Sunday, November 25, 2012

Belated Halloween Meet~Up Post

Halloween has come and gone...unfortunately...

I had co~hosted a lovely Halloween meet~up with my bestie ,SweetOkashi, and had a lovely eve out with our local community in a victorian style park. The day was filled with fabulous treats and sweets with spooky themed games and dishes.

One of my favorite treats were the graveyard cups made with homemade death~by~chocolate and a milano cookie(I know what your thinking) that said RIP on them. They were so delicious and cute! We made enough for a few of us to take some home, although we ate most of them.

I had made pumpkin and mummy cake pops and pumpkin faced tea sandwiches...but the sandwiches were woefully forgotten on my kitchen table as we hustled out the door with all of the party favors and decorations that needed to be set up. Luckily, we had enough food to go around and our guests were quite happy with our spread and thought we put into our planning.

Halloween picnic blankets, a painted pumpkin (dubbed pumpkin~chan), and a witch's hat cake pop stand were only some of the details we had gone through for our decorations and they were so much fun to make and prep.

We told scary stories while we sat and had our picnic, which we had prepped a few spooky local legends for the occasion. I think everyone really enjoyed them. And when we were finished with that we had everyone try to guess the weight of Pumpkin~chan, which everyone came up with some pretty hilarious numbers. ^_^

We also had a theme~lolita contest, where the best themed outfit would be chosen out of everyone. We had a Little Red sporting a red cape and the Btssb Red Riding Hood jsk, some cute candy corn appliqued skirts and jsks, and more. Everyone was really cute!

The winners of our guessing contest and theme contests both received a little prize in a coffin shapped box, which SweetOkashi painted and decorated.

After a few games, we decided to clean up since it was starting to get dark. The day, which had been lovely and had stayed at a nice warm temperature, had begun to let a slight chill set in the air signaling the end of our picnic. As we cleaned and packed up, I told one more story as the last rays of sun were blinking out and gave way to dusk.

I didn't get to write about this sooner, I wish I had and, to be honest, I was going to write about some Thanksgiving recipes I had done and this poured out instead, but it feels good to have done so.

On this lovely night, pick up a cup of hot tea and enjoy what the night brings.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Sailor Outfit

I know I posted a while back how I wanted to do a sailor Lolita dress, I've been working on more and more of my projects in a more chaotic pattern, so getting sewing done between work is not as organized as I would like. One idea bubbles, and I draw it out, while another boils and I draft, cut, and sew different bits together as I figure.

My sailor one piece has been a project, indeed. Each piece structured to what I want, and discovering new cuts, and making new designs has been rewarding. I wanted to plan it for the Tall Ships Festival and Tea Party that my local comm had planned a while back, but never got to go out I decided to take my time since.

 Here is the design I decided I wanted to go with:

The lighter shading is only to define sections of the pleating, and the bottom tear of ruffles became a shorter and smaller pleat ruffle. Many aspects of this one piece has changed since the initial sketch up. The good thing about being indecisive is that now I have more time to decide what to do our change, I'm almost finished now.

Little red and white anchors.

The buttons! I have been trying to find the perfect buttons for this particular piece for a while now. I happened to come across these little cuties in Joanne's Fabric on a recent trip and just knew they would be perfect. (okay, this trip happened before fall really...)

The difference.

I did change out the ribbons from 1/4" polyester red ribbon, which was just too small, to the 3/8" of the same type that were just much more defining I think. Once I'm done with that I may change out the ribbons on the sailor collar too, but I think that project may be the whole collar and not just the ribbon.

The work so far.

All in all, I'm quite happy with how it's turning out so far. I'm happy it's almost done now and I'm really trying not to rush the finish just to simply finish. I know that when I finally am happy with my design, through actually doing and redoing, I will be able to duplicate what the finished dress will be without issue.

What I do take away from this latest work is a few new tricks for putting in zippers. Installing zippers are probably my least favorite past times in sewing, but this really makes a difference!

Well that's all for now all you frilly people, now it's time to kick back and enjoy a beautiful autumn day with a nice hot cup of tea.