Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things: Wristcuffs

Every now and then I would like to post eye catching pieces that I happen by.

This week: Wristcuffs!

So many ideas and styles I want to make me a new pair now. There will be more posts like this in the future, if you happen by anything eye catching please share!

Things That Happen To You In Lolita

Okay, I know a lot of people get good and bad reactions while wearing their frills, these topics are posted everywhere! Sometimes people say the funniest things about it, or tell you how cute you are, or give you strange looks, things like this happen all the time. My least favorite reaction is when someone asks if I am Little Bo Peep...I could be dressed from head to toe in black and they still ask...
A few weeks ago I got one of the funniest reactions to my Loli ever!

I was on the bus and trying to get to rehearsal, nothing unusual there, when this guy sitting in front and to my left does a double take when he sees me. And by that I mean I thought he was going to give himself whiplash and then our bus was going to have to take a trip to the ER.

He turns back around in his seat and sometimes nervously glances back every now and then, and that was okay, he didn't say anything mean. So to make life less awkward I plug in my headphones, since I've finally gotten my frilly self in order, and try to focus on prepping for rehearsal.

Then the guy glances at me again and actually looks relieved and waves a hand at me and starts talking. Me, I'm starting to think this guy is a nut but decide it's best to find out what he's saying before worrying if I have to switch buses.
What I heard made me laugh so hard!

He said he thought he had gone crazy and thought I was a hallucination or a ghost. It wasn't until he had seen me listening to my iPod that he realized I was from the here and now and not something to make him worry about his mental health.

I don't know about you but this, to me, was hilarious and made my day.

What are some of your experiences when you venture out in Loli? Post a comment, pour yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy the Bloody Tea Party!

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Seventeen

Day Seventeen: What Do You Want More Than Anything Right Now.

If I am to say something strictly Lolita right now I think it would have to be:

All the colors are quite lovely, I wouldn't know which color I'd choose.

It's gorgeous!

Lolita related, I want another Lolita story like Kamikaze Girls, I don't know if there is anything else like it out there, aside from the sequal which is only in Japan.

Non~Loli I want to go back to Japan...

What about you? What is something you want more than anything right now?

Monday, February 27, 2012

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Sixteen

Day Sixteen: Your Outfit For The Day

I can't tell you why but I really like this picture.

Never really a fan of taking picture of me...but there is never anyone who I can take a pic of. (I have to face the facts, my brother will take my pics but he wont wear my clothing or take his pic.)

Outfit Rundown:
♥Jsk: Hand~made♥
♡Blouse/Socks/Wristcuffs/Petticoat: Off Brand♡
♥Heart Shape Ring: Promise Ring♥
♡Bloomers: Offbrand♡
♥Hat: Vintage from the 1940s♥
P.S. The jsk is not finished...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Fifteen

Day Fifteen: A Picture Of Your Last Lolita Purchase.

My Metamorphose Musical Bustle Jumperskirt.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo worth it!
I love this dress very much and both my sister~in~law and little sister, who usually don't like my Loli, loved it! My little sister actually wanted to get one for herself, which I thought was really nice. I really lucked out with the seller too, I hadn't realized her sales post was over a year old! She was really kind and even gave me a wonderful purchase gift too. I guess you just never know unless you ask.

What was your last Lolita purchase? Was it everything you wished for?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Here "It" is! Rachmaninoff is rolling in his grave over this one...

For those of you who have read my Snow White poem I posted, this is what I referenced, Prelude in C sharp minor by Sergei Rachmaninoff. This piece is spell~binding and haunting, making you belief something wicked is whispering in your ear as you sleep. It's the prelude for the set of five pieces titled Morceaux de Fantasie (Op. 3) and first performed on September 20, 1892. (It's classified as Romantic, not "Oh, that's so romantic!" more as in genre Romantic. Big R.)

This piece was written at the early age of nineteen, by Rachmaninoff and the story goes (note: I was told this by my music theory teacher) was that one day he was struck by a sudden inspiration and wrote it all down in a day as it poured out of his head. Another part of the story involves the Devil himself to have whispered it to the young Russian composer, as dark and foreboding as the piece is, many believed it. (But again, it's the story told by my music theory teacher.)

That didn't stop it from becoming one of the most popular pieces at the time. One would simply have to walk down a conservatory hall and hear it playing from several practice rooms, or hear it played in nearly any concert hall. At his own concerts it was always asked to be played as an encore piece and he would tease the audience saying he "forgot" how to play it or "Do I really have too?"

