Saturday, March 31, 2012

Need To Keep My Cool...

Although I have had many wonderful, funny, silly moments and reactions in Lolita, like many, I have experienced my fair share of negative reactions. But unlike the obnoxious boys in Boston, who got a taste of their own medicine, due to my impulsive rejoinder, some have gotten away clean while I wished to have cleaned their clock, so to speak.

It actually happened last year, at the end of the apple season in November, I had gone to my first Boston Lolita meet and was nervous and excited all at once. I meet tons of lovely ladies and gents and was having such a wonderful time, climbing trees and giggling as I see someone else at the top, wandering the orchard, and sharing apple~cider donuts. *^_^*

By the way, apple cider donuts are amazing!

Despite my appreciation of baked goods, I don't eat them as often as one would think, and I don't really like donuts, not my favorite baked good...But these little lovelies are just wonderful! It even started me on a drive to find more apple cider treats and have a new appreciation for donuts, though I still wont seek them out for a snack. ^_^ If you get a chance to try them, please do.

Anywho, the donuts weren't the problem, just two little jerks who, even now, I wish I could kick. I'm not usually affected by people who share their negative thoughts like this, but this time got me all riled up. I was keeping two fellow Loli's company, while the larger mass of us went to locate a new arrival (I say mass because there were eleven or twelve people in that group!) and the three of us were all just enjoying our surroundings talking, when these two girls pass by.

They started waving and saying "Ola weeaboo! Ola!" and I didn't exactly hear what they were saying at first so I look at them and look behind me, wondering who they're waving too. When I look back, they laughed at me, and my hearing caught up with my brain. They made me so mad!

Now, I know I don't have the prettiest Loli, and I know I'm not the best looking Loli, but I felt I was put together well enough that I looked nice. I was head to toe kuro and my hair was brushed and my make~up done nice enough, nothing really crazy. This is what I wore:

I know there are people who are just jerks, and these girls made me think they were the type to make fun of anyone, just because they're different. I know that's what really got to me, though their comment was aimed at me, I was confident enough in my coord that I was presentable and it just made me think it was because I was different. I wanted to walk up to them and say that, or punch them, or both, I was that infuriated. The Loli part of me wanted to tell them they were being brats, while the past troublemaker part of me wanted to teach them a different lesson...Luckily for me, I was calmed down by the people I was with and talked out of something that I knew would be wrong.

What are some of your experiences? What would you have done in mine?

Well, good night for now, I'm done ranting, I'm off to make dinner and enjoy the rest of my night, I hope you all have a good one!

Friday, March 30, 2012


Recently, I've been seeing a few posts on LJ and different blogs about first starting out and trying not to be an ita, and bad lace, and all that. It got me to really wonder about how people start off. I guess it's always thought of as easy to start off an ita rather than start off in the right direction, even though this isn't true, people could also just be awesome at coordinating.

I know for a fact, I have worn an ita~tastic coord and have made a dress that way f^_^; and sadly enough, these mistakes weren't when I first started wearing the fashion. I do cringe and wonder, often, just what was I thinking then. Even while putting both blips together, I knew they weren't going to go well. I still wore them proudly, knowing they were both complete fails, cringing while I grin silly at it all, not giving a care about what people think. I mean, what's the worst someone's going to do, hurt my feelings? It just reflects on their person and not mine.

Of course, after both were worn and experimented with for the day, I took them off and vowed never to do that again! It was easy with the bought Btssb jsk, I just needed to switch the blouse and tights, but as for the handmade...I still need to find a better matching underskirt fabric.

This is the handmade I'm talking about:

Too busy with all the prints, and the pic doesn't let you see how the browns just makes me so mad!
But not here...I'm eating a good cupcake...^^P
That's just how it is, I'm not going to lie to you, I'm not a perfect Lolita. The fabric looked like a good idea at the time (in real life, the browns all match...and the two~tone pinks are also in the jsk...) but ooooooohhh no, not a good idea at all! And in the picture, the bow is soooooo floppy it's horrendous! I need more starch, but also need different fabric...

No matter how well put together the dress, the polka~dots got to go! I just can't accept wearing a white underskirt with it, just something about it doesn't work,(something about the peach) I want it to be different. Until then, I'll just wait til I find a good fabric to switch it with.

