Saturday, June 16, 2018

365 LLC Days 165 - 167: Of Virtual Tours, Luxurious Ways, & 100 Year Old Recipes

June 14, 2018

Take a tour with me! But really, I do wish to go and see as much of the world as I can.

June 15, 2018

Luxury can mean different things to a lot of people, it could be taking a moment to enjoy that pot of tea instead of running around and working on projects, or enjoying a nice long bath the night before a work week starts, there isn't really a wrong way to indulge and it can be either a big thing or a small one. The way I did this was actually while I practiced piano by changing things up while I practice to create a different atmosphere but also create a more focused environment. I practice twice a day with a bit of time early in the morning (it's a weighted and full 88 key keyboard that you can turn low or wear headphones) and once in the afternoon and I do regular warm ups and run through older pieces before continuing to learn new segments of two separate pieces. I'm doing one baroque piece right now and one classic right now.

How I made this change to be a bit more luxurious despite it being a task? I sprayed a fragrance, opened the curtain to let the natural light in, and had the room lights off, the keyboard is actually right in front of the window so this worked out well to still have good lighting. I also made a fake floral bouquet to place in the window, in a spot cats couldn't knock over, so even though they are fake it still added a bit of something to the atmosphere while I worked away. Really I think it did add a bit of luxury to it though I know that not many would agree and probably think it was silly. I enjoyed though and that's all that mattered. 

June 16, 2018

So I've just found this amazing website that it seems to have scans of different Victorian era books. This is the sort of thing I adore stumbling on because it's often difficult to find these sorts of things, and yet here we are. I poured through a few of the recipes to pick out one I wouldn't mind trying and all throughout I realized that it's mostly just wall o' text in all of the editions I've looked through, and they have quite a variety of different recipes blocked out. I sifted through a few to find one that I could easily try out in the future that was also something I've never done before, get that different experience. 

Absolutely not my photo and taken from a TripAdvisor photo from a place
in France I just wanted to know what they look like.

I never have had a fruit rissolettes before but they sounded tasty and I actually found a new recipe that was very similar to the first one I found from 1886. It's also super simple and uses pastry dough, or sheets, jam, an egg white, a bit of water, and caster sugar. So here is a very easy to follow recipe for Fruit Rissolettes. 

<3 Roll your pastry dough very thin.

<3 Put spoonfuls of your preferred jam or preserves about an 1 and 1/2 from each other.

<3 Dip a pastry brush in a bit of water and gently wipe the edges around the jam patches.

<3 Take another pastry dough sheet of the same thickness and size and gently place over the sheet with jam.

<3 Next, cut out the rows out around the jam pouches.

<3 Pinch around the edges of each individual rissolette pouches to finish closing them.

<3 On a baking sheet glaze each rissolette with the whisked egg wash and bake for 20 minutes in the oven at 400F.

<3 Once 20 minutes is up take out and cover with the caster sugar and pop back in for a few minutes.

And that's how easy it is apparently, I need to try this out someday soon when another friend pops over for tea. It seems like people top it with ice cream and it seems like a cute and delicious idea. If you've made it before, or if you try it out, let me know if the comments below!


I was admittedly very stuck on doing something normal in a luxurious way, I feel like despite being frilly all the time I'm always trying to get something done and hardly sit but I came up with something I ended up really enjoying. I did enjoy looking more things up about Transylvania again, I admittedly had stopped for a few years because I got swept up in a few things...maybe I'll get there one day sooner then I think. Lastly, I totally engrossed myself in all of the desserts from over 100 years ago - so many things to try and I highly recommend checking out that website of Victorian recipes. I'm not saying they are all going to be great to actually eat but some are relatively safe to try out and have been used for...well, centuries...

