Friday, May 31, 2013

LBC: My Most Recent Wardrobe Additions

I was excited when I saw this post pop up for this week, I'm currently waiting for a few new things in the mail for wardrobe, and have been tidying away some sewing projects, so it was perfect timing.

So let's take a look at what I'll be receiving first.

My bundle of packages will be coming from Lisa's Shopping Service, she's a lovely Lolita and cool cat who is very sweet and helpful. She's been responsive and will explain anything I may be curious about or are uncertain of, leading to less hassle for me. She's the first S.Service I've gone through and it has been a really good experience for me.

Her fees are great at 500yen or 5% of the transaction/bid price and she has you ppal the max bid first and then takes steps from there to send you a spreadsheet of what the item is, the price/bid price, and then factors in the service fee, and then what is owed for shipping. I've only started using her so I'll just go through the list of what I've gotten from her.

First purchase from her services is my Angelic Pretty Dream Drop jsk in lavender. I got it for a steal and love the color and style.

Next would be my Angelic Pretty Color Switching Scheme head bow and jsk in black and white. I did get the jsk a little while before on egl sales comm but I since I found the matching head bow recently I figured I'd share that I'd recently had gotten both.

Next up, and in my list of parcels I'm currently waiting on is Baby The Stars Shine Bright Music Salon op, in black. I'm really excited about this piece and one other in particular. This is one of my wishlist items, I've wanted this piece since I first saw it in the English GLB from 2006. Although black isn't my preferred color way for this piece, I couldn't resist the price it came in at.

This is the other piece I was ridiculously excited to snag, and it wasn't without a good deal of effort, Angelic Pretty Sweet Ribbon Strawberry Switching jsk in black, it's definitely another dream dress item and I am so happy to be getting it.

Last, but not least of my purchases, I will also be getting the Cherry Cherry Falling Cherry in pink. It is damaged and I'm hoping I could get something done about it with a good dry cleaner, but I'll see when it comes in. It does include the head bow, and for the price I'm not going to really get my bloomers in too much of a twist.

As for handmade additions...

I've really haven't had the time I'd wish to have for sewing projects, not for myself really, but I've made some really nice additions with what I've been able to push through.

I've made some connotiers in both black and cream, complete with flowers and pearls and the like that should be included in a connotier. I've also made two sets of cream wrist cuffs as well, but I've had them done for a bit now.

Another recent addition from last night is a nice pair of white wrist cuffs I've been needing to get on. I've only had one pair of pretty crude white lace wrist cuffs I got from a Claire's just by chance for  a few bucks, but I've known, since forever ago, that I've needed a really good pair.

I'm currently making a simple hair corsage, a black bonnet, and finishing a few jsks...hopefully I can post pics of those tonight, if I can muster it.

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 Ramble Rori