Monday, March 12, 2012

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Twenty~Eight

Day Twenty~Eight: A Picture Of The Perfect Lolita Location

I live in little ol' Rhode Island, just a little speck in the US, most people imagine you live in a Family Guy episode when you mention the name. Either that or they ask if that's in Massachusetts...

My state has many locations to suit Lolita, and at least for me, all you have to do is walk down the street. I have the Athenaeum on the lovely Benefit Street, for example:

I took this pic on a stroll the other day, unforetunately, I didn't get to do any real Loli photoshoots.

The Archade was built buy the same architect as the Athenaeum. He designed only one of the sides and the other face of the building is different, they say the two arhcetects had an arguement about the look and did their on thing on their own side. It is one of the first built malls in the US.

Delekta Pharamcists in Warren is one of the last family owned cola making pharamcies ever. Inside is a delightful little atmorsphere where you can experience your own coffee cabinet, home~made ice cream and cola (you can choose your own flavors in your cola too!) . If you don't know what a coffe cabinet is by the way, google it!

Belcourt Castle in Newport is another wonderful place to go for Loli. I've been there a few times, I had a piano recital there and the owner let me roam the place (Mrs. Tinney is very nice)but plan to go for a meet sometime soon.

This is the Sprague mansion in Bristol, I have past by it many a time on my way to my sister's house. It's just one of the many lovely spots.

This is the Breakers (the morning room). Recently, (okay several years ago) I have read a book that was based in this mansion in particular, since reading it I have wanted to visit and see if the rooms bring on a new imaginative edge.

Okay, so some I do have to hope a bus to get to but the ride is not bad at all to any of these places and they are all on the same bus line. I wish they took you by trolley though...we have trollies too and every time we go to tea at our regular place in Prov, we can hope a trolley to the Duck and Bunny...We have many awesome little Lolita nooks in RI, what's it like where you live?

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