It is said he had grown to hate the piece, and only refer to the prelude as "it", not only because of it's high demand, but because of the some names it received from the publishers. Some of them are The Burning of Moscow and The Day of Judgement. To add insult to injury, any time the publishers brought it out under another name to the public he never received another rubel for it. So after all that, and a total of 40 rubel publishing fee, I can't say I'd blame the guy.

I chose this recording of it because it is an actual recording of Rachmaninoff playing "It." This particular recording is on a piano roll but he did electric recordings as well. I'm excited we get to hear it exactly how he intended which needless to say doesn't happen very often with music like this. I also like this YouTube version because we can see the music note by note, although it's done by a shaky hand.

So after a little interesting history lesson (hopefully you find it interesting) on Rachmaninoff's "It" Prelude, I hope I've inspired you to have a little Romantic music appreciation added to your Loli. Tell me what you think.

Poor Snow White

Poor Snow White lying dead in the dust,
A young prince tried to kiss her,
But her lips were like iron sealed shut.

Rusting and rotting inside of her hell,
Snow White has gone crazy,
From the inside she's trying to yell!

Her eyes closed tight and the Darkness consuming,
All she had wanted
Was a kiss of her choosing.

A little red apple was all that was to blame,
She choked on the pieces,
Poison inflamed.

Blood pooling, but pulsing,
her back should be covered in bruising,
Locked in her silence forever more,
Poor Snow White is thought to be dead on the floor.

I wrote this one a looooooong time ago in a flash of inspiration. I thought I heard one of my favorite teachers say, in comment to a fairytale inspired poem, that they weren't meant to be creepy and this came pouring out of my head. It was definitely a Rachmaninoff moment for me (don't know what I mean? I'll post about it). When I finished, I volunteered next and read it to the class. I have never done anything like that before but I was compelled to express that fairy tales were meant to be a little frightening and meant as a learning tool in particular. (I heard wrong by the way, not what he said at all!)

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Fourteen

Day Fourteen: A Picture Of Your Dream Item

I have my Lolita dream item...It's the Night Faery Fantasia've probably learned that by now though...f^_^;

This is the best pic I have of it though, hopefully one day I can do an actual photoshoot with this dress. I had wanted this dress so badly when I saw it go up for reserve but I turned down the option to when my boyfriend offered. I was amazed when he got it for me while on vacation, so you can see it also has great sentimental value to me as well.

What's your dream item?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen: A Picture Of Your Favorite Sweets. 

Don't be fooled, this chamomile tea is armed with vanilla been and tastes like ice's a sweet.

This is what usually accompanies it: a buttermilk honey lavender, you know you want it.

Well that's it for today's 30 Day Lolita Meme, feel free to comment with your own!

Imai Kira art

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Twelve

Day Twelve: A Picture Of Yourself Before Lolita Came In To Your Life.

You may think I'm kidding but the girl looking like she's levitating with the orange and green tights...that's me...I think right before Lolita.

And here is another one, I wore this all the time too, this just happens to be a pic during a show, all I added was the bow for the costume.

Moral of this story: I just never cared what people thought of what I wore.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Coord Ideas: Clockwork

Lately, I have had a bit of time to goof around and work on things in my wardrobe. I've been working on blouses and resizing them to fit me better or fixing jsks to just work better for the design. Needless to say I've been rummaging through my sewing things when I stumble on this:

So I get all excited cause I had remembered it from my birthday and didn't know if I would have enough for a jsk, but I came up with some ideas. I would make the skirt part in the clock fabric and maybe the waisties if I had enough but I would make the bodice in black and be an underbust jsk. I did the math and wanted big scallops (mine will have 4) and be about 29" for each scallop, I would definitely have enough. I was also excited to find a nice tan fabric and decided it would be lovely for the ruffles under the scallop. I have been taking picture of each step and I will make a tutorial.

Along with the scalloped jsk, I decide I'm going to go all out and make a few accessories to go with it and I have browsed for ideas. Here are a few things I like the idea of but I would like to make it more to match my jsk.

I was thinking clock faces for a headdress and thought something like this would be nice:

I don't think this design is it for me but I like the shape and would like to have a small ruffle somewhere in it.

