Friday, June 22, 2012


Among the many things I did last week, between baking and sewing machine drop offs, I did a little sewing shopping by accident...

I didn't mean too, It just sort of happened! I wasn't even in a fabric store, I was in a crafts store that I never knew had fabric.

It might have been a bad thing for my wallet, but it was an excellent find I couldn't pass up.

I found this awesome black and grey striped fabric, at 3yrds for $10, in a small corner of A.C. Moore. The one that my mother and I often visit doesn't usually carry fabric, so I was surprised to find a small section with little bolts of pre~cut yards. I bought to bolts. ^_^

Print up close.

Not only did I find some pretty fabric, I stumbled through a section for lace, not expecting to even look, and I found this:

Usually lace from a crafting store is nothing like this, everything scratchy and unsuitable for Loli(usually!), and yet I found this.

There were three spools, one yard per spool but cheap, I bought them all! I am so ridiculously excited about these finds, I can't help myself.

What has been some of your best fabric finds?

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