Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hey There, Sailor Loli!

This be the season of the sailor lad and lass, where nearly every Loli goes completely nuts over sailor collars, navy blues, and buttons.  Many see it as a light and airy celebration of beach~fairing activities perfect for summer meets.

I have the sneaking suspicion that Sailor~Loli will be making a major influx into the Lolita community this year. This new swing, I believe, is in part due to Metamorphose's summer 2012 series with it's cute high~waisted skirt, with suspenders, and sailor hats, there still items from this series here:

Or you can see a spread of the series in the Gothic Lolita Bible vol 44:

It is a very cute series ^_^.

It would be very hard not to want one, but since the same pleated skirt in the pic is actually out of stock on the reserve list many have to resort to other means. You can buy something similar easily, many options in style or color, there is always something else that can be just as great.

I've browsed and browsed, googling, going through comm memories, Hello Lace~ing, and using the Lolibrary searching for more cute and classy garb. Here's a few thing for some eye~candy:

The long and short waist can give a slightly different silhouette but are both great choices for those of the Sailor persuasion

If you can't see that this is a great sailor styled Loli dress...well...I'm not going to say anything...

Delicate, with the idea of a sailor outfit without the usual collar, giving it a new look.

Three tiers of cuteness and I think it is simple and elegant and a nice difference from your typical circle, a~line, and pleated sailor skirts.

The white and black is not exactly my favorite, but these two are another example. The black and maroon is a nice option.

Sleek and elegant, exactly what I'd expect from IW.

I honestly love the one with the bustled back, I've loved it ever since I saw it.

I for one am falling into line for the sailor look and already have a project planned for my next sewing project. (I will make an update on my other sewing projects as well) It will not be the traditional colors, matter of fact it will be a brilliant red, but beyond the main color of the piece I'm still debating on the combo I could use. It will have the collar, but I have yet to decide on bows or buttons or both, allowing me to see what I like as I go.

Who knows what it will look like, and who knows if I'll be able to make a trip to the fabric store to pick up some matching supplies...Who knows...

So pull up a seat, grab yourself a cup, and tune in next time for The Bloody Tea Party!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Nerd In The Lolita

Okay, so you caught me from the 1960's Mr. Freeze pic, I am a nerd, a complete and utter comic nerd, I have always been this way. This habit started before I could even read, when I would sneak into my older cousin's closet to check out his batman comics.

And I did watch all the old school Batman's, Flash, Wonder Woman, and yes, even Captain America. But it doesn't stop there, I have a geeky love for some video games (mostly survival horror) and books.
What can I say, he's a zombie after my own heart, and for that I love popping his head off with a shotgun for it ^_^
Recently, there has been a spike in superhero appreciation in the Lolita community due to the recent release of The Avengers and I was one of the excited many. One girl in particular has made a whole slew of superheroed lolita coords drawn up. I want to make one of them, or something similar, but can't choose just which to go with first. This is her tumblr:

One thing I could never understand though was, even though these guys were naturally awesome to me...why couldn't they get costumes that weren't made of pajamas or spandex?...
Although cute on children, these duds aren't meant for masqurading as superheroes.

Holy wardrobe fail Batman! We're dressed for a slumberparty!

Not saying I love them any less but...holy speedo Batman O.O...
Speaking of trying my hand at a some Super Hero themed coord ideas, here's some for the Batgirl in me:

This version of Batgirl might be a cool one to try.

This dress pops in my head when I think BatLoli lol.
Love this blouse! It'd be perfect for the coord.

Tattoo tights with bats on them...oh yeah...
Super Boots!!!
Batgirl hair barrette!

Definitely do some wicked nail art.

Batgirl necklace.
Would be a pretty good choice in bag.

Gotham City Ring.
I have this belt!

I wish I had a little more yellow in this...maybe a yellow bow instead of the bat barrette but it's way too awesome not to use...I had too much fun with this, but anyway that was my batgirl~inspired Lolita coord.

I absolutely love all the Lolita inspired superhero artwork and really would love to try to incorperate something like that into my wardrobe. ^_^

What do you think of this recent superhero craze? Do you have a favorite Super? Super inspired coord ideas?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chai Shortbread Cookies Recipe

Last week, we RI Loli's had a bit of a picnic/road trip and all tried to bring something yummy to nibble on. I chose some simple chai tea cookies that were easy to make and perfect to snack on between laughs and small time Lolita adventures.

So adventurous....f^_^;

This cookie is great for the avid tea drinker, not only because of the tea in them but because you can switch it up and find a pleasing compliment to either match your tea or blend with a different taste!

Be prepaired, this is an icebox cookie, meaning 30 minutes to an hour in the freezer is necessery, but there are plenty of upsides to this. One is that you can keep it in your freezer for months. Second reason this is great is, in case of random visitors, you can always pull these babies out for a quick bake and have them ready to serve for guests. ^_^

Chai Tea Cookies
makes 2 dozen

  • 1 cup all purpose flour
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup confectioners' sugar
  • 1 tablespoon Chai tea leaves* (I would use 3 packets)
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 teaspoon water
  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter
Preheat oven to 375*F. And a great side note would be to take out your butter now and let it get to room temp.

