Saturday, March 30, 2013

LBC: Pick A Type Of Animal And Make A Coord Around It

Du duh...du duh...du duh. dududaduuuuuuuuuhhhhh!!!

This week on Lolita Blog Carnival: We have the majestic peacock wandering the great lolita woods!

It's just such a beautiful creature that we should create a lovely coord around it!

I was not as excited about this post, surfing the web trying to think of what animal would be good to choose, trying not to choose an obvious favorite. (I imagine a lot of kitties, bunnies, and bats) It was by chance that I stumbled upon this particular animal and thought about a few perfectly particular pieces in my own wardrobe.

Now I will need to search around for a few pieces, because I think this would be a truly lovely coord to pull off, but of the pieces I do have it makes me excited!

So I have two versions with some of the same items and some I would love to make or buy.

This version is without a blouse but a bolero:

Peacock feathers and hand~made necklace (made by me).
Metamorphose JSK.
Juliette et Justine Princesse Dans Forêt Bolêro
Metamorphose Swan Checkered OTKs

Obviously Angelic Pretty Tea Parties

This version is fairly simple. The reason I choose the navy jsk was to mimic the body of a peacock itself. The green in the bolero was perfect to imitate the peplume of the feathers and is why I couldn't resist to make two versions of the peacock coord. I also loved the look of this particular bolero, it's regal and lovely looking, strong and yet delicate, which reminds me of the peacock tail.

The beads in the necklace share all of the same colors in the feathers and I just happened to realize I had this hanging around in my jewelry box. The necklace also draws attention to the throat and compliments the bolero. I want to make a headdress with the feathers I also realized I had to match, in a conotier style.

As for the socks, the green and cream diamond shapes mimic the shapes within the feathers and which are what makes the peacock a revered animal in India due to their shape being referred to as the "Eye of God," which is a pretty neat fact. The shoes I went with brown tea parties for simplicity sake.

Round Two: Same dress, mostly same reasons!

Innocent World Bonnet

Metamorphose Navy JSK
Alice and the Pirate Blouse
Baby The Stars Shine Bright Diamond OTKs
Same Angelic Pretty Tea Parties...

This shows another fun combination that can be fitting for a peacock but only in color and focus. The green in the bonnet mimics the green in the feathers. The gold and cream diamond socks help amplify the bright yellow/gold surrounding the green in the feathers. The shoes are for the same reasons as before.

The main point of this coord though is all the layers and trails. The ornate collar and sleeves of the blouse to mimic the details of the tail, all done in a creamish golden color. The bell sleeves, in particular, remind me of when the peacocks feathers are un~fanned and trailing behind them.

The reason I choose the bonnet though may seem a mystery at first, but it reminds me of the tail as well. When the peacock fans out it's tail it sits like a bonnet and this mint one was chosen for it's lovely green to match.

I know this is a lot of material, but I'm quite happy with how this post turned out, it was much more fun and exciting than I had first imagined it to be. And though my coords are simply, I am definitely wanting to prepaire both coords for my own daily wear.

That's it for this weeks Lolita Blog Carnival!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Picnic Season! Release Season!

Okay! Okay! So I hear that title in Daffy and Bugs Bunny voices, I can't seem to think of anything else though.

Picnic baskets and warm, sunny, afternoons keep fluttering through my brain as I work the day away. I don't know if anyone else feels the same way, but I am definitly ready to shed my coat and let the baffled onlookers pout at my frillyness!

Don't get me wrong, I've loved the winter weather and being able to go ice skating decked out to the nines in wintery, almost mori~esque, coords and visit little cozy shops and enjoy an afternoon with frilly friends.

But I am ready!

I've already had a few outdoors~y meetups planned, including an ice cream social, a biking/picnic meet, and just a good ol'hike through the woods.

Alright most of that is involving a picnic of some sort, but can you blame me? I've had to deal with a lot of snow recently that even impeds my ability to go skating or to little tea meets.