I am glad I experiment with my Lolita, I don't mind the mistakes and ask opinions from friends who are into it and friends who aren't. I don't ask my mother, she is SO BIASED! but I love her and don't mind, she likes the creativity in her children and I don't fault her for that, I mean come on, she's my mom.

Everyone is curious, as am, did you have issues when starting off in the Lolita world? IS there a particular piece you can't find a happy~medium with and you are working through it? It doesn't have to be in the beginning either, feel free to share!

When I think about when I started off in Lolita, I tried to put in my due~diligence, and looked up what I wanted to wear or how I wanted to wear it, what all the hub~bub about good vs. bad lace is, and hit a road block at blouses. I wish I could justify the price of all the lovely blouses I see and want, but sadly, that's where I hit the roadblock. I see so many blouses go up on sales comms and look at the prices and just go...I could find another brand jsk for that price. I hate that fact, but alas, one of the many woes of Lolita. $$$$$$$$$

This, is one of my first coords I wore in a group of Loli and is the basic way of what I coordinate like:

I do like this Meta jsk, I need to wear it more often...

Honestly, not much has changed from day one of my Loli years, although now, I'm a little less happy with mini~hats on me...

I looked at models in the GLB and tried to find things like it or make them, all the while reading up on sewing techniques and sewing machines that would best suit me and aid me in my quest for ruffles and lace. Every project, although slow going, I endeavor to push forward and work harder to make something special in my wardrobe...and make a bunch of blouses....

I just know that with whatever I do in my Lolita, I have to like what I'm wearing and know I'm wearing it for me. So, right or wrong, ita or elegant, just be happy and learn to grow and learn with your Loli and enjoy a nice cup of anything with friends!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Frilled Out Sewing Party!

I haven't been able to do a lot of sewing lately, being too lackadaisical when I'm not running around on an errand, but that will hopefully change this weekend. I'm so excited, a good group of Loli friends and I are planning on having our own "bitch'n'stitch" this weekend, and I have the perfect mini~project for such an occasion.

I spy a peter pan collar and a circle skirt!

A half bonnet is, I think, the perfect project to work on in a small gathering with many people in petticoats. I know some of them are going to be working in the ruffles, as will I, but with all the fabric that's going to be on the floor and tables, I'm worried it may be a little too chaotic for the group of us to all have big projects, so I'm going small.

I'm way too excited about this whole thing...

I'll be packing my sewing kit, that in itself is necessary, with scissors, safety pins, buttons, pins and needles. In all honesty I forget a lot of things when I go to a sewing day with a friend, luckily she is more prepaired than I am. I will also be bringing a batch of cookies but haven't decided what type I want to make.

What would you bring?

I'll post pics along side the tutorial itself, I almost can't wait for this weekend!

What about you? Have you had any good sewing parties with your Loli community?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Today Is TOO Gorgeous...


Since it's been so nice out for the past few days, I've taken to wondering around in full Lolita, with fan in hand and a book in my bag. Let's see, The Raven, Death On A Cliff Walk, and some Shakespeare, I haven't forgotten to bring a notebook to doodle in and a copy of the GLB, of course.

I  definitely got to thinking about Shakespeare and rereading some of the plays, I'm big on A Midsummer Night's Dream in particular, going out and settling in the shade seems like a good idea.

It doesn't help that I've been feeling rather Puckish lately with the seasons change, despite my worry about our ecosystem, I am enjoying the alarmingly springy weather. It just feels like it's time to make like a fairy and flutter from place to place and observe the world around me...that is until I see a moments opportunity to cause a little innocent mischief... I couldn't help myself....f^_^;

By innocent mischief, I mean nothing quite so daring, but confusion is key. If I wear the right coord, innocent on~lookers make the best faces and watching their reactions is quite funny to me. One day, I wore an Angelic Pretty set I got from Tokyo Rebel about 3 years ago. The bow is definitely a head~eating~bow and it's a lovely mint with pink floral designs.

