Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things: Tea Cups

If there is one thing I love in my Lolita, it's tea!

I drink so much tea sometimes it's a little ridiculous and one stop to the market every two weeks won't cut it. Of course, I only pick up one to two types at a time...

Anywho, I love tea, and I really enjoy sitting down with a cup, either with friends, or playing scary video games, or watching a horror movie, or reading a good book, so many occasions for a good cup of tea.

What I really enjoy, when having tea, is the different tea cups or mugs to enjoy them in.

So many shapes, sizes, and decorations to please the eye, even while reflecting, a curious cup often stirs the imagination and your tea ^^P.

Here are just a few:
This tea cup is actually perfect for a hot chocolate cupcake...I need one....
Playing card tea set? Yes please! I know many don't like being associated with the Lewis Carroll character or story but I like it and I think this tea set may have been inspired but such a story.

No Bones about it, this tea cup would be a keeper and go lovely for any Halloween tea party.

Just too cute, I could hardly resist.

Of course, I am a fan of classic pieces and having them miss match is something I would love to do.

This is actually a doll tea set. I wouldn't mind having it be me sized...
I love this one too, and so does my sister in law who is a fan of Day of the Dead skulls.

I also love tea cup jewelry. I think they are so delicate and cute and can come in a variety of colors.

Classy tea cup ring with lemon strikes my fancy for sure.

Of course, there is always fairy like ones for sweet.

I clearly don't have enough, I need to find more and be covered in tea cup jewelry ^^P. (I don't own any by the way but I want to)

If anyone finds really cute tea cup or tea cup jewelry, please share, I'd love to look!


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