are things that are close in style for dresses, there are only so many ways to cut a piece of fabric to make a garment, but it's different if you are making it exactly the same. That not only hurts the designers but staunches creativity. 

This fiasco was a nightmare! I even remember their staff grabbing at my dress and inspecting it when I told them it was handmade, the year prior to this incident. I'm glad they didn't get a hold of my designs.
I know that people may say that it may not be fair for people in different life positions but there are other ways to go about it. There are so many wonderful things in this fashion, different designers at different prices, sizes, colors, cuts, find things on the cheap on Lacemarket or sales pages, and you can even sew your own pieces so it befuddles me as to why someone would stunt themselves over one garment or specialty item.

To harp on, this community has been frowning on replicas for a very long time, this is not a new concept. It doesn't take that much to google, or search the group, to see that it's been discussed at length.

To long, didn't want to read: there is no excuse and this shouldn't be asked. 

<3 Is there an age limit to wear this fashion? <3

Anyone can wear this fashion.

Fashion does not have an age limit to it, it’s not a kiddy ride. There are so many active wearers of the fashion of different ages that this answer should be obvious. People who truly enjoy the things they love grow with them, we morph and bloom, and it's beautiful.

Thankfully, these days, we have to tell people that these sorts of questions are best left to Big Sisters of Lolita Fashion as the RC mods have made all posts require approval. It seems that we will have less easily questions answered, and a lot of the new RC questions have been really nice discussion promoting questions or ones about personal experiences, which are rather enjoyable. Hopefully, this trend will continue on. If you wish to find out more about the Lolita Blog Carnival you can check out our facebook page, here

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