I did get a rather sweet, although shy, reaction from a college boy. He seperated from his group of friends and trecked through the parking lot I was sitting near and kept giving nervous glances at me (at first, I thought he was scared of me). As soon as he was far enough from his friends and he looked right at me he quickly said a quick and quiet "Cute." and continued on his way. His reaction, altough unexpected, was adorable and I wish there were more people to have such cute reactions.

I did meet a few people who were ready to take the plunge into frills, which was awesome! A girl who stopped me sometime around last year, and asked for a pic, found me again. She was so surprized to find me and excited to hear we had a fairly active group here in Rhode Island when I told her (I felt like I was in a "Where's Waldo" think can you spot the Lolita?).

We sat around for a few hours and talked while pouring over one of my GLBs I actually had in my bag.

The past few days have been so nice, and I have loved walking to the park nestled amoung the more historic part of the city and sit writing and daydreaming in the shade. I hope a lot of days are as comfy as this for a nice stroll and brainstorm. I did come up with another story, that I hope to share when I have a little more, I hope when I post it, people will read it and enjoy.

How's the weather in your neck of the woods? Is it just so nice out that you can't stand to stay inside on your free days?

I hope everyone is well, grab a cup of tea and I'll race you to the garden, sit and enjoy the day<3

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Of Obnoxious Boys, Cops, and Frog Ponds

This actually happened a few weeks ago at the ice skating meet we had up in Boston. A lot of funny things happened there and I wanted to write about them.

The day was pretty much like any other when your parading around en mass in Lolita. Tons of wide eyed children staring with eyes that said "I want to be a princess too!" and people asking why we were all dressed up. We even had a few groups of teens ask to take pictures with us, my favorite one being when we all tried to just smile for one, then for the next photo everyone slowly did peace signs including the Korean kids who asked to take pictures with us. We all laughed about it when we all realized everyone had the same idea and it was just really cute. Nothing unusual there. Just cute.

The next thing that really happened was only funny because of my verbal reaction to two obnoxious boys. We were all walking down the street in a line, so as not to make people walking the opposite direction have to walk in the street, and these two boys pass us going the opposite direction. The first one says "nice costumes guys." which could always be dismissed as 'he just doesn't know.' The second one says "it's not Halloween anymore guys." which makes it obvious their being jerks cause we're different.

No one was going to say anything, I don't think, I didn't even think I was going to even bother either, when out of my mouth I say, way too quickly to realize it was happening and loud enough for everyone on the street to hear "Oh? then why are you out?"

I didn't mean too, it just happened! I didn't want to show them that their words were having an effect on anyone, but it happened, my mouth ran away on me. Those boys did a double take!

Lucky for me, all of my group just burst out laughing as we kept walking along, passing other people who enjoyed our frills.

In this trek back to our cars, we had a shoe accident so instead of having a friend struggle with her shoe I put her on my back and walked her most of the way to the car...until we got kind of picked up by two cops.

I set her down for a second when we found another solution to the shoe issue and she was waved down by them in their cop car. I went to check on her, thinking we were in some kind of trouble, only to discover the cops wanted to know what we were wearing!

So, no getting picked up for some strange rule like 'no carrying people in public' rules, just curious cops questioning about our fashion sense. ^_^

That is another 'Things That Happen To You In Lolita' hope you've enjoyed it. Please feel free to tell me your stories!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Historic Places Well Suited To My Loli: The Athenaeum

The Athenaeum. A lovely little spot for me when I'm dressed head to toe in the frills. I like it here and I like that it's only a short walk away from me.

Dating back to 1753, was started by a group of locals with a desire to read and share, they purchased books from England and posted a small subscription fee to join and help purchase a wider selections of books. Stephen Hopkins, who's name is on the Declaration of Independence, was one of the members to help start this place up. 

The building itself was actually completed in 1838, by then the library's collection had faced several moves and nearly loosing all of it's collection to a fire in 1758.

This was what H.P. Lovecraft would have seen when visiting the library around the 1920s. As you can see not much has changed from then, aside from the cars and the building itself being entwined in the vines, which I would love if it still were.

Visited by Edgar Allan Poe as well, the building honestly didn't change much since the 1840s, but it is absolutely lovely to visit and think about these great writers and dream what they dreamt, of monsters and ghostly raven's cawing dead lover's names...