I'm off, I need to get things squared away, another pot of tea to make, and finish this project before I really do loose my mind. Cheers! XOXO

Friday, June 15, 2018

LBC: Name 1 Trend You Really Love & 1 You Don't Care For In This Fashion

There are so many trends within this fashion that one little frilly person may not be exposed by all of them (although that only really happens if said frilly is new or the trend is new in my opinion) but get to experience most of them. We all have our favorites and sometimes we have our not so favorites and that's one of the great things about this fashion as there is something that strikes everyone, one way or another. This week we are all divulging one particular trend that we love and one trend that we could do without on the Lolita Blog Carnival. Don't forget to share what you feel floats your boat in the comments below.

<3 Witchy Prints & Themes<3

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

This is only one of the ones because I also love tea time prints, music, bonnets, and Peter Pan things but it's one of the ones that often makes me stop in my tracks. I just can't help wanting to throw money at the screen over prints and designs that carry occult and obscure aspect ::cough cough:: The Witch's Bonnet ::cough::. It also doesn't matter if it is in unconventional colorways, not everything witchy needs to default to dark hues although I will probably want them in every color anyway. And as for any pin, hat, or witchy inspired piece of jewelry I will also covet it.

Alice and the Pirates

I find them all intriguing and beautiful and neat and it holds a lot of meaning for me for a multitude of reasons. The imagery often used in occult style prints are usually well thought out and well put together, there are some times there are little flubs here and there but that's to be expected sometimes when someone is only using the imagery and might not know the full story behind something.

XCertain Food PrintsX

Spin's Boutique Shop

I was torn between cutesy animals and weird food prints and I guess looking at this hilarious pizza dress really beat out the animals. I think both do look cute and are quirky and really silly but the odd foods is a trend I could do without, I wouldn't even debate buying one whereas with the cutesy animals might be able to sneak in with a print I just really like. But strange food trends, like the bread print, open breakfast sandwiches, pizza, and bushels of bananas are just not gonna happen for me.

Babyball & Spinchen

Sure I might get a good laugh when I see someone sporting one and they may have one of the best foody coords I will ever see, I just will never want it in my wardrobe or on my body. How people love these so much is absolutely beyond me but then again everyone has something that they enjoy that's a little odd to someone else.

Well if you are looking to read what others have had to say on one of their likes and one dislike you can definitely check them out down below in the links! Don't forget to check out the Lolita Blog Carnival if you are interested in joining in.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

365 LLC Day 162 - 164: Of Favorite Headpieces, Coords Based On Books, & Coords With Contrasting Colors

June 11, 2018

I can't pick just one! But my bonnets are at the tippy top of this list and I love them so much and would wear them everywhere if I could. Next on the list is my Witch's Bonnet and after that would be all of my little antique and vintage hats. 

June 12, 2018

My brain did a few jumps trying to pick out a book and a look to make to pair and this is what came out of this brain. I, last minute, went with The Shunned House by H.P. Lovecraft when I got stuck on the descriptive imagery that was written about this green phosphorescent glow that could be gleaned in the basement of the house of the same name. In the story there is a bit about a woman who looses her mind and starts spouting non-sensical French to beware dogs. I went with black shoes to pick up the black couches and pull the black ribbon that's a part of the vintage hat and the jet beads in the mourning locket, I think it balances.

<3 Rundown<3

<3 Blouse: Alice and the Pirates
<3 Jsk/Socks: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
<3 Shoes: Off brand
<3 Jewelry: Antique, vintage, The Bloody Tea Party (Rose & Sheet Music pin)
<3 Hat: Vintage

June 13, 2018

I dreaded this coord challenge because I didn't know what I wanted to do or what pieces would work for this, usually I like to pair things with regular shades of white, ivory, cream, or black. Somehow, I got it in my head that I needed to go with a pairing that didn't apply one of those colors as the secondary choice. And thus I went with navy, wine, cream, and brown using a bolero I don't feel is quite finished (I need some sort of trim on that thing and it's crooked in this pic) and somehow the cream did sneak in anyway but not as a blouse. In the end I do like how it turned out and just reaffirmed my love of this particular jsk from Meta. I bought it a few years ago and just thought it was so lovely and much more then a "starter piece" as it was being advertised as.