And these but with better lace and maybe buttons that would match what I would use on the actual jsk:

This is how far I am in my process:

This is only the beginning of my will have two layers of tan ruffle where you see the tan fabric under the cloth, the bodice will be black with (maybe) clock buttons. The day after I started this project, I saw this posted on the Tokyo Rebel blog:

Minus the bow and belt, this is actually very close how I want this jsk to turn out, especially the ruffles. I had planned to have bows at each peak as they are in this photo, which is difficult to see with all the black.

Better picture of ruffle and scallop:

Closer to what I would like the bodice to look like:

When I'm done I'll post pics and the promised tutorial ^_^
Please feel free to comment!

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Eleven

Day Eleven: One Day In Your Life In Pictures

It was the Valentine's Day Ice Skating at Frog Pond in Boston. I will see if someone took pictures of when we were on the ice.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Ten

DAY TEN: What Do You Have In Your Bag?

Holy cheese this is monumental for me, I hit double digits! WOOOOOOT!

As you can see this is the most consistant blogging I've ever done. Okay, boring talk is boring, to the bag!!!

I can haz celebratory cupcake now?...

I saw this on someone elses blog and it looked like fun, people commented this back too, I'd love it if you posted yours on mine, feel free!

Friday, February 17, 2012

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Nine

Day Nine: Ten Things You Will Never Do In Lolita.

I think mine are mostly the same as what everyone else would NOT do in their Loli, I could be wrong though...
1) Clubbing. I don't go clubbing, and I'm old enough too, but if I did that is one of the worst places to go Loli to. You get all sweaty and you dance the night away and sweaty...yeah, I don't think I could. I'm definitely a dance the night away person so I know I'd sweat, other no factors are drunk people who don't pay attention and slosh drinks on you.

2) Most Concerts. Not unlike a club, you dance, you sweat, you get spilled on by the drunk man who tries to pass by...To me it's just not worth it. I mean if I'm going to a really awesome dream concert where Loli is encouraged, I'm wearing hand~mades I know how to wash and know wont have print damage if I get something spilled on me. Another concert type that would be a maybe is the kind I've been to in Mohegan Sun, they have many seats and tons of space. Classic music concerts are a go, no risks there.

3) Job Interview. This is a must for anyone looking to be hired in most US offerings, we aren't lucky enough to have a Baby the Stars Shine Bright or Black Piece Now down the street unless you live in San Fran or New York.

4) Wedding. In a wedding the focus is the bride, not you (unless you are the bride then Loli it up!!!!) and unfortunately it would be rude to wear most coords to one. That's just my opinion though, if you really wish to wear it, I would ask the bride if it's okay.

5) Airplanes. Comfort on a plane is so very important. You only get so much space and you can't really get up and walk around. I know some want to enter The Land of Lolita dressed to the nines in full out brand or Loli, trust me I know, but it's just a bad idea(15 hours!!!!). Even small flights are probably not a good idea.

6) Funeral. It's a time of mourning a loss of a loved one, I don't think I could unless I knew the individual would have wanted it that way...

7) Exercise. Okay, this should be a given. I do want to make Loli exercise clothing but it would have to be right and not half done. I don't exercise outside of my house, so I can dress how I want, but I would only do it if I can make it practical.

8) Camping. This is a no brainer, I mean come on!

9) Water Sports....I love the water and the beach but...why?

10) Emergency Rooms. I don't think I mind the doctosr so much, I am used to quick changes for when I do theatre so that's never bothered me. Emergencies are different, you throw on the closest thing that counts as pants if your at home lounging in pjs, if you aren't already fully dressed. (Fact: two~thirds of emergencies happen after work hours so you are either already out or at home relaxing)

I hope everyone is doing well today, feel free to comment.
If you've done your 30 Day Lolita Meme day nine, SHARE! I'd love to see yours too ^_^

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Touch Of Mori

This is one of the coordinates I wore today for rehearsal:

Not much but I think it's nice.

Outfit Rundown:
♥Jsk: Innocent World♥
♡Blouse: Anna House♡
♥Sock/Knit Jacket/Belt: Don't know♥
♡Bow/Bow Ring/Scarf: Forever 21♡
♥Heart Shape Ring: Promise Ring♥
♡Bloomers: Vintage♡
♥Petticoat: Hand~made♥

I'm really beginning to think my dress dummy is set to tilt...
Anywho, I hope you enjoyed this random coord posting ^_^

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Eight

Day Eight: Ten Songs That Inspire You For Lolita.