Take the dry ingredients and blend them well. (which you can see here that I blended them way to well to see the tea leaves. Derp)


I used Twinning's Chai tea leaves for my mix (not my favorite choice of tea) it did make it easier to just blend right in from the packets. So easy, just cut them open and add to the dry mix.

Add all the wet ingredients to the mix. (The thing that looks like egg is actually my melted butter)

Mix this until you get a really gooey ball of cookie dough. It really doesn't get any easier than this, which is lovely.

Roll into a log and wrap it in what should be parchment paper. Alas, I had no parchment paper so tin foil it is.

Now Freeze!

Pop it in the freezer for 30 minutes to an hour and your nearly finished. Once chilled take them out and cut into pieces of about 1/3 an inch. Place on a cookies sheet and pop in the oven for about 12 to 15 minutes.

A little side note: don't go by the look, they don't change color too much while baking.

SO now that I've hung out with Mr. Freeze and baked a double batch, I head out for a little picnic time with friends, singing, road~tripping, and a little tree~climbing.

Hope you have a good time making these and enjoy them with a nice cup of tea. ^_^

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things: Boots

I need to get into a schedule for posting things...Anywho, on to posting some of my favorite things!

I think most girls can say, most all Lolitas love shoes, high~heeled, ruffle~studded, ribboned, there are a zillion different things that can be featured in a Lolita shoe. I wont be writing about any kind of shoe, I will be showing off boots.

Boots have always been my favorite go to shoe maybe since I was born. I love the way they look, how they don't need heels to look great and can alter a look just by wearing them, turning something dainty to have an edge.

Granted in both college and high school I had a bit of an edge all over the place, I was more a Kamikaze Girls Ichigo than a Momoko, and half the time I still act it. I don't think it's something I will ever gett over, and I honestly don't mind being myself, but what can I do, I love the frills and I'm a bit brash...


These little cuties need to be in my closet. Simple, aesthetically pleasing in all the right places, with little bows on the side that add a touch of cute to an elegant boot. Perfect for classic. 

This is a superhero shoe if e'er I saw one. Belted and buckled and nothing short of savvy, these are a little hard~core for the sweet maybe but I think it has quite a few coords in favor of these.

I like the cut~out in these, the bows I think are just enough, and they're cute enough for a delicate sweet, easy in classic, and, in black, they will add an elegant edge.

I actually don't know where I found these, but they are pretty cool! Reverse ties with striking ribbon laces, painted up with roses...these actually look like antique doll shoes...If anyone knows where these are, please let me know...

These may look a little less cutsy, to me anyway, but I love them! These would definitely be something I'd gear almost any classic or gothic coord.

First thing I noticed about these were the spat~like designs, I've always wanted a pair of spat boots. I also think the curve in the back of the heal is a nice touch. just everything about this shoe really, from the delicate bow in the front to the scalloped lines.

You might find this one a little weird but I really love combat boots, always have, always will. It's a good staple boot for the very outdoorsy Lolita (like me), when going applepicking, these would have done nicely. Very punky and sharp, good for goth as well, this one definitely has an edge to it.

I'm not big on the overyly sweet types of boots but the sweeter looks do tend to go into my mary~janes and strappy tastes for shoes. I'll get to those later. So for now, I hope you like this episode of the bloody tea party, now pull up a chair and pick out a cup, enjoy your day ^_^.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

How Do You Take Things Like This...

It seems like all day, every day, when I'm out and dressed head to toe in frills people have a most positive reaction to my outfits. Sure they range from the not so polite compliment to the most polite 'You're the best dressed person I've seen in a really long time.' from an older gentlemen in a suit.

I'm not saying that the people around here all shower positive comments over my dresses or anything, there are a few negative ones...But I've not had a horrible one yet and I'm greatful for it.

The worst things that have happened on account of my clothes have come from my siblings, which I don't think they realize what they've been saying is hurtful. They're not saying anything really negative in the first place, the past few weeks everyone says I look better in jeans or ask me not to where anything 'frilly' for special occasions.

I wear my Lolita all the time and everyday, if I can, for the past 6 years now, maybe longer. I'm saying they should be used to it, it's not some recent drastic change. I've worn it out with them for simple things like groceries or walks, no one has said anything except recently. I do wear jeans and normal clothes with them too, I just have a prefference for my Lolita, it's my style not anyone else's.

I don't think I'm looking too old for it, and recently my boyfriend was willing to go out with me in a very casual coord. I never go out with him in my Loli, he's very vocal about his comfort level, so when he says something is nice or he's willing to go out with me like that...yeah, it's like that...If he says something looks cute or thinks it will look cute on me, I jump at the chance to get it.

