Saturday, March 17, 2018

LBC: What Has Become A Staple Piece In Your Wardrobe And Why

Everyone tends to have a certain go to garment the tend to lean towards when picking out their coordinate. If not a major garment it could be one particular head piece or accessory that makes its way into the look even if it's a small piece of jewelry or a over the top floral headdress. Some things simply becomes a sort of default piece for any particular individual for one reason or another. I tried to take a hard look at previous photos and pay attention to what I put on my person throughout the week to see what I may have been subconsciously doing.

While taking a look I did notice that one of my staple pieces for major events tended to be one of my bonnets, usually paired with a small chained pearl headdress. My Triple Fortune bonnets seem to really weave their way into a coord without much thought. I do find that I favor them as they are so pretty and I feel very put together when I top off an outfit when I secure one onto my head. I love that they make me feel more princess~like and elegant during meets where I feel one of my antique or vintage hats wont cut it.

That being said, another staple piece would most definitely be my vintage and antique hats I have in my wardrobe. I think since early on when I was first developing my style within the fashion I would turn to a hat that I could decorate with ribbons and flowers instead of a headbow or cannotier. I do have bows that come from certain series and sets but I don't often wear them unless I'm adding them to the hats to create a different look for the outfit. Hats in all shapes, sizes, and styles adorn my hat boxes, quite a few more recently are handmade, without a doubt they are indeed a staple piece for me.

The last thing I have to make note of would be my cameos. With jewelry pieces I almost always go vintage or antique as well and find they meld better with my more classic and gothic styles. I don't often wear newer pieces unless I make them myself and lately I've been filling my jewelry box with necklaces, head chains, and bracelets and rosette chains to better match my wardrobe pieces; however, one can almost always spot a cameo in one of my cords. Whether attached to a new beaded piece I've fashioned or fastened directly onto a garments bodice or a jabot, a cameo is very hard to miss in one of my cords and is indeed a staple piece for me.

These pieces are all things I find lovely and I just simply adore the look they achieve. There really is no other reason than that for why they've become such a large part of my wardrobe. Through the years I've searched and collected them and have found they simply mesh well with my style.

If you want to see what other bloggers have said is a staple piece for them check them out in the links below!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

365LLC Days 72 - 74: Of Eyesores, City Inspired Coords, & Embroidery

March 13, 2018

Easy enough, I sorted the electronics bin above my fabric drawers as it sometimes would have wires sticking out at odd ends. Now the bins look a little cleaner.

March 14, 2018

I decided to go with Providence, RI, for my city based coord. One of H.P. Lovecraft’s and Edgar Allan Poe’s favorite stomping grounds and the capitol of the a state with the most cases of vampirism in the US. I went with a dark a decrepted gothic look, trying to exude a slightly sinister feel. Bats adorn this dress and are used in some of the jewelry, as well as dragons, crosses, and other dark and dreary symbols. On a rainy day Providence can look so wonderfully bleak.

March 15, 2018

I’ve already whipped out my hoop for this one earlier in the morning but I’ve been besides myself with getting started. I’ve only ever done some meddling on my own with very small projects so I thought this was a good prompt for me to reel myself in.

I decided to look at stem stitches as it’s always one to catch my eye and a lot of the others are stitches i’ve Definitely worked with in sewing. Things like base stitching, back stitch, and French knots are all great for the basics but things I’ve surprisingly discovered I’ve learned for sewing.

Hopefully this will all pan out well, I think I’m going to find it quite soothing actually.

Well, I’ve downed my last cup and must away with me!

Cheers! XOXO

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tokyo Rebel Tea Party With Misako Aoki

So, another one has indeed bit the dust...

It has taken me a bit to write up this tea party event report but it should be done sooner rather than any later...

At the beginning of last month we were all informed that the New York store for both Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Tokyo Rebel were going to be closing it's storefront in early March, though keeping the online site for Tokyo Rebel open (Thank you!).

This left anyone who wished to make their pilgrimage to the store a little time to make it up and everyone who has enjoyed the store, either by going to the physical location or purchasing from their online sites, a hole in their hearts.

I have made treks up to the location several times in the past and it was my preferred crew to make my purchases from. I think their staff has always been great and well on top of things, answering questions in speedy time or helping out securing reservations. It was sad to see them close the shop when it had only been Tokyo Rebel when it was back by the ABC café, also closed (rip), to which I would also make a trip ever so often; it is doubly sad to have it happen again.

With this closing, however, the team made another tea party hosted at the wonderful Janam Tea with a special guest being Misako Aoki to give the store a proper send off.

I have never gotten a chance to meet Misako and I am telling you she is even more adorable in person than I had thought possible! She is super sweet and kind and each table got about 10 minutes with her to chat. I gave her a gift of a pink and gold rosette headdress from my brand and she seemed to be really happy about it. We got to take individual pictures with her and a group photo at the end.

