Wednesday, August 15, 2018

365 LLC: Of Gallery Schedules, Purse Cleaning, & Holiday Inspired Coords

August 13, 2018

I am very fortunate to live so close to so many different museums, both historic house museums and gallery type, and I try to go whenever I can. The tend to help me regroup myself and allow me to also focus on something other then whatever is occurring at the time. 

The Smithsonian museums are fairly close and I have so many different events that to see and experience. They tend to have a lot to rotate in their galleries, sometimes hosting several different exhibits at a time aside from their permanent collections, and each museum has specific focuses that catch my eye. This one looks very interesting and I have yet to go out to the galleries since a little before starting my line for this past con. Maybe I will head out sometime this week to check it and whatever else is present.

August 14, 2018

Though as a student I never carried a purse and my bag was always a mess with papers my purses are always very clean and tidy. I actually clean out every bag I use at the end of the day or the next if I get home later then usual now. I'm uncertain if my life is less crazy then it had been during school (7-9 classes per semester in college, and all that) but I never would completely empty my bags and shelve them at the end of each day. 

I suppose because in this fashion we change up our entire looks often it would be difficult to keep an item in a bag for so long for fear of loosing it. Maybe others leave some thing in their bags but I feel with what I put in mine I just take it all out and put it away.

August 15, 2018

Can you guess what my coordinate is based on? ^_^ 

<3 Coordinate Rundown <3
<3 Jsk: Alice and the Pirates
<3 Socks: Metamorphose
<3 Shoes/Bat ring: Offbrand
<3Rose Ring: Puvithel
<3 Witch Bonnet/Blouse/Rosette: The Bloody Tea Party


And that’s about it for the evening and last few days. Today was a little late because I had some friends of the frilly variety over for tea, earlier, and I didn’t quite get a chance to finish. I did have plenty of tea and yummy things and believe I have plenty for tomorrow for nicewarm scones, macaroons, and a nice mozerella, tomato, and greens on a nice baguette. With all of the things I have to get prepped to do tomorrow that will be a delightful little treat, just as nice as today’s was.

Well, I must be off! Everything is already in it’s place and i’m Ready to totter off, cheers! XOXO!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

365 LLC Days 222 - 224: Of Things In Your Favorite Colors, Ideal Wardrobes, & Reading Sheet Music

August 10, 2018

Just like everyone, I have more than one favorite color and it's very difficult to choose and share but one, so I'll share several. These 4 dresses are in my favorite colors; green, wine, brown, and black. I wanted to share objects I could find around my apartment or the area I lived in but I have been running around trying to finish things in prep for Otakon's Lolita fashion show.

August 11, 2018

I wish I could find a picture of how I would like the space to look exactly but I haven't seen one. I would definitely want a shelf above the bar, or next to the wrack, for all my hats and I would want several more decorated hat boxes to hold all of my hats properly in. I would also like to hang some elegant and superfluous, heavy curtains on each side.

As for dream wardrobe items, I would REALLY like a few very particular dream pieces such as Meta's Secret Laboratory (if anyone has any leads and shoots a link my way I would be very grateful) though that's not the only piece I would like. If I could also get a triple fortune bonnet in black, one in that is in green and teal, one of their big hats, and then this new Magical Goat Skull one piece from Aatp would be excellent additions to my wardrobe. I would really like to get my hands on those for certain. Another thing I find would be ideal for my wardrobe is a slew of different socks and tights, storing them as I do in a drawer.

August 12, 2018

This doesn't even cover my loose pages...

I have taken years and years and years of piano and learned the music theory, how to write it, and a good chunk of the history of it; if I did not know how to read music that would be a bit bizarre. On the note of musicians of any age not knowing how to read music though it wouldn't be an impossibility or make them any less good at being a musician. Music is a language all of it's own and like any language there are people who can speak it well and never learn to read and there are even people who can read well but never learn to speak. 

That all being said, of all the notes I've ever read I think The Old Castle composed by Mussorgsky and Nocturne in C Sharp minor are my favorite pieces.

With this little prompt I did decide to go back into my notes and books and review some music theory. Today I did review some modes and modulations and looked through a few pieces to see what the progression is. I find it actually helps along with learning a piece.


