Friday, April 27, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things: Bonnets

Bonnets have not always been an obsession for me, that is, until recently. It went from 'eh, bonnets are okay, don't think I'd want to wear them.' to 'I want this bonnet. I need to make a bonnet. This bonnet is beautiful!'

The bonnet infection went fairly quickly to my brain, especially since seeing Misako Aoki and her adorable face in this floppy one.

I'm still not really a fan of the floppy bonnets, however, I have an inky feeling that these types will best suit my face and head.
Maybe a little floppy for my tastes, however, I think it may work with my face. Since this actually is in the fabric my new jsk is made of I may consider getting it.

Another floppy bonnet, yet this one still has an elegant quality to it that doesn't make me think of baby bonnets.

This style and color makes me want to make one for my rose fragrant memories jsk. I would rather replace the lace with a sort of ruffle though, much like this:

Or this:

I also love, to a ridiculous amount. the Chantilly brand bonnets and their diamond patterns.

This shape, size, and type of bonnet will most likely be my next bonnet project, with the add~on of a ruffled inner brim:

I think bonnets in Lolita add an exciting, elegant, feature to coordinates that shouldn't be overlooked. Yes, it is hard to find the proper bonnet for a face, I know cause mine kind of looks silly with it, but it can be down and look lovely.

My first bonnet...we're still not very good friends...I look silly.

Bonnets are only one accessory in Lolita and I think everyone should experiment and find at least one that best suits them.

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