This section is probably my favorite because music is such a huge part of my life. I've took lessons for piano since I was about nine or ten years old I think, though I was never any good at it, but it was a gateway for flute and violin as well. I don't do much outside of my own home with any of it, but I do dance, I work as a choreographer and it is extremely rewarding. As for my taste in music, it goes any which way that I happen to fall into. I like different styles and songs from a bunch of different continents in different languages and time periods.
1)♥The Dresden Dolls♥Girl Anachronism♥ Probably heard this around the time I started getting really into Lolita and before I dressed Loli I can't remember how I dressed, but it wasn't normal! lol I liked my clothes then too, but Lolita has definitely taken over my fashion sense, so it was definitely my transformation song and anachronistic at that.
2)♡Tsukiko Amano♡Koe♡ This song is beautiful and very touching, I think it fits into the aesthetics of Lolita with the feel from the lyrics and sounds. I have loved this song from the day I heard it, it just has this awesome pull. I suggest checking out all her songs.
3)♥Wonderland The Musical♥The Mad Tea Party♥ I love this song! It makes me think Lolita with all the crazy meets we have that usually involve a tea party. For us little Rhody Lolis we definitely enjoy our mad tea parties #^_^#

4)♡Wonderland The Musical♡The Mad Hatter♡ Okay, so I love this musical lol, it's got really great songs and they all have to do with Alice in Wonderland in a revamped style, it really makes me giggle, especially the White Knight song. However, an inspiration to me in Lolita is the Mad Hatter, trust's not as you remember. Check the video above for both songs.♡
5)♥Tommy Heavenly6♥Paper Moon♥ It's a pretty good song, makes me think it's got a little punk/sweet Loli vibe to it which is nice. Other fun songs from her would be Heavy Starry Chain and Gothic Pink, both definitely have a Gothic feel.
6)♡Maaya Sakamoto♡Magic Number♡ I actually stumbled on this one through another Lolita's meme when I wanted to see what everyone else had that made the think Loli and I actually got hooked ^_^. It's cute, and very light~hearted and I like it, it makes me think of sweet or even classic would fit in with this song.
7)♥S.H.E.♥Zen Me Ban♥ This song actually makes me think of all the stereotypical Lolita boyfriend stuff, but more so when a Loli thinks a guy wont notice them because all the attention from the "cuter" girls. Not saying anyone is or isn't cute but Lolita has a lot of girls thinking they aren't sexy enough to catch the eye of the one the like. Other than that, I just love this song, it's fun and I get caught singing it all the time.
8)♡Jay Chou♡Princess Syndrome♡ I have loved this song since I heard it, but it is so not Jay Chou's usual style of music, but he is super talented and does write the lyrics and music and plays like a zillion instruments and dances. I got to see him when he came to Mohegan with my boyfriend and his family which was really fun. This song, for obvious reasons, is just OTT sweet and, for me, this song is special to me the first two guys who do all those goofy things in the mv actually look like my boyfriend, I was laughing so hard! I had to ask if he went to China and hung out with some other Lolita girls who weren't me.
9)♥Fredric Chopin♥Nocturne in Csharp Minor (OP 20)♥ Such a reflective piece. Soft and gentle and a little melancholy. It's like a lovely picnic  day with the breeze flowing and blowing the grass  lazily. This is my favorite piece I have played in piano and have always loved it. You can't ever go wrong with Chopin.
10)♡Alice Nine♡The Beautiful Name♡ It just feels so good to walk out the door and hear this song pop up on my play list, it always makes me feel ready for anything, I just have to feel happy when I hear it. When I first watched the concert of this (it's at the end of Graced By A Beautiful Day in case you're interested) it was the first time hearing the song and I just couldn't stop moving.

So that's it for ten of my Lolita inspiration in music, I hope you get to watch the videos and enjoy them as much as I do.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Seven

Day Seven: Ten People Who Inspire Your Lolita Style.

This one was really difficult for me, I got stuck into thinking other Lolita specifically, then I realized that the title didn't mean "Ten Lolita"...So these are the ten People who more or less inspire my style.

1)♥Misako Aoki♥ She's cute and very nice from what I've seen and seeing her in street snaps wearing what she would choose shows me she has a very good eye, I like her style a lot and although she wears mainly sweet, it seems gentle. I would like to have the same gentle look and she inspires me to wear what I want and not catorgorize into sweet or goth etc (not Emily Temple Cute although I am growing very fond of that brand^_^)

2)♡Pixie_Late♡ Another Lolita cutie! I think she puts her coordinates together very well and a lot of her things she has are definitely what I would like in my wardrobe. 