It's the day after the fashion show, I'm dead tired but I feel excellent after all of that hard work. When I discovered I was going to be in the fashion show I hit the ground running and still managed to keep up with posts. When I would look up what the prompt was for each day I actually would sigh in relief that it was things I could easily do and put together.

I would like to think more about what I would like for certain aspects of my wardrobe though...

Anyway, I've finished a nice pot of chamomile tea and I think it's time for bed for me. Cheers and goodnight! XOXO!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

365 LLC Days 219 - 221: Of New Composers, Dresses That I Used To Own, & Favorite Fairytales

August 7, 2018

As someone who extensively studied music for a large part of my life this prompt was exceedingly difficult. There are many things to consider when looking at composers such as category, should one go with contemporary or head back to medieval? And even within category should one stick with western or eastern style music? There is even a matter of tonal or atonal style music to sift through as well. There is far too much to consider when looking for a composer but it’s all extremely fascinating a task. So though it say to look up "a" new composer I've been happily bouncing back and forth all day listening to different composers I've never heard of from around the globe.

Just to share one without driving those on the globe crazy I leave this post with Luigi Boccherini who likes to be more elegant with his style, keeping it courtly.

August 8, 2018

I don't often sell my garments, as I have mentioned a few times throughout this blog, I am rather fond of each piece I've bought for all their little details and their obvious cuteness or elegance. However, after moving here it became more and more apparent that space is limited and so I looked to my wardrobe and thought a bit on what really worked for me and made me happy. Pink and fruitier pieces just so happen to be the ones that were cut out mostly. They are very cute but very not me.

August 9, 2018

The Buried Moon by Edmund Dulac

It seemed like a good day to read a bit a bit before jumping into bed after putting away my pot of tea, with all this running around before the fashion show I thought it'd be good to take a moment now. Today's prompt was to reread your favorite fairytale but I have not a single favorite, I really do enjoy too many of them to have one. So I scrolled through to look up one I haven't read in a while. I came across The Buried Moon by Joseph Jacobs and felt a whole rush of nostalgia so I figured it was a good choice to share. 

The story does talk about the Moon as if she were some sort of fae that walked the bogs and shine from beneath her black hood to make it safe to journey. She fell into a pool and snagged herself on branches and became stuck with no one to help her. There had been a villager passing by and somehow noticed her and DIDN'T think to help this woman stuck in the branches even though the moon struggled to shine so the boggies - a type of monster from the bogs apparently - wouldn't harm this fool. She managed to struggle free only for a brief moment from beneath her hood and the villager was able to get home safe but then the hood fell back over the Moon's hair and the monsters roamed free in the darkness again. And so that she could not escape, despite her struggles, a will~o'~the~wyke buried her beneath a stone.

Once home all the other villagers were confused why the moon had disappeared over the last few nights until that fool had shared what he had seen. Thankfully, a wise woman came to their rescue and said that they could double back and find the moon but that they would find her where they would find a coffin, candle, and cross. Once they opened the coffin it released the moon and she chased away the monsters. 

I think it's a very interesting story and quite enjoy it.


And with that frillies and frillettes, I take my leave and jump in bed. I've somehow have already put my teapot away on it's shelf as well as my teacup. We all know how that doesn't generally happen within a reasonable timeframe. Truly, I want to stay up longer and finish the last headdress for the fashion show on Saturday but I should really call it a night so I can get started early tomorrow and iron all the things.

Well...goodnight! XOXO!

Monday, August 6, 2018

365 LLC Days 216 - 218: Of Lolita Blogs, Post Comments, & Card Games

August 4, 2018

This particular post is sort of difficult and disheartening as of late for several reasons. I used to follow a whole slew of Lolita blogs and it has been noticeable, as of late, that many bloggers have lettered out around 2 years ago. I really miss blogs like F! Yeah Lolita, Lace a la Mode, and Elegant PoupĂ©e which I still sometimes browse through them when I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. F! Yeah Lolita still posts from time to time but never as often as they used to though I do recommend it still for those looking for solid writing on the fashion. The only other one I can think of, that is fairly active and still blogs about the fashion, is Crimson Reflections. They do a bit of this and that on their blog about the fashion, from reviews, to how they experience and see the community, and other thought pieces, I highly recommend them.