<3 Rundown<3

<3 Jsk: Metamorphose
<3 Bolero/Rose pin/Necklice/Headbow: The Bloody Tea Party
<3 Shoes: Off brand


I really liked how the last two challenges came out though both weren't expected to end up this way, I was going to go with a completely different book and jsk. And the other thing we see is that I am indecisive when it comes to favorite hair accessories but I'm not really a bow girl unless it's one like the smaller ones I've made. I just prefer more delicate pieces, the one I made in the last pic is as big as I'll go.

Anywho, I've got to glue myself back to my sewing table as I'm near finished with one project and I need to remake a pot of tea (and that's not something I want to do with this soldering gun that I'm using right now). Cheers! XOXO

Sunday, June 10, 2018

365 LLC Days 159 - 161: Of 3 New Lolita Holidays, Facts About My Wardrobe, & Generated Prints

June 8, 2018

This coord was like rose-ception and I felt it was a good to reuse it, not only is the fabric rose colored but has a rose motif to it.

International Rose Day
Second Sunday in August

A day where everyone accessorizes with roses or even goes so fair as to wear rose prints. It could be very simplistic as anyone could pick up a rose piece from a seller or buy one from a florist or craft store. Imagine all of the colors that could be used to either contrast with a gothic coord or blend in with classic ones, rose scepters, pins, and crowns galore! And for those who really would like it would be lovely to be able to go out and attend little picnic parties at the closest rose garden, summer is a great time to view roses. I think it would be quite magical.

This photo isn't mine and I have no idea who's it belonged to originally as it is sooooo old!

International Clone Day
Third Saturday in March

Know someone in your comm with the same jsk as you? Or do you know several people who do? Why not have everyone build a whole coord together around it for International Clone Day! But what happens if you have no local comm and only have friends online? You can see if someone you know does or you could make a very neat mirror image pic of yourself to be the ultimate clone! Try out clone day, you'll feel like part of the crew! ::winks like it's a slogan::

International Tea Party Day
Second Saturday in November

Alright I couldn't think of anything more appropriate to me, this fashion does tend to scream tea party to me and I am a bit obsessed. I know not everyone cares for it but I think it would be quite cute to hold an international tea party day; we tend to have a great deal of them and though we tend to hold large ones on ILD days not everyone does. Could you imagine? Thousands of Lolitas meeting all over the world to have a tea party? And even without a local comm others could just as easily prep one on their own and join in the celebration easily. It sounds insane and fun!

June 9, 2018

<3 It's Chaotic <3

My style covers almost every style and substyle and it just depends on the day.

<3 Mostly Prints <3

I tend to gravitate more towards prints as I psych myself out with solids for some reason. 

<3 Lots of Flowers<3

I'm fairly certain that most of my prints are not only covered with florals but that many of them are solely florals.

<3 Always Cleaning/Reorganizing<3

I think I spend once a week washing, reorganizing or rehanging my pieces, and once a month taking everything out to redo the whole thing. I don't mind it as it sort of allows me to reflect on what I have and appreciate it a bit more.

<3 Wear Instead of Collect<3

I don't like to have things that are pointless or useless, as strange as that sounds, I don't like tucking things away to never be used. I do have a few pieces that I have multiples of ::cough cough:: night fairy fantasia ::cough:: but I have worn every single cut and colorway with the exception of the newest addition that I wish to wear out soon for a semi~special occasion. I don't see a point in just collecting at this point so I wear and take care as best I can, wearing each and every garment out happily and in multiple ways.

June 10, 2018

I used one of the random name generators that you can pop in things to make up and I ended up with Romantic Tea Party and thus I started working on a print that I've had on the back burner because I am still working on secret print 2 and The Homunculi (my first print). I will tell you one fun fact I regret wanting a chandelier in this print and will have several anyway because I am apparently masochistic. I have been working on this print on and off since this morning when I get a chance or my memory shorts and I remember something else I wanted to add in. My brand's name will not be done on this print like this but it is there as an impromptu watermark.