Recently, I've been thinking of putting a little spring into my wardrobe with a lot of different colors I've not really worn before, or have worn often.

I just received this particular jsk from my shopping service:

Angelic Pretty Dream Drop JSK in Lavender
 Lavender seems to quickly be becoming my favorite color, ingredient, everything lately. I've even recently made some lavender infused truffles...they were delicious, thanks for asking.

I need a few lavender blouses that would be lovely to use with a few of my other pieces but I think I will just make those.

Another awesome piece I've purchased was this awesome houndstooth jsk that I'm so prepaired to rock at a nice summery picnic with my little boater cap:

Baby The Stars Shine Bright Scallop Houndstooth JSK
It's a really pretty piece too, I love the pearl decoration with the charm hanging at just the right spot as an accent.

I'm not usually all gung~ho about dressing up spring but I do have to say it has a grip on my this year.

What are your latest Loli finds this season? Was there anything that you need without a doubt in your mind? (Besides Day Dream Carnival Lolis and Chaps)

That's all for now! It's time to have a nightcap of tea, though I'll probably be up for hours bouncing of the walls!

Friday, March 8, 2013

LBC: My Favorite Type Of Accessory

It's difficult to really pick out my favorite type of accessory really, I love it all, bonnets, headbows, jewelry...I think about all the really cool and pretty little pieces that are intricately involved with Lolita and it honestly just makes me want to get more Lolita. This is not helpful...

Seriously, if I really had to choose just one, I'd have to go with cameos jewelry.

My small collection of my antique cameos.

It's true they aren't something produced by many Lolita brands and the ones that do are mainly Classic or Gothic brands. Most brand jewelry it is adorned with an insignia on any particular item, but I like how well a nice cameo can incorporate with Lolita.

I've added them to high collared blouses or added more than just flowers to a bonnet, hat, or headbow even. I mean I don't like to stick them everywhere but I like it when it can blend in and accent it well.

I feel as though it's not unique but not many girls use it often or at least not ones that don't have super cutsey designs or skulls emblazoned on them.

My second type of accessory would really have to be bonnets. I know it's more headwear but I can't help it, solid brims decked out with cluney lace and trims with flowers decoratons are really beatiful and really bring out Victorian aestetics.

I think my favorite type of bonnets right at the moment are from Millefluer, I just really can't get over the detail that goes into one of there bonnets and I have a few that I would love to pick out for a few good coord ideas.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

LBC: What Would You Like To See For Spring In Lolita?

I really wanted to think more about what was up for spring for the fashion in the Lolita community and from what I can gleam from a few posts that have popped up every once in a while.

Spring is certainly starting to blossom and bud, and for most any Lolita, it's the most loveliest time of year. First, let's think of what is in store for other Lolitas.

I think what will be really nice to see more short sleeve boleros. Yes, there everywhere and they are certainly popular enough already, but I think we will see a flood of them in many posts as opposed to blouses.

And as for the blouses that will pop up I think they will be in light~weight materials. Something that can breath easily on warmer days. We've already started to see many in chiffon and lace materials dotting around.

I also think OTT Sweet will come back into style. I know OTT was popular in Classic for a short while but from the amount of recent outbursts of pink bow overload, I think Sweet will try to make a comeback with a vengeance.

You have been warned!

With some of the prints and fabrics released by a few of the brands it seems to me as though sweets are coming back to the forefront, but with more of a country feel. Sweet little desserts and flowers are slowly working their way in with checkered stripes making a Loli feel ready for picnic season.

Personally, I'd like to see some new creations in Gothic Lolita. We've seen the OTT Sweets, OTT Classics, let's get some really amazing Gothic out there!

And as for headwear, I'd love to see a bunch of straw bonnets with flower adornments, I'm currently looking to make one like . I have plans to make a straw bonnet for myself, similar to the one done in the blog by Elegant Poupee.

Well, I'm trying to catch up on my posting so there will be a few new posts just around the corner. Until then, kick back, fluff those pettis, and enjoy a hot spot of tea! 
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