3)♥Herajika♥ Oh my goodness, I love her little handmade teacup hats! Alright, not just that, but her hats are awesome, I remember stumbling over just a page one night (through google I guess) and just clicking away to check out her next awesome coordinate. Very creative and very nice.

4)♡Vanilla Blitz♡ What can I say, sweet, stylish, and one heck of a Loli. I haven't seen her on the D_L lately but the last time I saw her she was out~loli-ing just about everyone I knew.

5)♥Dismal_Carnival♥ One of the best theme coords for Harry Potter came from her and I think she definitely does a killer Bellatrix inspired coord. Really nice and has really nice coords, I would like to have her eye when it comes to taking classical and making them a bit darker.

6)♡Dinah♡ You know, Dinah...from the manga Bizenghast...I love her outfits! I totally would love to Loli~fy her duds and make them my own. I'm very certain many would do the same.

7)♥Katzixx♥ She has some pretty fancy coordination skills, whether in gothic or classic styled lolita, really any kind of style she tries. She has the spunk to pull it off, I'm not even a big piercing person but she definitely makes them work for her and Loli, she just makes it all look great!

8)♡Fanny Price♡ Not your average woman at all as you would know if you've read Jane Austen's Mansfield Park. She is brilliant and absolutely stunning in her wit, as a woman I would aspire to keep myself as well~rounded as she. I know I am not smart, no matter how much I would like to be, but I think of her when I wish to remember due dilligience, and progress in anything. Even though she isn't a Lolita, even remotely, her style, both clothing wise and wit wise, definitely inpires me.

9)♥CuteDeer or Bathina Cute Lou♥ Even though I don't understand a lick or German, this girl always posts something on her blog that makes me have to look. She is very talented and does know what goes together to make a person go "whoa!" I like her newest coord in particular, she just posted on her blog, go check it out:

10)♡Crafty Lolis♡ The best place for inspiration is from the crafty Loli where ever they can be found, posting the pics of their finished jsks or blouses and such. It may never be a full coordinate that they post but I can take a bit from what is there and try to make and grow it, adding something that may go well with it.

That was really hard! I wanted to post with pictures, I will definitely do that in future posts with coords of my own or projects.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Six

Day Six: Ten Things You Can’t Live Without In Lolita.

1)♥Creativity♥ I think this is very important in Lolita otherwise we might all just look like cookie cut~out dolls. I love seeing something different and unique make something already cute or elegant all the more so due to a little creativity.

2)♡Blouses♡ I love them in Loli in all sorts of styles, I don't know if I could do Lolita without a good blouse. I don't like my underarms and these lovely little pieces cover up most of my arm.

3)♥Headwear♥ Bows, bangles, antique hats,  headbands, flowers, cannotiers...they're all so lovely, I don't know what I'd do if this style didn't have them. I don't leave my house in Loli without something in my hair, I find it a delicate, and sweet little reminder of women throughout history who have also wore them.

4)♡Mary~Janes♡ Ever since I was little I have always loved the look of the mary~jane. They are comfy and cute and have many different styles now that make them even cuter! They go with my regular clothes I wear when I go somewhere with my boyfriend and they are so easy to coordinate with Lolita, how can you go with a nice pair of mjs?

5)♥Thrift and Antique Stores♥ It is so much fun to go on a Lolita thrift/antique mission especially with friends, no matter what their styles. There is so many awesome things that one can find for Lolita, recently I found this tri~corn 1940s ladies hat which is perfect for a few of my more classic or Gothic coords.

6)♡Legwear♡ I love OTKs but I also love stockings so it would be hard to choose one. I don't usually like wearing ankle socks in Lolita, I have many scars on my legs from my childhood, I was a big time tomboy who rough~housed all the time. OTKs are really nice and I love brand socks although I only own one pair of brand socks...

7)♥Bloomers♥ I believe in all of Lolita this is the one article I couldn't go without. Honestly, the wind blows and all of a sudden a group of Loli expose all their business to the public...O.o I think it also gives the wrong idea if a Lolita (girl or guy) goes running around without bloomers. I mean, if you know it's not going to be windy and you aren't going to climb anything and you prefer to go Loli~commando be my guest, but bloomers make the world a better place in my opinion.

8)♡Lolita Magazines♡ I love being able to browse Lolita magazines, it's so much fun and easy to carry around a copy anywhere. I could read them over and over and not get bored and it makes going on the bus a much more tolerable experience. Looking at all the Loli, I can think what I would like to do next for a coord or for sewing.