It's really lovely here in early spring, I will not forget to show you the place in autumn hues, be on the look out for some photos of the place in October. Hopefully, I'll get to do a good Loli shoot...

Sculptured busts cap off each end of the bookcases and put you face to face with many literary greats. This is on the second floor, as you can see there is a room on the other side in which they keep most of their prized art pieces. Two pictures of note of the many stored there is that of Edgar Allan Poe himself and his beloved "Lenore" as it were Miss Sarah Helen Whitman of Providence. He met her only a few houses down the road from here, seeing her walking around her backyard. It is said that he fell in love at the very moment he saw her amongst the roses there.

Anyway, back to the present...

Right here is a nice little nook in which I like to sit and read and write, there are many other little nooks on can do this in (usually there are chairs).

The small stairway up is mirrored on each side. The steps are steep and tricky and I would warn you to watch your footing.

Down into the basement stacks of the library, one can't get lost down here, however, it is easy to find other spots to while away the hours in peace and solitude.

Both in the corners, to the left of a floor to ceiling portrait of George Washington, cozy and little, a nice spot to drop off and read a good story or two.

If you're ever in Providence, RI, be sure to stop off at this little spot on the beloved Benefit Street, you can't miss the place and if you are big on historic literary figures, like Poe and Lovecraft, the street is filled with their presence and I suggest you check it out.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Glasses...!(◎_◎;) f^_^;)(^∇^)

So today I went and got glasses...

I haven't had glasses since I was in high school and that's when I first got them too. I never thought I looked good in any glasses nor would any work for me, I didn't want them, and they've always look bad on me. However, I need to see, and contacts 24/7 is not the best idea, so I suck it up and get my frilly self to the eye docs for a once over. I get my eyes dilated and check to see how bad my eyes are now (been a whole since I checked those) and come to find that I have corneal migraines going on.

This is a recent development, I've been getting what look like lightning flashes in my eyes and it gets distorted around the bolts and I can't see for about 20 minutes with a pounding headache. I now need more tests to see if there will be anything I need to worry about, but all in all not bad and I'm not too worried about it, just another quirk.

The glasses I picked are kind of cool, not too fancy. They're dark, almost black, brown with this translucenty blue shadow on the frame that make the lens look like they are back~lit when they hit the right light.

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll put myself together to see how it will look with my usual Loli...

Tea for all for now, off to commandeer a pot for me!


Friday, March 16, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things: Purses

As you have most likely deduced by the look of this post, I like Lolita purses. They come in all shapes and sizes and are quite intringueing. I used to hate purses (still kind of do) and can't figure out why I need to carry so much stuff as to need a bag for it. I need to just accept it as a necessary evil sometimes.

Lolita, however, strikes my fancy with some pretty nifty purses that I'd be glad to carry around. Not all are brand, but most are, but I find these selections pretty lovely, in particular. 
The Heart~Shape
Always has been one of my favorite styled bags.

The Treasure Chest
If there is one bag I've always dreamt of, it's a treasure chest bag, thank you Aatp!

The Star
 While not my favorite shape bag, this one does make an impression.

The Traveler Trunk
I think this is a lovely bag that can go with just about any classic or gothic wardrobe.

The Tea Cup
 I told you I love tea cups! I don't have a lot of sweet but I would love this bag. If the had a tea pot bag, I'd probably want it too.

The Playing Card
Again, it would be hard to fit in my wardrobe, but I love the look of playing cards. 

The Satchel
Simple and elegant, and another staple that could go easily into any classic or gothic wardrobe.

The Little House Down The Lane
I just think it's cute, again, with bags like these the coord needs to have a theme to fit.

Stained Glass
Lovely and delicate looking. (I'd be afraid to break it)

The "Book" Bag

I do love any type of book styled bags, including the Innocent World bag, I am thinking of making one of these soon.


Not much to describe it, however, it comes in different colors and is suited for gothic, classic, and even sweet Lolita.

The Violin
I love the Violin bag, I play the violin, it's my favorite instruement, I love this bag.

The Piano
If I had to get the violin bag just because I play it, I would have to get the piano bag too, and it's just as cute a bag. 

The Bow
Lately I've been obsessed with bows. I bought several bow rings in several colors that I can easily match to most of my Lolita.

