Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ghosts and ghouls and Halloween sprites
run wild and dance as they enchant the night.
Skipping through fire and hiding 'round cairn,
they don't mean to offend or cause any harm.
But be weary of the shadows that lurk by the gallows
the hangman will dance on the eve of All Hallows,
boogeymen a prone to whisper and prowl,
the bane of the wolf will make him howl and scowl.
So on with your masks and run with the pack
disguised, as one should, with the moon to your back.
Lest haunted and hunted by what is unseen,
through the night happily dubbed Alhallow ene.

Just a little something I wrote that was meant for a lolita meet-up invitation (*^_^*). I love Halloween!