I've tried to joke with them that if they want me to wear normal they have to wear something frilly, they laugh and say not going to happen, but we laugh and I start to feel stiffled. It's all recent and I might just be being stupid, but I'm finding it more and more uncomfortable to have to listen to it from them....And if my boyfriend is becoming more comfortable to stroll around with me in Loli and they're becoming less tolerating...I just find it dumb.

If anyone ever tried to stand me off on my Loli, I mean really stand me off, I would be so ready to jump all over doesn't help that I get so easilly worked up when it comes to my family and comments...

Okay, I'm dumb ranting now.

What are your siblings' reactions like to your clothing, and what would you do if they asked you to wear normal clothes?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mom And The Great Bloomer Drafting Debate!

Today, my mother did something that she never does...she stayed home from work!!!

This was really necessary due to oral surgery she had the day before, nothing big, but the stuff they gave her made sure she couldn't drive (^∇^). Trust me, this is a good thing, the woman works herself to the bone! So, to keep her occupied and make sure she got what she needed, I went to visit her and ensure some rest was gotten.

At first she drove me crazy with Glee (not really a fan, but don't really watch it) and then I drove her crazy with New Girl (I can't stop laughing, and the zanieness reminds me of what my life was like when working at school). After a while we got talking about sewing and my Lolita. She also was talking about her new sewing room and how she wanted to sew more like she used to, and sew me some clothes (YAY!!).

My mom is pretty boss at sewing, she's been since she was 9 years old and made her own clothes and everything. She helped sew my King Richard's costume from a few years ago. My mom has always had some crafty thing to do or lying around her house, so it was pretty natural to start a debate about what to do with the fabric stored in the basement and closets.

She started telling me to gather the 4 containers, filled with fabric, that were hidden in the house and start to find things we liked. 4 containers worth! We found out she had a lot of really nice pieces to work with for classic, and some cute things for sweet. And then, of course my mom's favorite style prints, reserved for me to tilt my head at... Eventually I picked out a cute yellow bumble bee print(unfortunately not bumble bee transformer's bumble bee) and we decided we were going to randomly draft bloomers.
Transformer Powers Not Included.

We ran around searching for sewing tools for drafting and came up empty? Well, really I went running around the house everywhere my mom told me they could be, because running around and tripping was most likely what she would do. Eventually we gave up and used a tape measure and a colored pencil(so not good for fabric) and we began to draft out a pattern.

At first we were using one from sew-Loli memories but I didn't like not having angles defined so we improvised and worked the numbers and made a few spins on the pattern. I will post a tutorial soon, it is very easy! I took into account what I had done with my last pattern for bloomers in my altering of the pattern.

I need better tools...

At the end of the day we had drafted, measured, drawn out, and cut out a bloomer pattern satisfactorially! I'm pretty happy with the tweaking we did and can't wait to get a chance to sew it all together.

The Thing I'm glad the most for is that I will cherish the memory of sitting on the floor with my mom, fiddling with athe plan for A sewing project. We goofed off, got serious, got confused, and got goofy all over again. I hope I get to do this again and hang out with my mom like this soon(^_^)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Staples For Lolita: Bloomers

There will always be things in a fashion that are either a big NO or an even bigger NEED. I was recently thinking about this while reading the Livejournal Sew_Loli comm for the sew~along. This round everyone will start work on a pattern draft for bloomers, starting May 5th, and it has a list of tools needed for the project and alternatives to drafting. This is the link for the post:

I think bloomers are the biggest staple in Lolita to have, aside from an actual jumperskirt or one piece, mainly due to modesty and aestethic value. Some may not agree with modesty being a rule in Lolita however, I think, when the wind blows....well if you don't get the picture, maybe you need bloomers...f^_^;

Bloomers can be pretty and protective, if your not sold on the wind never revealing your tidy~whities because you like going Lolita commando and think it's sexy or something here are a few other bonuses to wearing them.

One) When you go to sit in public or on a public transportation system, there are so many layers, true, but your thighs wont stick to the seats in summer.

Just saying, eith bloomers, this awkward sitting with a cold bum would never happen...
Two) In winter....extra insulation, need I say more...

Winter Loli is probably warmer in layers and bloomers to protect her bum from winter gust.

Three) Maybe not so important, but if you have poofy bloomers (not the ones that are like shorts) it can give a little extra poof to your skirts.

This dress, probably had a little extra poof, thanks to her bloomers...

Four) Depending on what style of Loli you like you can always have longer bloomers to have they're ruffly, lacey, bottoms sticking out from the bottom. This may be classified as more ero, but I think it's still cute even when wearing knee~length skirts.

A little lace under the skirts can be quite cute ^_^

Five) Bloomers always got you covered. Through all seasons, they're always in style and they can come in every different color, shape, style, or size imaginable. They can be just cute!

So don't forget your bloomers, Lolis and Gents, may the gustful winds never leave you red in the face! ^_^