The Coffin
Easily fitted to gothic, and I would love to find a brown one to add to a classic~ish coord, but alas, these things aren't thought of.

Easily said, these bags are awesome and are just a few more of my favorite things. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Thirty

Day Thirty: A Photo Of Yourself Taken Today And Three Good Things That’s Happened Over The Last Thirty Days

Oh my goodness! I can't believe that I've completed the 30 Day Lolita Meme! I'm glad I did it, I grew comfortable and more certain of posting things I wanted too...

Picture of me today:

and three good things that have happened over the last thirty (or so...) days since having started this meme.

hmmm...let me see, a lot of good things have happened, what's noteworthy...

One...This is my first year skating. I have loved figure skating since I was a little girl but never had a chance to go until I moved into the city. I have gone almost every week this summer, at least once a week, learning how to do cross overs and several other tricks that I don't even know the names off. I have thanks to give because of this to my friend (I'll call her K), and a few friendly people who were willing to teach me what they know down at the rinks.

Two...My new dress. I can't believe I even lucked out in the colorway I wanted. It had just sold out on~line and I was certain I wouldn't be able to get it, but I asked anyway and lucked out!

Three...The show I was working on was wonderful. Even though they are high school students and were in a high school setting, they only had 6 weeks of rehearsal time to learn a show with 8 semi~intense dances, wonderful music, and rush to be off book. I'm not saying it can't be done by high school students, they worked hard to overcome the odds they were up against and did it as a team, I am very proud of them.

Yeah, these pictures...after ice skating...

The mass on the top of my head is a head bow which I hadn't realized til now I took off...silly me.

So that's it for the 30 Day Lolita Meme. I've finished it with my head still intact and it feels great. I hope you enjoyed being able to look into my head for this meme.

Now, pull up a chair and grab a cup of tea and be ready for what comes next at The Bloody Tea Party!

Ah, beautiful tea!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Twenty~Nine

Day Twenty~Nine: A Picture Of A Lolita You Would Love To Meet For Real

This is ridiculous, I've typed and erased, and typed again, several times now trying to figure out who I'd want to meet and why.

I would love to meet......

Misako Aoki

She's the embassador of Kawaii, yes, but she's more that just a pretty face in a pretty Lolita dress. She also works as a nurse and takes care of people. With the double~agent life you know she has to be smart and always working hard. I think it's admirable, doing what she loves and working as hard as she has to in both jobs . She reminds me to strive to be a better person and not let things like fashion, status quo, or even other people and what they think, stand in my way.

Truly, I would love to meet more that just Misako, and for different reasons, There are many unique people in our fashion with different styles and different ways of thinking, I would love to sit and talk to people over a nice cup of tea. ^_^

Who would you like to meet and why?

So that's it for this day's meme, I hope you enjoyed looking into my head!

Tootles for now!

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened On A Walk Today...

This is another Things That Happen To You In Lolita segment. In Lolita we all know it can be a fascinating fashion but not everyone has the same opinion, and people are not always familiar with it. It's a fashion that takes guts, patience, and passion to wear it.

Now I'm not shy in the least, I like experimenting with my coordinates and wearing my own designs so I take chances knowing they may be eye~catching. This particular garment had to go through several remodelling and with outside reactions are an indications of how people feel about this jsk, it's heading in the right direction.

This is the coord I was wearing today:

You can't see but I have a bow in my hair...I just can't take my picture right ^^P

It's not all done yet, I would like to fit the bodice better, and I want to keep the heart shape that I made the darted the darn thing to imitate. I'm still not 100% happy with it but pretty impressed since I only had three yards of fabric. On a side note: This was the first jsk I ever made, only had 3 yards like I said and a seing maching that was practically broken. I didn't know what I was doing and never really did any sewing prior to this project unless it was by hand. Thinking back, I made this about 3 years ago!

Anywho, on to the story!!!!

Today was like any other, cleaned the house a bit, had lunch with the boyfriend, nothing out of the ordinary...until I went for a stroll around town.

So many people commented on how great my outfit was, saying it was cute or awesome or that they loved it. People walking down the street or even standing in line, one girl even knew I was wearing a Japanese street fashion, I got so many today I was feeling pretty good about it.

