Friday, May 15, 2020

LBC: Have A Friend Or Spouse Make A Coord For You

Our wardrobes are something many of us believe are very personal. We curate and alter them to our whims and needs and fancy them when we've brought in something new. It's for ourselves that we dress, our own entertainment. But this week for the Lolita Blog Carnival we've brought a little entertainment and interests to others and have someone else put together a coord for us.

I admit that this is the second or third time in my many years I've been in this fashion to do this. I don't really know why, as it's fun and interesting to see what other people would do. Anywho, I decided to take an interesting turn and go with MY MOM! She knows the fashion, I know she wants to wear the fashion and I'm just trying to get those last little pushes to get her to commit, and I can talk to her for hours while being frustrated with her trying to pick out a pair of socks. (We went through so many and I know I told her there was only 3 pairs of star socks that were applicable and showed her. But would she listen? NO!) XD

This ended up a pile on the floor of some of the viable options.
Tidied for my sanity and this photo.
It took a bit but eventually we settled on a dress, she went between classic and goth. The only despute really being mom doesn't like lighter colors and at first boxed herself in with an entire coord I wear fairly frequently. I only encouraged her to style the look differently and it ended up going completely South from the original idea.

The INSTANCE she said the one I took in the Michael's
flowers I knew she meant this one. She really liked this
So. My mom took a totally different route, went with a more goth piece from my own little brand. This dress was something she was really impressed with considering she and I both know I'm awful at art. She loved the idea of it, how the cut came out, and the colors. The neck part was she was set on a vest and high collar blouse, that was actually decided by her BEFORE the dress and then she remembered this dress. Finding the right blouse was what caused another mess.

The funniest and frustrating part of this was how I only further proved to myself that I need cute storage units to put my blouses in. They were all neatly folded on the shelf and, after rummaging through them to find the right blouse, they all ended up on the floor. Even with a step stool I'm too short to reach. And then my mom told me to clean my room...I'm not even going to tell you how hard I laughed at her or how many years it's been since I last was told. It was so clean before this video chat...

The next thing was jewelry and headwear. She really wanted to keep to more classic styles and have less jewelry worn, siting the rules of 'less is more,' and chose far less than I would usually wear but thought something could be added to the hat that I didn't think she would pick. She actually loved this hat over the other vintage pieces and we decided that I should add something to draw color in to the coord for balance.

Just a quick addition.
Back to the sock. Not only did it have us going back and forth and her hyper-focused on stars socks I only wished I had, we actually found this nice pair of pinstripes that she thought would work perfectly. 

The only other things left was doing hair and makeup, which I did myself. She said something akin to what I usually do, or that semi-Gibson Girl look. For the makeup, I feel like I knocked it out of the part and had maybe too much fun making my eyes do this. Getting that even undereye is so worth it but took so long! My mom 

The other hilarious thing about this, aside from the sock fiasco, was having my clothes chosen by my mother. She hasn't really done that since about the middle of elementary. I mean, she would be picky about what clothes I COULD wear, easily enough buying what she liked, so it wasn't complete free reign. And because I chose my mother for this endeavor I realized just how picky she actually is. Mom does love lolita fashion and would absolutely dive into aristocrat and goth if she had the chance (DO IT YOU COWARD!). She knows the brands and has always been supportive of my clothing choices, but always gravitates towards darker hues. She is hilariously opinionated about it and isn't a huge fan of sweet lolita (Though I am JUDGING you for liking my chocolate quartet coord, ma! SO MUCH JUDGEMENT!...doesn't like sweeter styles, my frilly a22! So sweet it involves chocolate in name and print.)

So the end results turned out pretty close to what I wear usually, but I had to stop halfway and question her as to whether or not this is what she would wear. She did straight up say that if she fit these clothes she would. I told her there was plenty of size options, so maybe ONE day. (And maybe one day I'll get this series back into a printing company to print properly, with all it's missing details, and can just make her one.

<3 Coord Rundown <3
<3 Jsk: The Bloody Tea Party
<3 Blouse: Innocent World
<3 Necktie: Putumayo
<3 Vest/Tights: Off brand
<3 Jewelry/Hat: Antique, vintage, The Bloody Tea Party (star bracelet)

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  1. This is a great outfit, your Mum did an amazing job! I imagine that over the years of seeing you and your style, she probably naturally leans into things that you might've picked yourself. One day I'd love to do this challenge with my Mum, she doesn't wear or have much interest in lolita, but has a good eye for fashion in general, so I trust her opinion on balance etc. But she's a bit too tactile/visual for facetime video chat to work with her.

    1. This is so true, she has things that she's found a preference for. She doesn't often bother with fashion really, usually in comfortable clothes or work clothes, but she'll doll up sometimes. I would LOVE to see what you're mom would pick out, I feel that you would have very lovely results too, considering your wardrobe and how you speak of your own mom. (But oh lordy! Do I understand that. This is part of why I was all over the place, she needed to see things that she couldn't touch and had to have me show her all the details XD.)