9)♥My Sewing Machince♥ Definitely couldn't live without my Singer, it has been so nice to just start a sewing project and be able to go to a nice, working, machine. Without this beauty I think I would go bonkers, I can hand~sew and I do every once in a while or when necessary, but I prefer the machine, makes projects run smoother.

10)♡Inspioring Lolita Friends♡ It is wonderful to actually have Lolita friends. So different, talented, and honest, they keep me grounded and help me to be a better person as friends should and help me be, I only hope I can be the same to them. I love being able to go to tea with them and just talk away the hours or plan out new meets. I am very gifted that they accept me.

This one was fairly easy to choose for me, I have a lot of things I LIKE in Lolita, but not a whole lot that I always have to use constantly. What about you? Anything you absolutely must have in your Loli?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Frills and Chills Presents: Don't Wake The Dead

Important notes to the reader: Obviously this is a work of fiction, and yes, it involves a zombie apocalypse and Lolita. It is meant to be creepy, tongue~in~cheek comedy, and even weird. Basically, I am going out on a limb trying to create a dark world where a Lolita girl gets caught up in an unforgiving world where the dead walk the earth and petticoats deflating are the last thing to worry about. I don't know how long this story will be, it may be just a short story or it may continue, it all depends on how our desperate heroine fairs.

P.s. I got the idea from a very strange dream I had after watching a zombie flick before bed, obviously we know why I dreamt things that way, but the story takes only a few elements from it. Zombies. Lolita. You get the jist.

I appologise in advance if anyone's bloomers get in a bunch over this story. The story is all mine and the characters are all fictional, it is based of a recent dream I had, what that says about my character, I don't know...

So without further ado, I give you....

Loli Adventures in Zombie♡Land


I never thought the world would ever end, nor did I ever imagine it to occur in the manner in which it did. I stand on a rooftop, chilled by the thought that this world, my world, is now over, those things below rule it now.

I fight the urge to cringe at what they're called, my geek levels raise and usually that worries me, but then I realize there is no longer anyone to poke fun at me. 'zombies...'

I don't say it out loud, I know better, now is not the time to speak even thinking about anything else is dangerous. In order to survive you need to keep your wits about you if you don't you learn quick or you die, you can bet your frilly bloomers on that.
Speaking of bloomers, mine are tattered at the ruffles; however, I am certain they have faired well for the moment. I look like a royal mess right now from my lacy adjustable head bow to my buttoned spat boots. I'm not covered in gore but I look the part of the helpless victem of a slasher flick. I'm still grateful they're flats, at this precise moment functional shoes will be worth their weight in bloomers if you ask me. Here, why don't you enjoy my flashback, while I try to look for the safest route off of here...


When the day all hell broke loose, I had been on my way to my apartment in the city from work at the bakery as clichéd as that I think it safe to say clichés have no place in this world anymore. You might as well say we were going down the rabbit hole for all I care. Their was no chance for anyone of us on that bus and if I closed my eyes long enough I could still see the first undead climb the bus steps and walk past the que. Whoever it had been was male and tall and extremely pale. His eyes darted about with no focus and in every direction. To say truth, he merely looked sick and as if he was going to collapse, there was no discernible wounds, no chunk of flesh missing, he just looked sick was all. He sat down in the third row next to a man in a suit, I don't know if anyone paid anymore attention to him, everyone being as attached to equipment of some sort as we are. It wasn't until the sickly man started gagging and coughing that people began to worry.

I had been listening to music at the time, Take Me Away by Fefe Dobson, it had popped on right as he made his first gurgling hack and I remember tensing at the uncharacteristic hiccup. Now, that is the lullaby I will hear every time I go to close my eyes, I find it fitting.

I mean, it wasn't like I thought he would turn into a zombie or anything, my first instinct was to wonder if he was okay, in need of a hospital, and finally, if I would catch what he had, the zombie fear was after the first bite.

He had sputtered and gurgled until he had everyone's attention. People were getting up and trying to get off, hollering at the driver to let them off. I had been on the upper seats and was boxed in by the people getting up, I could neither help, nor escape, and neither could those nearby, everyone was rolling into a light panic. What happened next only caused everyone's internal alarms to blare.