The icing on the cake however, and the funniest of all the reactions, I got was when a whole truck of firemen running errands spotted me and smiled at me. Not one or two firemen, a whole truck! Every seat was filed in there and they were coming from around a corner so even the guys in front had seen me and they all waved back amiably when I did. In my experience, younger men are usually don't comment well in regards to Loli, some just don't understand and ignore.

Funny thing, whole truck, filled with young firemen, smiling and waving.

Very Excited about what's happening around here...

Spring is here and summer is coming and the Rhode Island Lolita's are ready to take this spot on the world by storm!

We seem to be a very active group. Right as we speak we are planning at least one picnic in the zoo, biking up to Bristol for a picnic at the state park, a day in Newport, high tea, and a fruit bar tasting for summer fruit.

We are so active it's not even funny.

In the winter we have tons of tea and go to our favorite snuggery called the Duck and Bunny, that's the usual haunt for us. We have done a few swap meets, apple picking up in Boston, ice skating, a Halloween party in the cememtery, and a lovely Christmas party.

Okay, so we're active in winter too...I honestly can't wait for any of it, the bike ride right now is always on my mind. I went to my parent's house and dug out a picnic basket and found some sturdy antique gloves I had been looking for. Next I am looking to find a sturdy fan for when we take a break, and besides I think it's good to have one on hand while traveling anywhere in Lolita.

I'll keep you posted on the meets and hopefully have tons of pictures to share!

For now pull up a chair, grab someone's cup of tea, if none are ready for you, and enjoy the party...

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Twenty~Eight

Day Twenty~Eight: A Picture Of The Perfect Lolita Location

I live in little ol' Rhode Island, just a little speck in the US, most people imagine you live in a Family Guy episode when you mention the name. Either that or they ask if that's in Massachusetts...

My state has many locations to suit Lolita, and at least for me, all you have to do is walk down the street. I have the Athenaeum on the lovely Benefit Street, for example:

I took this pic on a stroll the other day, unforetunately, I didn't get to do any real Loli photoshoots.

The Archade was built buy the same architect as the Athenaeum. He designed only one of the sides and the other face of the building is different, they say the two arhcetects had an arguement about the look and did their on thing on their own side. It is one of the first built malls in the US.

Delekta Pharamcists in Warren is one of the last family owned cola making pharamcies ever. Inside is a delightful little atmorsphere where you can experience your own coffee cabinet, home~made ice cream and cola (you can choose your own flavors in your cola too!) . If you don't know what a coffe cabinet is by the way, google it!

Belcourt Castle in Newport is another wonderful place to go for Loli. I've been there a few times, I had a piano recital there and the owner let me roam the place (Mrs. Tinney is very nice)but plan to go for a meet sometime soon.

This is the Sprague mansion in Bristol, I have past by it many a time on my way to my sister's house. It's just one of the many lovely spots.

This is the Breakers (the morning room). Recently, (okay several years ago) I have read a book that was based in this mansion in particular, since reading it I have wanted to visit and see if the rooms bring on a new imaginative edge.

Okay, so some I do have to hope a bus to get to but the ride is not bad at all to any of these places and they are all on the same bus line. I wish they took you by trolley though...we have trollies too and every time we go to tea at our regular place in Prov, we can hope a trolley to the Duck and Bunny...We have many awesome little Lolita nooks in RI, what's it like where you live?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Twenty~Seven

Day Twenty~Seven: One Song That Fits Your Lolita Style

I honestly think it would have to be this, The Mad Hatter from Wonderland the Musical. Every time I listen to it, I just feel like I'm on top of the world and no one can touch me, it boosts my confidence levels way up especially when I can see everyone is already staring at me.

My one problem with this song is trying not to dance or sing it in public. I just can't stop myself from dancing and this song just doesn't help!

What song would best fit you and your Loli?

Day Twenty~Seven is starting off with me dancing around the room with a cup of hot tea...this could be problematic in so many ways...hope everyone's day is starting off well.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gothic Lolita Bible Vol 43 with Fragrant Rose...

I just posted this to EGL on Livejournal, I'm hoping to get some positive responses, I stumbled on this on tumblr.

