Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Coord Ideas: Clockwork

Lately, I have had a bit of time to goof around and work on things in my wardrobe. I've been working on blouses and resizing them to fit me better or fixing jsks to just work better for the design. Needless to say I've been rummaging through my sewing things when I stumble on this:

So I get all excited cause I had remembered it from my birthday and didn't know if I would have enough for a jsk, but I came up with some ideas. I would make the skirt part in the clock fabric and maybe the waisties if I had enough but I would make the bodice in black and be an underbust jsk. I did the math and wanted big scallops (mine will have 4) and be about 29" for each scallop, I would definitely have enough. I was also excited to find a nice tan fabric and decided it would be lovely for the ruffles under the scallop. I have been taking picture of each step and I will make a tutorial.

Along with the scalloped jsk, I decide I'm going to go all out and make a few accessories to go with it and I have browsed for ideas. Here are a few things I like the idea of but I would like to make it more to match my jsk.

I was thinking clock faces for a headdress and thought something like this would be nice:

I don't think this design is it for me but I like the shape and would like to have a small ruffle somewhere in it.

And these but with better lace and maybe buttons that would match what I would use on the actual jsk:

This is how far I am in my process:

This is only the beginning of my project...it will have two layers of tan ruffle where you see the tan fabric under the cloth, the bodice will be black with (maybe) clock buttons. The day after I started this project, I saw this posted on the Tokyo Rebel blog:

Minus the bow and belt, this is actually very close how I want this jsk to turn out, especially the ruffles. I had planned to have bows at each peak as they are in this photo, which is difficult to see with all the black.

Better picture of ruffle and scallop:

Closer to what I would like the bodice to look like:

When I'm done I'll post pics and the promised tutorial ^_^
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