It was as if everything slowed down and sped up all at once. The man in the suit tried to find a way around him calling for the driver to stop repeatedly pulling the stop chain all the while the driver is yelling for everyone to stop their yelling. As soon as we got off the highway the driver pulls the bus over and grunts as he gets up to yell at mr. suit and yell about bus policies to throw the man off. In the midst of this mr. sick was beginning to weave about and his complexion was only getting worse by the second.

The argument was escalating to the point where the bus driver was pushing mr. suit with his stubby hands when mr. sick weaved into mr. suit's seat and violently wretches all over him and his freshly pressed suit.

Gagging, mr. suit pushed mr. sick away into the driver who quickly threw him to the floor. This of course, started another round of yelling until mr. sick finally gets his zombie wits about him and takes a clean chunk out of bus drivers leg. The scream that ripped through the bus driver, it was like the gun shot to signal the end of everything heard around the world.

Not a single soul moved after the initial bite, every one just stayed frozen in a collective gasp. Once the driver fell to the floor everything seemed to speed up. The smell of the blood was overpowering people were pushing and banging on the glass and trying to push open the doors. The sick man got up again and took hold of some woman who tried to pass and took a chunk out of her stomach, pulling her down as she tried to pull away, falling on the people standing behind her.

There really wasn't a chance for any of us.

I vaguely remember shouting to anyone who could hear me to open the emergency windows but that was about it, I can't remember if anyone did so. Struggling with the latches, I could only look up and see what was happening around me. The driver had gotten up with the woman and the sick man. They grabbed at the nearest people, trapping them in their seats, crushing bone and cartilage in their jaws, rasping out this terrifying screech. With each glance their numbers seem to grow it was then that I felt a hand reach for me. I screamed. I remember jumping the railing and plowing my way out the door with a simple push, even in all my pettis and jumperskirt. It seemed like my basic instincts had already triggered my flight and I ran as fast as I could from the bus.

As I tried to get my bearings I realized then, that what happened on the bus was not an isolated incident when I heard the screams coming from all directions. I ran as fast as my boots could go and I drove all thoughts aside, I could feel the footfalls reverberate behind me and the chills running down my back only caused my feet to run faster. Who knew I was secretly an Olympic runner, let's hope I am a gold medalist as opposed to the runner~up who gets chewed out but the undead and hands~on audience.


Okay, so that was my ground zero experience, all in a nutshell and experienced in a blink of an eye. I don't have to write it down to remember and there is no one to report it too. If anyone else has survived, they won't give a damn about my experience, we are all more concerned about survival, but our ground zero experience is etched within us...haunting us like the horde of undead...

I digress, this whole time I've been up here, and you've been enjoying my memory, I've been looking for a safe route around this hell hole. I know, in zombie movies going up can be dangerous, I got that memo when this small batch followed me from the lobby. I thought it'd be safe inside, so not true, an infected inside wipes out the whole complex...I get chanced up and pray I don't get mauled on the next floor or loose steam, thank's cardio, I'm so glad I treat you mostly right with running every day for 30 minutes with stretches.

Anywho, I get up to the top and need, I thank poor maitenance that the door on the roof is unlocked and no one has bothered to escape up here. I'm not going to lock behind me, can't close the options to others or myself, but I need to strike gold, or something to strike with.

I spot a pile of tools over by the perimitor of the building, it's just left there, but I know better than to think someone just left everything for the taking to find safety. I try to be quiet, the squishies haven't made their appearance yet but I'm so not going to chance it. I do a quick look over my shoulder and go to check the bag.



Jumping back from the corner, I barely miss being nabbed by the squishy who had to have taken out his maitenance partner to lunch, fingers as pale as chalk. Fingers. He has fingers in his mouth?! I kick up (somehow!) a hacksaw from the mess on the floor and thankfully get coordinated enough to grab hold of the handle. I don't know if I can trust that it won't break but I chop at his face anyway, it holds for one.


I hear before my eyes register the first hit. When my brain catches up to my eyes, I see that I've landed a nice catch between his lips, causing him to loose his lunch and split his mouth a little further open. His wide, dead eyes never registered the pain, nor did he register shock, I kept hacking...

I don't want to do this. He was a human man. He worked on this building with a co~worker when there was work to be done. He once smiled at someone. Once had a family. I had a family.




I go numb as I chop away at my first zombie...


So that's it for tonight's late~night spookshow, I hope you've enjoyed my creepy ramblings for thes evening.

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Five

Day Five: Ten Things From Your Wishlist

1) Night Fairy Fantasia Jsk II in any colorway.