This was the second time I had gotten a chance to have tea at Janam's and I adore it and the staff. The tea itself is delicious. The tea sandwiches and desserts have always been topnotch and the teas are very carefully picked out by the tea hostess, Amy, from her trips to India. The tea the serve is specific leaves from India and she does make yearly trips there to pick them. The scones are a British scone style and they do serve it with specialty jams and clotted cream, which I believe they make that in house that takes about a day to make.

During the tea I got to sit with new and old friends, though I got tried to sit with Sweet but we got separated by a table, but it was still lovely to be able to reconnect and make new connections. Our table MAY or may not have gotten a bit out of hand with our goofy antics...but I did have a blast.

After the tea party we headed to the store to make any final purchases from the Tokyo Rebel stock, of which I got the Star Rose Ribbon jsk in brown that I had wanted from Meta, and to get last minute
photos and signed books with Misako. Unfortunately while in line for the autographs I learned my bus back to MD was cancelled due to the atrocious storm and I had to try and make it back to the Port authority for a secondary bus I booked that ended in cancellation anyway. I was hilariously stranded in NY for the night with only the frills on my back and in my bag and to top it all off with that ridiculous cherry it of course all stopped by the time I left the port authority to check into the hotel I managed to get.

So of course I had a night on the town!

I hope you enjoyed this post, the event made a good memory for me, I only wise I hadn't needed to run off and miss getting an autograph from Misako but it is what it is. I had fun, I will miss being able to go up to NY and visit and buy from my favorite store, but I will enjoy the memories.

Cheers! XOXO

Monday, March 12, 2018

365LLC Days 69 - 71: Of Poems, Lace, & Old Cards

March 10, 2018

Is there anything more woeful than the loss of beautiful Annabel Lee? Most likely not to Edgar Allan Poe though I can't seem to stop writing out his prose about his love. Truthfully I went with this piece to write out because I like it so much. I copied it in it's entirety but my handwriting is woeful in and of itself today. May as well get a bunch of practice in.

March 11, 2018

I was captivated by the lace trim on this piece while trouncing through the day so I simply decided to photograph it. I've always enjoyed the colors of this particular piece and love the frothiness of the ruffles and layers.

I actually wore this during the masquerade at the first Rufflecon because I had never been to any con nor it's masquerade and hadn't realized I would be bouncing around dancing so much in it. When doing so to the Brilliant Kingdom performance, I was jumping so much the gold crown emblem on the front of the dress pinged right off into the darkness of the room. I was only lucky enough that my friend Candace had somehow magically saw this and was able to retrieve it for me, though I never even realized it was gone! That's my level of excitement for Brilliant Kingdom I guess.

I have yet to remember to sew it back onto the dress...

March 12, 2018

For today's prompt I pulled out a card someone gave me for my birthday, I do enjoy cake headdresses, Marie Antoinette, and the little details of this card.

Well that's enough for today I need to brew up some tea and get to work on a new Witch Bonnet commission. Toss one back for me frillies! XOXO

Friday, March 9, 2018

LBC: The Rise Of Taobao Brands: Discuss It's Effect On The Lolita Community

Lolita fashion has been an ever changing lace monster that devours the souls of young maidens the world over. One such part of the world where there seems to have been an uprising in Lolita fashion brands is China. With staple brands such as Yolanda and Soufflesong, to name a few, the country's interest in frills have, and bargain hunters outside of China, created a demand to be filled all through stores stocked on a selling site designated Taobao.

Taobao is not one store though you may believe otherwise with the way Lolita fashion enthusiasts seem to use the site name as a blanket title for anything that comes from the site. It is more of an equivalent to a sort of Amazon and also sells a great deal more then frills. If you are a member of the Lolita fashion page  Lolita Updates,on facebook, there has been a directory created listing well known and reliable brands on Taobao, listed A-J and K-Z, that can be found.

Over previous years it had been extremely difficult buy from these shops, though many would still flock to weibo and taobao pages to check out all of the lovely garments and only dream unless they knew how to jump through the hoops. Not only that but unless you went with a prominent brand you ran the risk of getting a terrible travesty in the mail. With the resources faithful frillies have compiled, and better pages to buy direct, lolitas have been able to avoid such things and buy gorgeous pieces for ridiculously reasonable prices.

The best things I have seen come out of taobao shops are, in truth, blouses. I have several friends that I am beginning to suspect are stock piling blouses from several taobao shops. Both extravagant and simple designs have graced their wardrobes and I admit I have inquired several times to acquire my own. This has begun over the last few years to occur frequently, some people slowly build an order over a few weeks even.

In a fashion where most who tend to stick with it for years tend to keep most of their garments around and look for several alternative pieces to mix and match between shops from Taobao make it easy to do. And though it is difficult to judge just how well an item will match, whether via color or style, the pricing is good and usually items can be traded or sold off.

The one negative effect that I've noticed that taobao can be seen partially responsible for would be the over-saturation of the second hand market. Garments used to be able to sell quickly and for a high price when if came to everything from hair accessories to sets, nowadays items have sat on the market for months at a time. This comes from having so much to choose from and then also the option of just looking through Taobao for a new piece of whatever for the price of second hand.