What did we learn these past few days fellow frillies?...That maybe I need to learn how to draw and/or get a better eraser. 

I actually really enjoyed making up 3 new holidays, I think I may try to plan an event around them

Anywho, I've drained my pot and need to put things away before hoping into bed. Cheers! XOXO

Thursday, June 7, 2018

365 LLC Days 156 - 158: Old Favorite Songs, Photos Of Most Worn Dress, & Taking A Different Path

June 5, 2018

There is so much to choose from that I've been pouring through favorites both on my iTunes and all over youtube, so technically I listened to quite a bit. I figured I would share a video of it for today but I wasn't sure what until, while paging through my sheet music to practice, I turned to this piece and instantly knew what I would share. This is not a recording of me playing but maybe I'll get around to it after working on it again. 

This is one of the pieces I fell in love with upon playing it the very first time, the droning of the left hand, it sounds like the pulse of a heartbeat while rain patters down a window pane. The right hand creates the idea in my head of a castle with spires and many darkened windows set up on a hillside, quiet and imposing on the landscape surrounding it. It was composed by Modest Mussorgsky during the romantic period of music and was part of a series of pieces entitled Pictures At An Exhibition. He was inspired by pictures a friend of his had painted, hence the title, and each piece was meant to accompany the images seen. 

I think I mentioned somewhere before that this particular piece had haunted me for YEARS after I had forced myself into a hiatus from music studies; what happened in my schooling drove me to the edge for various reasons and I let go for my sanity's sake, but this piece was itching at the back of my mind like the Tell-Tale Heart that it is, with it's incessant pulse in the left hand. I guess after so long of abandoning it my heart eventually kept calling me back and now I'm back to practicing at least 2 hours a day. This is the piece that did it, I think, the piece that had me pour through hundreds of pieces of sheet music on line, listen to cd after cd, and youtube videos to try and remember it's name or it's composer. So I give to you now...the very piece that haunted me...

June 6, 2018

I had to think this one over quite a bit before choosing just one for this prompt I wear almost all of my pieces on a regular basis. Picking out the one I wear most also changes a great deal form season to season and even year to year. If I had to choose one as of now....I suppose this one? It's probably the easiest for me to toss on when I'm being indecisive in the morning and I don't really have plans to leave my house.

There are so many cute little details in this piece, even though there are times where I really wish I had a different colorway instead of this one, that it just reminds me of when I first saw this print around when I bought my first pieces. The music notes that dance on the ribbons at the skirt hem and the instruments decorating the fabric just above, showered in daisies, really tugged at my heart strings since the beginning. There is also some excellent floral lace trims all throughout the piece, it's just all around lovely. 

June 7, 2018

Today wasn't that different of a day for me when it comes to going out antiquing. I did have a friend to go exploring with today and we found some very neat little things in my favorite haunt. The only thing I suppose I can say that I did that was opposite was going the opposite route by starting from the opposite end and working our way back to where I usually start, right about here at the front area of the building next to this map stand. 


SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much has been going on lately that I sometimes open my eyes and question what I'm should do first. It's exciting and frustrating and definitely powered by tea. I am very lucky to be able to pour myself a cup of tea from whatever pretty tea pot I have care to. (Maybe I have a bit of an addiction?...)


Monday, June 4, 2018

365 LLC Days 153 - 155: Of Flowers, Uniform Inspired Coord, & Craft Tutorials

June 2, 2018

Happy International Lolita Day!

This happens to fall just on the right day, ILD, to feel very appropriate for flowers, though I don't really want real flowers as I would have little place to put them anywhere so I put together a fake flower corsage. As always I wanted to make a little something at the last minute to match my coord for the meet (ours will be tomorrow) which is fairy garden from Triple Fortune so there are a great deal of flowers already. I know it's a bit over the top and using things that aren't quite traditional for a pin but I think it's just the right amount of over the top.