Starry Night Colorway

I know I have the other version, and it's very special to me, but I just think this series is really pretty.

2) Emily Temple Cute Umbrell OP. I definitely think this one is cute and lovely.
 3) Baby The Stars Shine Bright Halloween Underbust JSK. I like both versions really but I have plans for this one...It's also one of the first dresses that I REALLY started to REALLY want in Lolita.
 4) Alice And The Pirates Kuronosuke JSK. I believe this is one of those "impossible dream" jsks I know a lot of people like this one.
 5) Baby The Stars Shing Bright Moon Princess JSK. I love in both colorways.
 6) Angelic Pretty Star Night Theatre. This dress is so vibrant and stricking, I would have no problem buying this if I ever got a chance at a good price.
 7) Mary Magdalene Anne~Marie JSK. So lovely, I can't stand it, I love the pleats and ruffle combo.
 8) Moi~Meme~Moitie Dot Puff Sleeve OP. It's absolutely lovely and I would love to own this piece.

 9) Baby The Stars Shine Bright Alice Fun Faire JSK. I just think the print is so cool.
 10) Alice And The Pirates Trump Queen JSK. When I went to Japan I bought the Night Fairy Fantasia jsk at the Alice boutique in Shinjuku's Marui OIOI, the sales woman wore this and I definitely had to add it to my list of wants, it was the blue and red one though...

I'd love to know what your favorites are too, please don't hesitate to comment^_^

Sunday, February 12, 2012

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Four

Day Four: Ten Different Kinds of Food I Like.

1) Mangos...I could go eat one at any time. Fruist in general, I could eat them all day, but mangos are my favorite for sure

2) Curry! My boyfriend and I had tried some similar to the curry in this picture in Ueno, Japan. I'm a fan of all different kinds of curry parents think I'm weird...
The duck feels the same way about the curry.

3) My Boyfriend's Cooking. He is magical when it comes to cooking and he always tries to make something I will enjoy. ^_^ <3 We eat tons of veggies and rice and fruits and some meat and he uses very small amounts of oil which makes me very happy. He usually cooks what he knows with a little twist and he is very into asian cooking (He grew up in Hong Kong and even lived in Japan, so not a surprise).

4) Cold Noodles. Okay, I never had this until we went to Japan and I tried everything I could without hesitation, I'm so glad I took a chance on cold noodles. A nice, healthy dish for summer days. The portion is huge too, and the lady who was sitting next to me (see had to way about 10 lbs) had the same thing as me and beasted it!
It was like a show and dinner while watching them make this.

5) My Mom's Chicken Noodle Soup. Comfort food for sure ^_^. She doesn't use noodles all the time, sometimes there is penne or farfelli or what ever macoroni we have.

6) I am uncertain as to what this dish is but...this:
If you know what this is, please, let me know!
Is freak'en awesome!!! Had it in Japan and, yes, yummy.

7) Crepes. Another thing I tried in Japan. I know I could have had them in the US but I never thought to try them til my boyfriend bought me one. This one to be exact:

Yeah the yellow thing in the crepe...that's a cheesecake

It has fresh strawberries, a cheescake slice, whip cream, and strawberry sauce...go ahead drool, you know you want one now. My boyfriend had, as I stated earlier, lived in Japan (on the base in Yokusuka with that duck with the curry lol) and he said the first thing he did was go to Tokyo Tower and buy a crepe under the tower so he and I did the same was very sweet to share the memory there.

8) Hot Chocolate Cupcakes. If you are ever in the Providence, RI area and you go to the Duck and Bunny on Wickendon street just ask for one, you wont be expecting it or disappointed. (I'm going to look up a recipe, if it tastes as good as the Duck and Bunny's I'll share.)

9) Coconut Milk Buns. They are sooooooo good! I can't even describe them other than being awesome! If you ever get a chance to have a sweet little snack, try them.

They look like this, but usually no strips.
10) Kimchi Jjigae! Oh how I love kimchi and a good kimchi jjigae, absolutely another comfort food. The brothe is just spicy enough, but not overly so, and there is plenty of things in it. Get a small bowl of rice on the side and it's perfect. I love to get a spoonful of the rice and actually mix it with some of the brothe...don't tell anyone. lol

That's it for my list of things I like to eat, there are tons more of course, but I can only write ten. I am now hungry and it doesn't help talking about food, especially when I don't have these things on hand...What are some of your favorite foods to eat?