I was wondering if anyone may have a better scanned version of this page in the Gothic & Lolita Bible vol 43 .
The new Baby the Stars Shine Bright print “Fragrant Rose Memories” page is what I am very interested in getting a better pic of. The only scan I've found is this from glitterxbeasts tumblr, here:

This is the pic itself:

I'm also looking for a copy of it so maybe I'll be able to get a hold of this issue too.

Here's hoping!

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Twenty~Six

Day Twenty~Six: Your Facebook Profile Picture

So this is it:

This is usually my default fb pic, I don't usually like my pic at all, I am not photogenic.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Baby The Stars Truly Shine Bright For Me!

I have purchased the Camelot jsk WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!

If I could I think this would be a good coordinate for this piece.

I would have loved it in the sepia color way but while I was debating the purchase it sold out...
That's really okay though, I thought the mint one was okay too, I was too heartbroken and managed to snag one just in time before that choice became an impossible dream too.

I can't wait to get it, the set was another that really caught my eye and I had just gotten paid for my choreography and I was told I could use it for a dress if I so choose.

This will be my third brand spanking new brand piece I've purchased and the first I have bought on my own. I don't buy them when they first come out, the other two were special instances really. My Angelic Pretty, my boyfriend brought me to Tokyo Rebel on my birthday and that was the only way that was going to happen. The second was my dream dress the Night Faery Fantasia jsk he bought me while visiting Japan...

Okay, calming down, as you can tell, I'm very excited to get this piece.
 I will try to do a review for it when it comes in.

How My Family Feels About My Lolita

First and foremost, I must inform you, my family is weird.

They think I'm weird and have said so, but they play into my weird and encourage it, it's really lovely, but weird.

Okay first let's take my dad, he thinks we belong in the Victorian/Edwardian era complete with way of life. He was a ship's captain and thinks things like the house should always be clean and never a thing out of place and that all his children should go to college and be things like lawyers and doctors. Really, what he thinks is that the world should be ubber perfect and that we should live our lives like the Van Trap Family (Does not help that 4 out of 5 children in this set are musically inclined). So to him, my Loli...fits into his perfect world dreams...he even believes more girls should dress like me...weird!

My mother...well, she's always been different and weird. She is a florist and an artist and loves to sing and she loves her children being creative in any way possible. Mom loves my Lolita and often teases that she used to dress me up in clothes like it when I was a little girl and would hate it. I tell her that I hated not being given a choice and having to wear it to school all day and be picked on which, I'm assuming, she doesn't want to hear. Now none of that matters, I've grown accustomed to being the outcast or picked on and have learned to ignore those who try it. (although last time someone tried to say that it wasn't Halloween and I turned around and said "Well, why are you out then?" So much for ignoring ^^P)

My brothers, they don't even act as if there's anything different about me even when I where some coords that are bright and so obviously not normal. They don't bat and eye and just continue whatever they're doing. They never question what I wear or even put funny faces on, they just accept.

My younger sister, she's a different story, she either hates it or loves it, and she'll definitely voice her opinion either way, that's just her. I know that she'll always give me an honest opinion and at least tell me if it doesn't look like I've pulled the coord together well enough or if it doesn't suit me.

My nephew who is only 5 thinks it's great! (my nephew still thinks I'm the awesome jungle gym he can rough~house with. We're definitely the dynamic duo ^_^) He thinks it's also an opportunity to switch clothes and at least wear my petticoat or wig caps. Sometimes, he may even try to wear the whole thing, a funny kid indeed.

My sister in law is probably like my little sister, very opinionated about what I wear, but has her favorites. She also likes to find me Loliable things and add to it, she just bought me these kick~ass heels that look very good with pirate Loli. She likes when I have meets and always wants to hear about them too, I think she's intrigued by it but she would never do it herself.

So that's my family, very weird but they love me, my weirdness and all. What does your family feel about your Lolita?

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Twenty~Five

Day Twenty~Five: Your Favorite Lolita Themed Artwork

This was difficult, I haven't found one that I would say is my favorite yet, but I do have a wide variety of artwork that I like.

I should google this pic again, I dodn't know where I got it from, I really love the all the little details, the colors and how they're used.

If anyone knows where this picture is from, please let me know!