Links For The Fashion

If you're looking to learn more about the fashion or wish to find more pages for the fashion, here are a few good ones to browse through:

Lolibrary - Another great on-line compendium with brand info. Features such as Wishlist, Closet, and other features that are a dream to anyone who wears the fashion or wishes to learn more about the clothes.

The Lolita Handbook - Not as up~to~date as it once was but it is still a good place to start looking things over if you are just starting.

Lacemarket - One of the best second~hand shopping sites solely for Lolita fashion. You no longer need to sift through tags on sites that don't cater specifically to the fashion. 

Lolita Updates - For all your brand updates, from Alice and the Pirates to Physical Drop.

The Secret Garden - Egl Lifestyle - A group of lovely individuals dedicated to living the aesthetic. This is not a group for people who consider the fashion more than a hobby and enjoy surrounding their lives as best they can.

Lolita Blog Carnival - This group of frilly bloggers take a topic each week and write opinion pieces, coord challenges, and reviews about the fashion we are all passionate about. To join, please, read the group description and answer the questionnaire with your blog that's over 3 months old, has at least 9 posts on the fashion (if new), and is a primarily Lolita fashion blog.

Alice Holic - A photo app from Japan for sharing your Lolita cords and sponsored by Wunderwelt.

Lolita Amino - Amino has hundreds of individual communities that cater to specific groups (much like LJ used to) and has one dedicated to Lolita Fashion.

Pintucks&Lace - One of the Lolita fashion sewing groups on facebook specifically for the fashion.

EGL Fashion Crafting - Pintucks&Lace's sister group for crafting only.

Japan Lolita Association - Misako Aoki started an Ambassador group for Lolita in Japan and through out the world.

Maison de Julietta - If you're ever in Japan and want to get frilled up and feel what it's like to be a Lolita.

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