June 3, 2018

Coord Rundown:

<3 Jsk: Alice and the Pirates
<3 Vest, Jacket, Rosette chain: The Bloody Tea Party
<3 Bat broach: Mossbadger
<3 Stamp broach: Ghastly Gear
<3 Shoes: (the ever comfortable) Cobble Hill
<3 Blouse: vintage
<3 Black cameo, Hat: antique 
<3 Neckbow: Innocent World

When I started to plan for this I at first went with a navy look and then quickly regretted that decision, it was simply the first place my brain went. Luckily, I read the prompt again and quickly changed plans, grabbing a coat and rosettes and even grabbing one of my favorite hats that reminds me of the cocked hat (what's now commonly called a tricorn hat). I kept trying to think of colors I had that could help put together the look and not just a similar silhouette, however, I found a lot of pieces lacking. 

What I ended up with was what you see above, similar to uniforms of the 1750s-90s, roughly. I used my Night Fairy Fantasia jsk II, in the starry night colorway (part of me wishes brands used fun names for colorways more often), my vintage jabot blouse, the jacket I made a few years ago and the vest I made before the cathedral tour and tea meet. I may have gotten a little carried away but I do like how this turned out more or less.  

June 4, 2018

It was definitely an interesting day for me trying to figure out what I would like to learn and try and make for myself. I definitely had not expected to see this thing though when looking over tips on how to do hair jewelry, I had just watched a NHK special the other night with this exact tool! Apparently it is very good to use a contraption such as this when you are weaving hair jewelry, the ones that are cords that you'd find for pocket watches and bracelets all made from hair. 

The tool above doesn't do this but this is the type of weave I'd like to do when I start to make hair jewelry, as well as the floral pieces that one finds woven. I've always had a strong fascination with hair pieces, memento mori, memorial, love tokens, and the like, and I would certainly love to start making some soon.


This past week has certainly been an intriguing one, lots of things I've been hoping to get around to getting done. I think that out of these three particular posts, though it's been a very busy week, they have all been smashing fun and gotten my motivation and creativity levels up a bit. 

I'm off to get more work done but first I need to reheat my tea pot, cheers! XOXO

Friday, June 1, 2018

365 LLC Days 150 - 152: Of Fresh Scents, Favorite Purse, & 100 Year Old Dress Details

May 30, 2018

I've just found this in my bag of tricks and I can't believe I've had it tucked away for so long, and so I'm going to use some essential oils I have laying around and mix it with some lavender and chamomile water I'm brewing up and make a scent for today's prompt. 

May 31, 2018

It is a very stormy day, the fog has devoured the world around my window with patches of rain splattering my window, which of course my cat, Moo, is trying to catch the raindrops. It does seem to fit with the theme of my favorite bag. As much as I love my more classic styles I happen to love the creepy and morbid side of Lolita and quite enjoy it when they are in odd colors too; it's just part of being an odd duck. 

I would love to get this in black and the ivory but this was the one that they had and it was on sale, I couldn't pass up the deal. Though I don't have many gothic prints that really work with this I do like to use it whenever I can. 

June 1, 2018

What's not to admire when looking upon the grace of such frippery and flounce? There is something about the cut and seams of womens' dresses throughout history that just gets me and cuts to my very heart and seeps into my Lolita style; it is something I find near impossible to ignore, I don't think I'd want to. This particular piece is one I definitely find tantalizing to incorporate as I look at the bodice's V shape, peplum sides, and large sleeves, even the pleats of the full skirts call to me and it's plunging neckline. 


That's that for the last 3 days with little snippets of my thoughts, feelings, and favorites, just another day to appreciate the beautiful things in the world even if for a little bit, while enjoying a pot of tea (My friend Shilen shared this Amazing Carolina mint with me today during one of our little get togethers ). Anywho, I have to be off, there is too much hand sewing left to be done before International Lolita Day madness because I decided on a last minute project, are you prepared?

Cheers! XOXO