August 5, 2018

I just left a comment on another Lolita blogger’s post that I’ve nearly forgotten about. I haven’t updated my reading list and I really should so I’m not going by who posts weekly for the Lolita Blog Carnival’s as that changes frequently. This reminds me to share Dollhouse Diaries, they have a lot of interesting posts they write.

August 6, 2018

Time to pull out the playing cards! These are actually my great grandpa Bernstein's so they are pretty old and simply pretty. For today's challenge I wanted to learn two games, one to play on my own and the other to play with 2 or more.

The first game I found, that I had never heard of before, was Monte Carlo. You build a 5~by~5 grid, have a draw pile on your left and a discard pile on the right. The objective is to add pairs to the discard pile and get rid of as many cards as you can, they need to only be doubles and don't need to go in any particular order or color. The only thing they must be is vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. When you discard as many as you can from your grid you need to shift them in the order they lay to the empty spots and replenish what's missing.

The second is a game that originated in the gaming houses of France and traveled over to England in the 1820s, called Ecarte. Using a deck of 32, where all cards below 7 are not used, each player is dealt 5 cards (first 2 and then the last 3) the last of which is turned up by the players. If the dealer puts down a King they are awarded 1 point. 

Everyone then looks at their hand and decides whether they wish to play their cards or exchange from the remaining pile. If the player is fine they say "I stand" or "I play" but if they wish to exchange they say "I propose" to ask the dealer. 

The dealer simply asks how many but they can also refuse, forcing the cards to be played; however, if the dealer accepts those requesting can exchange up to 5 cards. The dealer can also exchange their own cards, as they are also playing, or "stand pat" and call it.

These are just the basics on how to start, it seems that there is a scoring system that must be counted for the King cards before tricks are played. The game is won after someone wins 3-4 tricks played by following the suit and trying to score higher with each following card, and someone scores 5 points. 

There are better video tutorials around and I feel as though I didn't describe the second game well enough but it's easy to follow when watching it played. I think it could be a very fun game to start at casual meets.


There were some good things learned over the last few days, that I need to reorganize my reading list on my blog (probably redo my links too), keep an eye out for other bloggers of the fashion that are new but out there, and carefully watch how to play a game of Ecarte. Monte Carlo seems like it will be a good game to play out when I need to focus on nothing as it could be relaxing. 

The other thing I've learned is that I may have cursed myself to doing the third prompt much later than I intend. I had started it around 6 and because I was trying to make sure I explained ecarte properly I took to long, had to start dinner, and then come back to it now....I need to fix this....and I've definitely need to start doing it so I don't decide to go in on my 3 pot of tea and take to long to clear everything away for the night....

Well, anywho, goodnight! and Cheers! XOXO!

Friday, August 3, 2018

365 LLC Days 213 - 215: Of Favorite Season Themed Coords, Small Changes, & Doodles Of A Favorite Worn Coordinate

August 1, 2018

My favorite season of them all is by far autumn. There is no other time of the year that ignites a certain fervor for pretty much everything when the leaves start to change and there is that certain scent in the air. With that in mind I tried to work that into a witchy coord that would play into that autumn feel with darker colors, stars everywhere, and just a hint of that special witchy vibe with card prints on tights and a witch bonnet to boot. I didn't want it to be just another Halloween print with a witch bonnet thrown with it, I wanted to really play around with the imagery I think of when I think fall.
<3 Coord Rundown <3

<3 Jsk: Meta
<3 Tights: Putomayo
<3 Shoes/ Blouse: Off brand
<3 Jewelry/Witch Bonnet: The Bloody Tea Party 

August 2, 2018

Honestly, with the Otakon 2018 fashion show just a week away my whole routine is WAY off and changed about. I haven't done anything according to my usual routine in a few days and have to just one or two more pieces to sew in order to get back to my regular schedule. The change isn't small either, it's everything!

August 3, 2018

I tried very hard on this using a photo of a coord from Rufflecon 2017 which is still one of my favorite cords because of several reasons. One I wasn't actually certain what I was going to wear for the tea party that day, I would wear two coords per day and hadn't properly planned for that year what I would do. The second is that I had bought this dress the morning prior and had run into a mishap with my blouse I had thought I could wear and was lent a replacement that the owner was looking to be rid of (which I bought later).

So in essence this entire coordinate was created on the fly and yet I managed to pull together all these great things to go with it from either my wardrobe or my friends.


