Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things: Blouses (Part II: Peter Pan Collars)

A couple of weeks ago I wrote up a post on High Collar Blouses, so in order to get back to the land of the blogging living after nearly 2 weeks hiatus, I figured I start with the sequal to part I.

I thought my love of blouses in Lolita were only functional, before these posts, not paying much attention to the detailing that can be seen in the blouse. I usually only wear jsks, so the only time I get to see the detail in my own coord is when I'm changing.

Due to these recent posts, I have grown to appreciate this staple of the fashion more than I had. I always thought it was easy to buy a jumperskirt or an one~piece because of all the different styles and prints and solids. So many options to choose from and blouses were always a want but making due on a tight budget always made it more of an afterthought. That is until these last to posts...

What is your favorite part of a Lolita blouse?
The details on this blouse is very delicate looking and

This one is very lovely in white. The slanting rows of lace on the upper section is eye catching. I'm not a fan of the shirring on the upper part of the sleeve.

The large ruffly lace at the collar and wrists are delicate and look soft in combination of the blouse. It would be the perfect icing for some sweet Loli.

I think this one is toned down just by the difference in lace choice, other than that the cut is the same. Perfect for both classic and gothic Lolita. 

These two Peter Pan collars show both lovely and perfect for the gothic and classic styles in Loli. If there was a pink or blue version of these the would work perfectly for sweet.
Sharp and close collars really pop on these.

Again, Innocent World is trying to steal my soul.

A little more into the aristocratic theme but works for classic and gothic as well. There is a great deal of detail to the collar that I think is worth paying attention to.

I love the Peter Pan Collars in all the different shades they can come in. A good Lolita blouse, in general, are definitely worth the purchase.

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