For frillies like me, taobao is usually golden, I can pick up items I need to circulate more looks through my wardrobe but it can be a small curse if I were ever thinking of selling any particular garment off. If you wish to learn what other's think on the subject feel free to check them out in the links below!

365LLC Days 66 - 68: Of Different Themes, Favorite Photos, & Lolita Fashion Games

March 7, 2028

One of the things I thoroughly enjoy is themes. Themed prints, coords, meets, spin it with a theme and I’ll have a field day. When thinking about themes I would like to incorporate into the fashion I think of prints I would love to see more of, and since making my first print I am well on my way to making more with several in photoshop right at this moment.

Some from my list of things I want more of are:

Edgar Allan Poe stories
Mad Tea Parties or Mad Hatter prints
Peter Pan 
Victorian Seances
Doll houses
Haunted houses
Tea cups

I have so many more!

March 8, 2018

Picking out a picture of myself is always extremely difficult, I'm sure everyone has great difficulty for one reason or another, I just feel like I'm the queen of derp usually. But I always feel like pictures like this come out really yeah...kabedon pictures...feeling like the cover of a romance novel...those are probably my favorites...This is from the last year of Rufflecon and I have several from each year since it started...

March 9, 2018

Treking through a bunch of party games to learn a new one I found several and tried to see what one could be morphed to better involve Lolita. The game I went with, Partners In Pencil, is simple enough to work for a multitude of things and yet be geared to any particular point of interest. 

The rules are simple, sit teams of two back to back and give one partner a bag of items that they have to describe to the other who only has a paper and pencil to draw out. Simple and easy, all that is needed is a bag of things, it wouldn't matter if anyone is good at art so anyone can play.

There are two ways I think it can be morphed into a more Lolita fashion centered game by including accessories in the bag that are headbows, conotiers, rings, and even tea cups, where another way would be to give a stack of papers printed with different prints to describe. Of course you could also fold these papers into the bag and mix it up with the physical items and would be just as fun. 

I think this would be a good thing to play at a meet even with a lot of participants, more then one group can go at once which may result in even funnier results trying to hear what your partner is saying through the ruckus.

Would you play?

I still have quite a lot to do today and will be running around, the Lolita lifestyle group that I'm a part of, The Secret Garden, is having a virtual tea party later today that I have decided to make some scones to go with my cheese and grapes, I feel like it's a good time to make my own.

So I'm off! Cheers! XOXO

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

365LLC Days 63 - 65: Of Different Styling, Inspiration, & Themes

March 4, 2018

I certainly feel like a princess in my jumper skirt XD

One of my favorite things to look at are historic garments from different decades from different countries. I enjoy finding similarities in cuts for different garments and just looking at historic drawings and museum pieces that I can either see in person, or posted on the internet. 

March 5, 2018

This was far more difficult for me to do as my wardrobe and style varies day to day so finding a style I've never worn is tough. At the last minute I ran (screaming) through my head and my wardrobe to my drawers that hold my skirts and pulled out this set. I traded it something I made with a friend for her set, I had really liked the print from this series and was excited she wanted to trade it with me. It came with the headbow but I didn't use it, and almost went sans happi too, for this coordinate.  

I've never made a wa~lolita coord before, though I feel like I could build it up a bit more with more pins and other accessories, but I feel I'm going in the right direction. I wanted to pay attention to what actually goes into wearing a kimono properly, closing the coat left over right, making and tying the obi (in person the small orange stripe and obi match better, it looks off in the pictures) and obijime, and using an obiage. I also wanted to pay attention to the jewelry one would potentionally use when wearing kimono and hair accessories. I didn't want to go with the headbow and went with a floral headdress I made a few years ago that happened to match. I just went with simple ankle socks because the coord was making me think of summer, a high collar blouse simply because I love that look with kimono, and a bow tie with a btssb logo in red on it. 

Even though I'm on the fence about the hopi I'm sort of digging this look, I would definitely wear it with the obi and all that with just the blouse and skirt and would be satisfied with the look for sure. who knows, maybe I'll wear it around town and find I quite like wa~lolita.  

March 6, 2018

There is so much that inspires me in Lolita fashion. Sometimes it can be as simple as looking out and seeing the sun on a spring day and wanting to feel just like that while at other times I can plan to take a trip to a museum or historic mansion and want to layer myself in frills reminiscent of the era of the house or the artifacts. When it comes to people it's a slightly different matter though, most times people really motivate me to try to put together a more seamless coordinate but not to try out their specific style. I'll just see them look so lovely and put together and I'll want to attain that feeling too.

There are two people that do inspire me, for various reasons, within the fashion and it's because they make me feel like a princess and make me want to embrace the princess aesthetic. Maybe one day...

For now, it's time for one last cup of chamomile tea, it's definitely doing it's trick and soothing my heart and mind.

Cheers! XOXO