I'm just realizing after drawing out my favorite coord that it's the same blouse and it is ever so fabulous and wish I had one in every color. I really could use more of these types and high collared ones too. I suppose I'm just a sucker for bell sleeves and high collars. Anywho, I have to be off, I am once again making the last of the three posts late in the evening and still have to wash out my pot of tea before I can crash. Cheers! XOXO!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

365 LLC Days 210 - 212: Of Favorite Flower Drawings, Drink Inspired Coords, & Beautiful Creations

July 29, 2018

I have 2 issues with this post...I have too many favorite flowers and I can’t draw very well so thank you for bearing with my squiggles. Working in a greenhouse, helping my mother really, I was exposed to all sorts of beautiful flowers that I always wanted to pick and press. I was lucky that my mom worked so closely with them so I could bother her for the names, these are a few of mine.

July 30, 2018

I could only think of one drink off the top of my head while I was on the go that day and that was a Shirley Temple. I have never been able to get enough of that sweet pink drink with the cherries that float on top (if you are lucky).

<3 Coord Rundown <3
<3 JSK: Btssb
<3 Blouse: Angelic Pretty
<3 Headdress: Sweet Mildred 
<3 Socks/Jewelry: Offbrand

July 31, 2018

With Otakon 2018 only a few weeks away I have been non-stop creating things to catch the viewers eye. I hope everyone finds at least something beautiful and enjoys it as much as I enjoyed creating each piece. I don’t want to share too much before the show so I will share only this little tidbit, this one is still mid-creation.


And well, I must call it a night and get some form of sleep, I have been drinking a mix of green tea for a little caffeinated kick that will energize me but switching my pot out for a chamomile tea for when I need to do my own simmering because it is crazy here. With that I shall take my leave and toss myself into bed. Cheers! XOXO!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

365LLC Days 207 - 209: Of Bleeding Prints, Something I’ve Made, First Wardrobe Posts On EGL

July 26, 2018

This print will bleed to death.

This is actually a good time to do this as I've been doing a bit of hand washing just over the last few days, there is quite a bit of it. Since I wear my frills near daily and it is also summer things tend to need a bit more wash and care sooner and it is rather daunting, I did make some new purchases a few months ago that I've just worn so this is a good time to mark up which pieces can be tossed into that little tub of mild detergent and water and which is destined for the dry cleaners. The best way to test is usually on a part of the dress that wont be seen as much - about 1/3 part of the waistties from the waist or button is a place I find best, you wont easily see it when it's tied into the bow as apposed to the ends like some people like to do - and it's either a bit of waistties or sometimes the under arm if the waistties are more of a cord then a tie. 

Of the newest acquisitions I find none of them bleed though I do think there are a few that should really be handled by a dry cleaning service, for my own hearts sake.

July 27, 2018

This prompt comes at the perfect timing as I have been churning out new pieces left and right for the 2018 Otakon Fashion Show. This blouse and necklace are two new pieces I have made for the show, I don't want to share dresses as I'm almost done and I want to share those after the show has been done. I rather am enjoying this style blouse, though it's not often used in this fashion, the waist is cinched with a few rows of elastic thread and it can be worn on the shoulder as well. I think I may make one with witchy sleeves after all is said and done. The necklace is a purple death head necklace that I needed to match one of the dresses and I found it really matched well with Rosy's Night Masquerade as well. 

July 28, 2018

Photo clearly not mine.

What a trip, looking at these reminded me of some really wonderful memories of peoples' posts and favorite dresses. It also reminded me I have still never finished one and should really get on that sometime in this lifetime. I digress, there are many really good ones to go over in the first few days of wardrobe posts, it was tough to get to them but I got there eventually. As a side note: it reminds me there was a lot of sweet Lolita back in the day.


The last few days have been fairly easy to get to, honestly though I didn't have time to browse for too long but then once I found the wardrobe posts I got absorbed anyway and took far too long but such is life. It was a good little bunch though because it reminded me of a few things and, again, aloud me to take a moment to reflect amidst all of the prep for the fashion show and what have you. 

But now I really need to call it a night, my chamomile tea is making me drowsy and I fear any longer and I wont be able to wash my tea cup and tea pot. Cheers! XOXO!