Saturday, May 23, 2020

LBC: 5 Surprise Finds You Didn't Realize You Would Like So Much

There are things in lolita fashion that we see and go "I need and want that, I love it..." and we sometimes get them and it all works out, with hopefully only a handful of regretful purchases. Then there are the things we pick up in this fashion that we're just only so~so with and find out they really suit us, compliment our wardrobes, and are so much better than anticipated. This week on the Lolita Blog Carnival, we discuss what pieces really made more of an impact in our like/love column than we'd thought.

I have a very classic and goth style heavy wardrobe, I wear a lot of hats and bonnets and incorporate a lot of antique and vintage pieces in my coords, a lot of things should feel like a no~brainer, but then there are things I'm hesitant of. There are things that I've bought on a whim, thinking that they'll do fine but not expecting such results.Then there are gifts that have made me equally unsure, almost like I'm not sure I can get them to work for me, even though they are all lovely. (I am still unsure of my coordination skills.) But time and time again, I have found myself going back to these pieces and think that I can hardly imagine going without.

I am not going to lie, I loved this jsk when I first saw it, thought it was wonderful, but was SO nervous about whether or not it would work out for me. I didn't think it would fit my style at the time, which was rather chaotic then, and was leary of everything about it because I didn't look at it and think "I need to have this!" It's turned into one of the pieces I through on often, paired with a certain overdress in this list that I had the same feelings over too, and I am so glad I got this. I wear it often and I have a great deal of fun pairing it with all sorts of accessories and head pieces. 

<3 Vintage Headdress <3

This headdress that I got in a box from my nana's neighbor ages ago. She used to wear it, as it was the style when she was younger, and I kept it for longer than I was in the fashion because it was neat. I didn't think I'd ever really wear it but I found it tucked away and tried it out and kept liking the results. I add flowers to the sides, bows, and all sorts of things, or even just wear it plan, but I've really loved the results it yields. This is definitely one of those pieces I wear very often and never thought I would.

<3 Recipe For The Endless Dream Shirly Jsk <3

This jsk exceeded expectations. I did not like the cut very much, as high~waisted dresses never seemed like they would flatter me, and even still I feel the need to alter them and make them natural waisted, but I've feel I dress them well. I also LOVE when I can make them look a little more regency era styled, as dresses then tend to be cut this way, wearing less poof does fit well. I've found I've worn these, and ones in the same cut, more than I had ever anticipated.

<3 Vintage Hat <3

This hat, one of my purchases from my favorite antiques dealer, has been used far more than I had ever thought I'd wear it. When I'm in any coord that has a lot of black or some grey in it I tend to throw this on and it feels like it fits nicely. I added a floral pin to it and it worked out really well, and sometimes I add other little pins or fabric to make it match more, which is always fun and nice. Didn't expect I would use this one nearly as much as I do, at all.

<3 Fan+Friend Overdress <3

Can I make an ode to an overdress? Because I have feelings for this piece. It's glorious, comfortable, and - if you've checked out my instagram, you've seen it in countless coords - one piece I wish I had in all the colors. I may need to hunt down black and white, or just ones that are similar, but this is very much a staple for me. I know I've mentioned it's comfortable but it really is and looks so pretty with so many pieces, I can't get over it. It was a gift from Sweet Okashi and I can't get over how amazing it is, though I was doubtful how often I'd wear it at first (SHAME ON ME!).

So these are my top 5 surprise pieces that I loved more than simply liked more than I thought I would. If you are curious about what others have put up on their lists and would like to read what they've thought of their pieces, initially, you can check out their posts in the links below!


  1. Damn, that overdress is everything! <3
    On a bit of a side note, it's interesting how even someone like yourself, who's been in the fashion for a good few years and wears it so regularly, can still feel unsure of their coordinating skills. In a sense, this is probably a healthier side of this spectrum to stay on? What I mean is that being very confident in your coordinating skills can get people feeling too cocky and not open to constructive criticism when offered. Of course, it's all about balance, being too unsure can lead to being simply scared of trying something out, but it still seems like the better alternative.

    1. It really is! Thank you! <3

      This is such an interesting observation, and I've been trying to articulate a response as best I can.
      In all honesty, I think there is a weird balance of things. I'm not actually a confident person, I'm just someone who is learning as I go, enjoying it most days and then feeling more disheveled when I feel it doesn't work out as well as I'd like. Some times that happens more often than not, in my opinion. In the end, I just try to remember it's fun to experiment and go for it, even if uncertain and nervous. Taking photos actually helps to look at the whats done and evaluate, allows other people to get inspiration and also just put the fashion forward more. And when trying out new styles you get to see it from a different perspective. Hopefully, it helps us grow or become more comfortable. Its like a weird test.
      The only thing I can think of that's wrong with being confident, is if someone thinks they are better than others for what they've done, or as you said, won't listen to constructive criticism (if new and learning, or when asked for).
      It's okay to be nervous, it's okay to be confident, and it's okay to be both even after being involved in something for so long. I'm sorry if this turned into a really long tangent, but you brought up such a good thought and I wanted to talk about it.

  2. These are wonderful finds! I absolutely adore that overdress. I think it's interesting that perhaps these peices that were maybe brushed off at first may have become staple items in your wardrobe, perhaps even shaping the evolution of your style.

    1. They really are! Thank you!
      I don't think I've ever brushed them off...more like was uncertain of how to work them in my wardrobe, despite really liking the looks of these items. With everything but the gift it was an actively thought out purchase, as I don't like wasting funds.
      With the hat, for example, I knew I would get decent wear out of it, I just didn't realize I would be THAT satisfied that I'd put it on and go with it more often than not. I have some really wonderful hats in my stash, both more extravagant and then subtle, but this one is fair quicker to catch my eye.
      The dress, Last Faint Note, was a choice that I thought was beautiful but looking at the cut and colors and I was uncertain if I had enough to wear with it. Funny enough, that overdress gets paired with it fairly often.
      I would say it did help shape things in my style evolution, I now have more blouses and accessories to go with things like that dress. It actually turned out that I have quite a few gloves and hats that go lovely with it too.